View Full Version : Problem with some Tower Missions ... Help *little spoilers*

04-20-2011, 10:08 AM
Hello everybody,

yesterday i have beaten the tower mission #300 and came to the end, but i had to skip 5 missions that i find a little harder than the last one endgame.

if anyone has good strategies on one of these challenges, please tell me...

the last 5 i need are ...
281, beat kitana with mileena, world is going left,right ....
269, stryker vs. 3 shao kahns
256, i think it was the shang tsung vs shaokahn with the baby
251, i canīt remember now
250, i canīt remember now

04-20-2011, 10:20 AM
Beating Kitana with button mashing like a noob should do the trick. After u land 4-5 hits combo she'll bleeding to her death. Keep spamming combos and defend. if you lose the chain and she hits you with stronger ones, your streak gets to her and replenish her health.

For the 3 Shao kahns make a longer distance with him and spam Strykers gun move. Back, Forth, X.

With a baby on Subway keep spamming Shang Tsung's meteors with a distance.

The last ones i didnt remember either.:p