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04-20-2011, 10:28 PM
I just went into arcade mode for the first time, and used Broly SSJ3 (dlc one) to complete it.
I scored 6500 points, but didn't unlock any new mode, or any achievement.

Did I miss something, or can't dlc chars be used for it?


04-21-2011, 04:39 PM
I've read exactly the same thing, that is to say in Super Battle Trial you must use normal characters to unlock achievements. Well, honestly you shouldn't be even using the DLC characters to make your life easier, because you can make customizations better than those, including the Champion Belt which you WANT to have if you're after the achievements for this game.
Super Attack boosts + KI helpers + Beautiful Roll + Ultimate Attack boosts + Champion Belt >> DLC Characters. And Broly actually sucks when it comes to a slightly more experienced gameplay, but anyway.

04-22-2011, 01:18 AM
Hey, thanks for your answer.
So I found out after also going to Survival mode killing all 50 with nothing gained. :(
I have no idea what you're talking about right there, since I got the game yesterday, and so far only beat Arcade, Time Trial, and K.O. :p
Plus Saiyan, Freiza and Androids saga.
Am currently working on a few stars, so I guess I am getting there!

04-22-2011, 10:36 PM
If you want all/most the achievements I suggest you to start mopping up the entire sagas and work on the stars first; you'll get a good knowledge of the game with that, since you'll need a lot of stars for the achievements (a minimum of 134 out of the 309 possible, but actually 229 are the stars you need for everything achievement-related "legit").

Then, if you go to the Ultimate Customization menu, press on a character and you'll see his deck; if you also press Y while viewing his deck, you'll enter the shop of the game and there you can buy these items I'm talking about. You cannot use custom characters in DBCollection, but for every other mode they'll be fine.
The Champion Belt is a bit particular: you can only obtain it through Shenron's desire, which means you have to beat any default record of any Super Battle Trial mode to unlock a Dragon Ball Battle, then fight the DBBattle itself to earn a Dragon Ball, and then do the same 6 more times to earn all the 7 Dragon Balls; once you have them all, summon Shenron and you'll be able to wish for something -- the Champion Belt is one of the 11 possible wishes. It's boring maybe, but it's adviceable to do so as soon as possible, because if you're going for the achievements then you really want to earn as much cash as possible while you mop up the rest.
The other items I mentioned are found in the shop, you only have to pay for them, and they can make your [whoever] custom character better than the DLC ones. If you take a look at the DLC's decks you'll see they're not such a big deal after all; they speak of "immense, Godly power" but they are barely as good as the Super/Ultimate boosts. The DLC characters also often give a *malus* instead of a bonus in terms of points earnt, which is both a problem if you want to earn as many D-Points as you want to speed the things up with Item Collector, in the future, but also a problem for getting high ranks, because most of the Super Battle Trials are based on how many points you score in a battle; and guess what, that score is the money you get themselves, so the Champion Belt will help, as opposed to some DLC characters who carry the malus.
Anyway, feel free to use whoever you prefer, I know a lot of people prefer to use this Broly guy for some whatsoever reason and the dark aura they gave him makes him look somehow cool to someone, so it wouldn't surprise me if it's another of those cases.

04-23-2011, 02:05 AM
Yes I've been fiddling abit around with it now.

I just used Broly because I just saw the movie with him, and his "something" super attack, makes a stupid high amount of damage, besides hes got like power lvl 99, and apparantly (From what I gathered from the net) people have max got chars to 40, and I myself can't get them higher than like 37-38. :/

However I stopped with Broly, he just takes to much space on my screen. :P
So running with SSJ3 Goku, and Super Gogeta atm.

Yeah I got the Champion's Belt now, and Plasma aura, but damn the Punching Machine gets boring fast. :(
And collecting stars, is even more boring. :-D

I'm kinda all over atm, missing Survival #1, (keep getting woopass at 19 kills :("
Can't figure out Destruction (even read the guide), and haven't dared trying Extreme yet. :D

On top of that, I'm working the Tournaments.
Easy done, 2 more 4 player normals, then 8 n 16 normal + all hards left!

Story wise did it all available + 3 from stars, so almost there! (Except the huge amount of "What-If" stories. :P

The belt only works in Super trial thingies right? As you don't get to choose char for story mode I mean..

In any case, thanks for all your help!
Now to figure which special items are the best, and how to reach that power lvl. 40!

04-23-2011, 11:02 AM
The quickest way for farming D-Points is fighting in Super Battle Trial, most likely; if you fight against Tien you should be able to get money very quickly. I got this tip from another board, and I found it extremely useful. You wanna do something like this: YouTube - Grinding D-Points - DB - Raging Blast
The deal with DLC characters and various characters is actually a bit particular. The thing is this: to level the power of characters so that people wouldn't always just pick Broly SSJ3, Goku SSJ3 and Vegeta SSJ3, they correctly decided to make it so that Yamcha's Ultimate Attack would result as powerful ad Broly SSJ3's. So you're just lured to using a character "SSJ3" because he seems better...but he's actually not better. On the contrary, he may result worse. Try to compare the time Broly SSJ3 takes to recover his KI with Gohan's, to say one, and you'll see that it's much better a stupid Gohan than a Broly SSJ3, because they deal the same amount of damage, but Gohan recovers KI faster. And in addition to this, the speed of the regular attacks (melee) is also very different, while the power is not different at all; and Broly happens to be one of the slowest because he's just a bunch of muscles. If you watched the anime, it's a concept well clear in the "dai san dankai or SSJ?" deal. IMHO Goku SSJ2 > Goku SSJ3. Anyway, again, your choice.
99 of power, tsk. It's not really like that, you have to compare the overall fighter, not a single aspect. Take Broly with 99 and try his Ultimate: how much damage is it? Then take Kid Gohan, give him the Ultimate boosts: how much damage is his Ultimate? That's how you want to compare :p Unfortunately the DLC characters don't happen to be like the "red potara", if you're familiar with the series of these games (basically they broke the game with a level of power you can only dream to reach with the normal ingame items). The DLC characters can barely clean the shoes of Goku in Super Battle Trial, for example; that Goku is an example of "red potara" which I expected to be in the DLC chars...but it wasn't like that. Better this way, to some extent.
Oh and Super Gogeta f****** kicks asses :woop:

Btw, feel free to ignore this, but take a watch at this:
YouTube - Dragon Ball Raging Blast - Basic Combo
Smash Attack: Low > Smash Attack: 4 > Super Attack
Result = KI recovered thanks to the Smash Attacks, a cycle of Super Attacks loaded and always landing. A simple combo which will let you fly through the 50 opponents and through everything, except the Super Battle Trial's hardest fights (where the best chance is spamming Ultimate Attacks from far lol).

For the Destruction mode, you need to destroy as many items in the environment as possible. You don't need to destroy the whole of them...my advice is to use Videl as opponent (she has the weakest KI Charge attack and doesn't have beam Super Attacks), then use the Dash-free-KI item in your custom deck, and dash everywhere, destroying (possibly) items from the top to the bottom. Dunno, maybe you can give a watch at the All Ruined topic, Abandoned City? =D /self advertising. No well really, you don't have to do much to beat that score. Use the Champion Belt for *1.25 score too, maybe :p And try to destroy as much stuff as you can (the score will be written on the left). You shouldn't have many problems with it.

For the Extreme, be sure you make a right choice on the character to use, because you must stick to that character for all the fights it'll take to climb the ladder up to Goku, and Goku will be what was the "real" hard CPU in the old Tenkaichi games (read: blocks everything, a four hit melee combo is some thousands of damage, vanishes all the time, deflects everything, etc etc etc ;)). If you choose Goku SSJ3 you don't go much far off a good choice. I highly disadvice Broly for that mode, as he's probably one of the worst characters, actually.

Btw the Belt works everywhere you have the chance of using custom characters; SBT, Versus, etc. Mainly SBT and tournaments though, since in Versus you don't really gain enough points as to call it an income.

And at last, again, don't aim for "level 40 of power" or anything. If you learn and stick to that combo over there, the items I wrote some posts ago will be more than everything you need, because your opponents will barely be able to move (again, exception for the Extreme Battle Trial ones where you'll mostly need the Ultimate spam or a good gameplay level of skills rather than a good deck). Pick what you need to improve your fight, not what you need to reach a level of power ;)

Oh and...ehm...you didn't have to play the tournaments with 4 characters, they don't give items for the Item Collector achievement. If that was only for completion purpose, that's ok.

04-24-2011, 12:41 AM
Thanks for all your inputs!

I didn't mean Brolys Ultimate, just a super attack that really kicks ass, and the difference on dlc and normal is they are just sick in everything.

Played the game for 2-3 days now I guess, (the day I posted first time) :p
And then after using normal chars for tournaments(Yeah just want it all), I thought of trying with an dlc character.
And I blasted through every simple match on hard, without ever loosing more than 1 life bar. O.o
Boring? Yes indeed, but it was fast and it was 6 in the morning by that time, so I just wanted to finish and sleep. :p

Didn't check the videos yet, since I've been playing LAN @ GoW2 with 3 friends all day, and now am heading to do a few Dragon Balls gathering before going back to sleep.
But I'll definetly check em out.
What I mostly do(Dosen't work on hard though :( ) is:
1: X,X,Y (low)
2: X,Y (turn around)
3: X,X,X,X,Y (stun)
4: Super attack.

Honestly I think I did pick either SSJ3 Goku, or Super Gogeta for Extreme Battle, and climbed up to 5 or 6 atm, and damn its random. Either I get an ass kicking, or I defeat them with no trouble. :/ (Still on the low ones though I guess.)

I'll try the Destruction tip in a few minutes.

I did listen to you earlier with the super and ultimate attacks.
I think my most common setup includes something like: Super+Ultimate boost L+M, Some speedup ki thing, Red aura and Plasma ofc!, the roll thing, and some defense. :D (And the belt on custom 2, for when its worth the points. (Not tournaments for examble. :P)

I didn't play any of the previous games, its a long story actually but to make it short:
I watched the serie again, and got abit hooked on it.
Then I wanted Bayonetta, and checked out prices.
There was a 50% off if you picked 2 or more titles, and DB Raging Blast, was on the list, so I got Bayonetta and DB from new for something like 23 euros. (Not bad imo. :p )

And truth to be told, Bayonetta is still in foil.
Its been all DB Raging Blast :-D

Alittle question though, one thing about DLC characters:
If you get attacked while using them, just rush attacks etc, they don't seem to "give a shit", as in they don't back up like they were hit, they just keep hitting back.
Is that just them, or is there an actual item to allow this?

I suck at dodging so that would be quite usefull. :D

Again, thanks for all your time. Appriciate it.

There, Destruction, Extreme, and Survival done too.. That was all! :P
Now the last tournament wins, and all stars is next!
I even got an Xbox live win! /flex.

04-25-2011, 10:11 AM
Mmh, I'm not sure about that question, sorry >.<
Sometimes when attacking you simply don't get hit. Anyway your combo has the Smash Attack: 1 more than what I usually do (I tried to make it as quick as possible so to keep the combo technically going), but is about what I use, and sure it's a nice one eheh. Besides this, for the Extreme Battle Trial it's IMHO not worth trying it "legit" unless, again, you're good at this game by yourself. Otherwise just load your Ultimate Attack over and over and wait the CPU to attack you with a beam Super/Ultimate form far; then use your Ultimate in return, either coming across his own attack and then winning the LS_spin, or moving away from his beam and timing your right so you manage to hit him; the first is harder but much more recommended against the hardest ones since they'll dodge a lot, while the shot exchange doesn't allow them doing so. Then hey at this point you should know everything about the game, it should be only a matter of grinding :woop: And by the way, unless you just want other items around, the Champion Belt always has a space for her in any deck. I didn't use it in the decks for the Battle Bonus Complete achievement, but that was about it. The more the better, always =p