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04-03-2011, 11:51 AM
OK...So i am a 3rd masters winner. But one thing i hadn't noticed was that the EA rankings only count certain parts of the tour.

It has me at 20 events, Obviously i have done more than that being in my 3rd year.

Does anyone know which events in the tour it counts?

My average score was 38 - i skipped a few events with no effect, Then all of a sudden i dropped to 34.60 - This was around the last few fedex events, but i played the tour at the end, just not the build up.

Anyone know of any others that are counted?

04-03-2011, 01:50 PM
It seems to count events in the last year. I am guessing you have some DLC, because my total tournaments played never goes over 19 (the number of non-DLC tournaments in a year). Maybe one extra tournament could get counted just due to some mismatch between the weeks of the events and the definition of one year (365 days not being exactly divisible by 7).

The big thing about the rankings is that your points total gets divided by 25 even if you have played less than 25 tournaments in the last year. Unless you have the DLC you cannot play more than 19 tournaments. This means that skipping an event that you played the previous year can have a big effect on your average score. Even more mysterious the AI players can somehow play up to 36 tournaments in a year, and never play less than 25, so their averages are not affected by this statistical weirdness.

If you want to check this, get a calculator and go into the rankings screen. You will see that the average for each AI player is the number of points divided by the tournaments played. But for your character the average is the number of points divided by 25, even if you have played less than 25 tournaments.

Violent Jay 24
05-04-2011, 07:43 AM
The problem is that is not supposed to be the case. It is supposed to be the last 2 years with a 25 minimum and 37 maximum event count so it is similar to the real Golf rankings. In that case dlc and skipping and all that crap wouldn't matter at all. So the problem is tiger gets to have twice as many tourneys counting for his avg as you do and yours is divided by 25 (the minimum, which is 5-6 more than you actually have) and his is divided by 37 (the maximum, but which is how many he actually does have).

So those of us with this problem are basically screwed until someone figures out what has happened and it gets patched, there is a workaround for it, or at least we can know how to avoid it on a new golfer.

My opinion - a whole bunch of disks got made with the wrong code. EA figured it out but didn't recall cuz of the cost involved. I know that makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist nut, but there isnt a lot else that makes sense as this happens to a lot of people, but not the majority.