View Full Version : Easy fragile alliance method

04-16-2011, 12:42 AM
Game setup:

Go to Custom game.
Game type: Original


AI Players: 2
AI difficulty: Genius

Start the game.

1.Keep restarting the game until you have no Sorry! cards in your hand.
2.Pick a team to always use the sorry cards on and always use it on them every time.
3.When you get a Sorry! card use it straight away so you aren't forced to use it later on. To do this click on one of your counters that are still at the start and it will let you use a Sorry! card. Simply pick the colour you always pick.
4. Because the AI is on genius they should win quite fast and it doesn't matter if they win because this will still unlock after the match has finished.

If you have any questions about this achievement or any others, fire away.