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04-04-2011, 11:27 PM
Ok, I've read too many guides saying this will work and this won't work, so got a few questions.

Finally decided I'm going to play the DLC, and I have 1000g on the original (that means already got 6 demon doors etc).

My plan was to do it in the following order :

Story > Side Quests > Collectibles > Demon Door without collecting a single diary until I've finished the main story and side quests.

Is that possible, or are some only available to pick up/turn in during the main story?

It also poses the question, can i access every collectible after completing the DLC, or do some become unobtainable.

If that will work, awesome.

If not, which is the best order to do it in?

04-06-2011, 03:17 AM
Just as an update, as no-one replied I decided to go for broke and do it.

As I said, I started with 1000g and all Demon Doors open.

I did it in the following order in case this helps anyone.

1st main quest
1st side quest
2nd main quest (collected Faraday Diaries 1-4 in order)
3rd main quest (collected 1-5 Mary diaries in order)
Final Main quest
Collected all Turners diarys 1-5 in order
2nd sidequest
I Robot You Idiot quest (Collected Faraday Diary 5)
3rd Sidequest (collected prisoner guard books 1-5 in order)
Collected all prisoner outfit items
Opened final demon door

All worked without a hitch.

I did it in one sitting whilst disconected from live.

Hope it helps someone out there!