View Full Version : HDMI to DVI-D monitor

jeffy x360a
04-20-2011, 04:31 PM
ok i searched for HDMI and DVI on the forum and didnt find any specific topics.

if anyone can help id be appreciated. I have a HP 21 inch F1905E flat panel monitor with VGA and DVI. the pc uses the VGA and i just got the MONSTER HDMI to DVI-D cable its got 3 rows of pins with a line slot to the right but whats funny about this adapeter is its missin 9 pins in the dead center of the adapter. I tried hooking it to the XBOX and ran it to the monitor and switched the source to DVI but all i get is a flashing black screen saying adjust the settings to 1024 x 768 with 60hz. so i did that and i fiddled with the resoloution settings in the xbox settings too and nothing. ive been at it for an hour and im stuck. can anyone offer any links or advice on what i may be doing wrong.


EDIT: rats i fixed it all i had to freekin do was reboot the xbox and when i turned it back on it picked up the signal properly. DEL if needed