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Completed Guide

I would love people to help me on this, but please only edit anything I say that is wrong or need information for. As I go through the game I am typing everything up, and I will not listen to anything posted until I find it myself.

Special Notes about bounties in general:
-- Any bounty reward can be collected from any bounty giver in the region
-- You can find the exact location of a bounty that you are in the area of by going to your map and looking for a bag with a dollar sign on it. That will be a bounty you have accepted.

For this specific guide I will list the campaign, the bounty giver, the location of the bounty, and the level of the bounty with some specifics.

Irollan: 5 bounties

Bounty Giver 1: A few steps up from the Hunter’s Lodge where you meet Findan for the first time.

Cromir: 2 steps down and 3 to the left of the bounty giver.
--Level 3
--Unit Levels: basic - 1/1/1 Elite - 1
--HP: 15

Skullbrow: In the cave a few steps to the left of the man who gives you the bounty. Once in the cave he is on the right.
--Level 5
--Unit Levels: basic - 5/5/5 Elite - 2
--HP: 32

Culthithon: A few steps up from Nelir the puzzle giver. Also a few steps up from the second bounty giver.
--Level 8
--Unit Levels: basic - 5/5/5 Elite - 4/4
--HP: 65

Bounty Giver 2: After you save the Druid leader you will be allowed to go to the right of the Druid tree, after traveling to the next area keep going right until you hit the bounty giver.

Sparky: A few steps in front of the Druid tree.
--Level 8
--Unit Levels: basic - 4/4/4 Champion - 3
--HP: 60

Angrod: Inside the Druid tree, to the left of Ranger, the battle puzzle giver.
--Level 7
--Unit Levels: basic - 5/5/5 Elite - 3
--HP: 55

Holy Griffin Empire

Bounty Giver: Inside the inn to the left

Georgie: To the right 2 steps of the first bounty giver
--Level 4
--Unit Levels: basic – 2/2/2 Elite - 1
--HP: 25

Boydon: Leave the inn and head to the left 3 steps
--Level 6
--Unit Levels: basic – 5/5/5 Elite - 2
--HP: 45

Erstam: Up and to the right of the entrance to the arena, which is the area to the east of the inn.
--Level 8
--Unit Levels: basic – 5/5/5 Champion – 4
--HP: 75

Carnax: In the Sword Master buying station cave. This place’s entrance is in the area to the right of the arena, in the upper right hand corner behind a man named Sir Randy, who you have to defeat to get through.
--Level 12
--Unit Levels: basic – 5/5/5 Elite – 5 Champion -- 3
--HP: 120

Valdo: In the cave next to the treasure chest with the lion’s mane artifact in it. The cave is on the path between the two “alleys” where you had to dodge guards early on. Below the inn is the alley area.
--Level 7
--Unit Levels: basic – 5/5/5 Elite – 5
--HP: 50

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Bounty Giver: Right after the first two battles in the campaign he spawns right beneath you.

Stumpy the Elf: go straight down from the bounty giver, then left.
--Level: 3
--Unit Levels: basic – 4/4/3 Elite – 3
--HP: 15

Bug Eye Magurk: Go down and left from the bounty giver until you hit a cave, he is inside the cave straight ahead.
--Level: 4
--Unit Levels: basic – 3/3/3 Elite – 5
--HP: 28

Balah the Wizard: After saving Markan you are allowed to enter the catacombs. Go down and to the right from Markan to the first catacomb. Once inside go down, right, first down, and then left to find Balah
--Level: 4
--Unit Levels: basic – 3/2/2 Elite – 1
--HP: 25

Bloodhorn the Demon: In the second catacomb you visit. Go straight in, up, and take first right.
--Level: 7
--Unit Levels: basic – 5/5/5 Elite – 3 Champion – 1
--HP: 46

Urolox: After you beat Golobulus (see side quest guide) you can head into the cave behind him and there is Urolox.
--Level: 9
--Unit Levels: basic – 5/5/5 Elite – 5
--HP: 65


Bounty Giver: In the Screaming Hag Inn

Glut: From the bounty giver, go out of the inn and all the way down. Glut should be on your left.
--Level 4
--Unit Levels: basic – 2/2/2 Elite – 3
--HP: 30

Ra Stavari: inside the cave to the left and below the Screaming Hag inn. In the bottom left corner.
--Level 8
--Unit Levels: basic – 4/4/4 Champion – 2
--HP: 65

Drak: Go North of the Screaming Hag Inn and continue to follow the path. This bounty is on your left past the Pit Fiend buying station.
--Level 6
--Unit Levels: basic – 3/3/3 Elite – 5
--HP: 48

Bly: In the Sorcerer buying station cave. From the Screaming Hag Inn go north, all the way up the path, across the bridge, down, beat the demon to get into the cave, and Bly is in the upper section.
--Level 8
--Unit Levels: basic – 5/5/5 Elite – 4 Champion – 3
--HP: 60

Phlecher: After doing the story mission that clears a path to the east of the Screaming Hag Inn, follow it and Phlecher is right there.
--Level 9
--Unit Levels: basic – 5/5/5 Elite – 5 Champion – 3

Achievement should unlock when you turn in your final bounty.

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in the first campaign, i think i killed some of the bountys without getting the quest first. am i screwed on getting all bountys now? should i just restart?