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04-09-2011, 01:42 PM
Is there a way to get DLC to work on other profiles?

My girlfriend loves singing games, and had tons of DLC for her xbox. Only problem is, her ex put the account she bought all the DLC on, onto a flash drive and took it with him(It was her account to begin with, then he deleted his account and decided to share hers to save himself some money, then decided to stop sharing and take full control of the account and took it with him when they broke up, he hasn't even signed onto it though since they broke up 5 months ago, basically a waste that he took it). The other day we went to go play Karaoke Revolution and saw that all the DLC was corrupt on her other profile(silver). I thought that as long as we were connected to live(whether gold or silver) that the songs would still work for any profile on the box. She said she was just going to buy them all over again, but I told her to let me try something first and I may be able to transfer the license to her new profile.

We still have all the DLC on the hard drive, just not the original account it was downloaded on. Is there anyway at all to get the songs to work on any other profiles without having to re-buy them all? Or do I need to take the account back from her ex and transfer the content or something?

Probably been asked before, but I searched and found nothing like this. Was just people asking how to get their DLC to work again offline when switching xboxs. This is same box and same HD, just not original profile.

04-09-2011, 02:05 PM
Your gonna need the account that originally bought it all.. and then liscense transfer the stuff to your xbox (or the xbox your girl wants to play the DLC on)

It will then work on any account you put on that xbox and her ex can then keep the account (he wont be able to liscense transfer back for 12 months, so your guaranteed to have access to that dlc till then =])