View Full Version : Fallen Eagle tip that worked for me

04-07-2011, 10:08 PM
I saw alot of people saying its glitched or unobtainable but I got it one try with no problems. Here's what I did. (Chickens dont count).

The mission where you blow up the big guns with C4 I cleared the level first up to the 3rd gun. Make sure no one is alive. If you die it restarts the counter on the birds. Look up after blowing up the 3rd gun there should be a couple birds flying around. And walk all the way back to the 1st gun while looking up. There should be 10 birds.

I got it at the broken bridge between the 2nd and 1st gun. I wasnt even counting birds either I just kept shooting all the ones I seen and it just popped.

Hope this helps.

Also I did this on Hard incase it's different in easy, idk