View Full Version : Jimmy's Vendetta Save load Fail help plus possible work around

04-14-2011, 11:50 AM
hi i just finished jimmy's dlc and all i've got left to do is 1000kills and 1000miles, i've been doing the falling glitch for milage a few times and been able to play the game just fine whislt doing storyline and other joe's dlc, but loaded up today and half way loading up the game i get a message saying Load Failed, press b to be back to main menu.:mad::mad:

so i press b and xbox crashes:mad::mad:

this time i loaded up a new game furious that im gonna lose 720 miles and 830 kills but i check the stats and thier still there!!:p thank god!

only difference is no storyline missions have been completed, so im doing the story again purely for kills then back to floating in space.

if any1 knows how to fix this please help as i would like to keep playing the don level for speed!!

05-20-2011, 05:31 AM
Same here. I started Jimmy's Vendetta yesterday. After completing some missions I went to the save house and saved the game.

Today I tried to load up my save game and got the same message. :(

Thats just great, now I can start from scratch and have to redo all the missions I did yesterday. :uzi: