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04-15-2011, 07:10 PM
sorry if theyve been postedalready

Complet-ality (10 points)
Perform 1 of each type of "-ality"

Finish Him? (10 points)
Perform any fighter's hidden finishing move

Hide and Seek (10 points)
Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 2 in Arcade Ladder

Pit Master (10 points)
Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 3 in Arcade Ladder

Brotherhood of Shadow (20 points)
Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 4 in Arcade Ladder

Ultimate Humiliation (20 points)
Perform every fighter's hidden finishing move

Quan-Tease (20 points)
Unlock Hidden Fighter "Quan Chi"

You Found Me! (10 points)
Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 1 in Arcade Ladder

Cold Fusion (20 points)
Unlock Hidden Fighter "Cyber Sub-Zero"

Best...Alternate...Ever! (10 points)
Unlock Mileena's 3rd Alternate Costume

5. Jade Fatality
7. Reptile Alternate Costume
15. Johnny Cage Alternate Costume
21. Ermac Fatality
28. Sheeva Alternate Costume
37. Kabal Fatality
40. Baraka Alternate Costume
47. Sketor Alternate Costume
56. Stryker Alternate Costume
63. Quan Chi Alternate Costume
69. Kitana Alternate Costume
88. Kabal Alternate Costume
92. Jax Fatality
101. Shang Tsung Alternate Costume
110. Nightwolf Alternate Costume
119. Scopion Alternate Costume
120. Cyrax Fatality

2. Mileena Fatality
5. Noob Saibot Alternate Costume
8. Noob Saibot Fatality
14. Raiden Fatality
19. Sindel Alternate Costume
23. Kitana Fatality
26. Smoke Fatality
35. Sonya Fatality
38. Kung Lao Alternate Costume
44. Sindel Fatality
50. Jade Alternate Costume
57. Stryker Fatality
63. Cyber Sub-Zero Fatality
68. Ermac Alternate Costume
72. Scorpion Fatality
82. Smoke Alternate Costume

-Meadow of Despair-
2. Nightwolf Fatality
6. Cyrax Alternate Costume
11. Sektor Fatality
14. Raiden Alternate Costume
21. Sheeva Fatality
25. Kano Alternate Costume
31. Kung Lao Fatality
36. Jax Alternate Costume
42. Reptile Fatality
51. Sub-Zero Fatality
54. Sub-Zero Alternate Costume

-Hollow of Infestation-
4. Baraka Fatality
8. Liu Kang Alternate Costume
12. Shang Tsung Fatality
18. Kano Fatality
22. Sonya Alternate costume
28. Liu Kang Fatality
33. Mileena Alternate Costume
39. Quan Chi Fatality

dang racoons
04-15-2011, 07:16 PM
These have been posted a few times already, couldnt you have checked or used the search function?


04-15-2011, 07:23 PM
bet those havent

dang racoons
04-15-2011, 07:26 PM
I wouldnt know its the kinda of thing people warn as spoilers hence why I scrolled past it

04-19-2011, 07:39 AM
Gearing up for the game's arrival (hopefully tomorrow, but probably will end up being Wednesday :(), and looking at this list, I have to ask, does anyone know if/where Johny Cage's fatality is in the Krypt? Figure I don't need to worry too much about the alt outfits, seeing as supposedly you get them free when you beat the arcade with the given character, but in that list, JC's fatality is missing. Wasn't sure if that's because it was missed, or it's not there at all. Anyone know?

04-19-2011, 08:37 AM
Gearing up for the game's arrival (hopefully tomorrow, but probably will end up being Wednesday :(),
I got to wait till Saturday, so count your self lucky :(

04-20-2011, 09:25 AM
Dangs a douche

dang racoons
04-20-2011, 11:01 AM
Dangs a douche
Care to explain how im a douche I pointed out they had been posted before as they have many times I fail to how thats douchey.