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04-22-2011, 11:23 AM
I've just started playing this game having recently finished playing Divinity 2: DKS. In Divinity 2 it was pretty much essential to multiclass your character and give him a good well rounded spread of the top hitting abilities of each profession, and it was easily possible to do so given the open nature of the skill tree.

How does that work for Two Worlds 2 though? Do you get enough skill points to be able to multiclass a bit, or should I really try to be narrowing my skill choices down to a particular class right from the get go?

If that is the case, does anyone have any good tips on how to play and build up the particular classes Mage, Fighter and Ranger from scratch? I've only got to level 8 in the single player, but already I find it hard to imagine playing it as a straight Mage, beacause so far the damage potential of the spells just seems to be pathetically weak when compared to whacking guys over the head with a good weapon. Is it even possible to play the opening levels of the game as a straight Ranger, Mage build etc, or is it a case of waiting until you have a bigger better range of cards and skills openned up and then respeccing your points later on?

04-22-2011, 03:59 PM
The only tips I can offer is that you want to put on point into endurance and three points into your main stat, I.E. for mage wisdom, ranger acc, and warrior type str.
Hope that helps a little

04-25-2011, 02:50 AM
As Xlathon stated, "one point to endurance and three towards the attribute that is associated with your style of fighting." However, you get 4 attribute points at each level up to do this with.

You also get 2 skill points per level up. You also get a skill up randomly as you do various things like alchemy, lock-picking, beast slaying and so on.

There are a lot of chests along the way and you can use up a lot of lock picks and still not open the chests. You can attack the chest with a weapon but each unsuccessful attempt gives a greater percentage that your weapon gets destroyed. Therefore, I allocated 1 of each 2 level up skill points to lock picking and each "extra" skill point until it maxed at 10 making it much easier to unlock the chest.

If, however, you plan on primarily using magick, you can level up Water Mastery and Sorcery Artisan. The higher your Water Mastery the more Water type Effect Cards you can use. The higher your Sorcery Artisan the more Carrier Cards you can use. The spell to open a level 1 lock is one Ice Card in the Effect Slot and one Enchant Card in the Carrier Slot. As you add more to each you can open more difficult locks. The strongest lock is a level 10 and without being at the game I can say for sure that you need 10 Ice cards, however, I am mot sure if it is 5 or 10 enchant cards.

Single player and multi-player do not use the same character.

In multi-player, you can eventually reach high enough level to max out a specific class of skills and start working on another. Currently, I am a level 89 Air Mage in multi with all my mage skills maxed, all but Resilience in general maxed and half of the melee maxed. I maxed out lockpicking before I allocated the magick side so I just left it rather than re allocating the points which can be a big pain in the @#%^&^. I am maxed in all the crafting skills. Once I max all the melee skills, I will work on the archery skills. The rest of the Assassin Skills and the Resilience Skill are of no interest to me so I will fill them last.

In single player, there are limited numbers of specific foes that you can seriously level on. The wildlife re-spawns but retain the same amount of experience value and each higher level requires more points to attain. Therefore, leveling off of wildlife takes longer at each higher level. Also, in single player, making money is less available. There are a limited number of foes that have weapons, armor and other drops to sell or use in crafting.

I played multi-player first to get a feel for types of characters and the various skills. You can play the multi-player missions over and over to level and to get drops to sell/craft. You can also solo them if you choose. I did and beat the last level when I was around level 25. Playing this first helped me make the choice on how to play the single player character.

Good Luck