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04-23-2011, 03:20 PM
I wanted to buy some xbox points so I started to look online to see if I could find any deals. I came across a couple of websites that sold the points but instead of mailing u the card they would email u with a new user ID with the points on it. Is this shady? A friend also told me that if you get points under a different gamertag and download games you won't be able to play the games under your own gamertag. Is this true?

04-23-2011, 03:34 PM
i have heard that SOME of those are genuine.

the points (or rather tha games you buy with them) can be used by your current account, as there are 2 licences involved when you purchase from marketplace

1. the physical one, downloaded to the console that made the purchase.
2. the digital one, stored at microsofts end, but requires you to be signed in to XBL to use your game.

assuming those guys aren't just trying to rip peole off, you would be able to play the games you bought, but only on :
1. the console you buy the games on
2. a console with the account that owns the games signed into XBL.

i personally wouldnt trust them, but i have no trust in humanity...

04-23-2011, 03:46 PM
Don't chance it, you're better off purchasing points somewhere safer (stores with Microsoft Points cards, Xbox LIVE, etc).

I believe there was a thread exactly like this where the responses stated that the online websites are shady.

Spanish Assault
04-23-2011, 03:53 PM
I've seen these...not sure how the points were loaded onto these silver accounts, but odds are it wasn't legit. They also tell you you have to spend the points (usually like 6000) in 24 hours our you lose them. Any arcade games and DLC will work on your Gt as long as you don't delete the silver account on your console. Avatar stuff stays with the silver tag.

Glowin Smurff
04-24-2011, 12:28 AM
it is a shady practice that way, more then likely a stolen account w/ msp on it, or purchased using stolen credit card information, or a sort of fraud where 'someone stole my tag and spent all my points' help meeee

considering your console ID is listed w/ the purchase of content from the 'new gamertag' they send you, if this was an issue could potentially lead to problems.

I would advise against it, use Amazon if u want to buy points online, or join bing rewards, and earn points in 400MSP increments.

04-24-2011, 11:09 AM
Way too risky in my opinion.

I would just go about getting the points through 'proper' channels. Either through retail stores like Gamestop or through Microsoft directly.

Mr Bungle
04-24-2011, 11:15 AM
Agree with Glowin Smurff.

Even try your chances with Ebay. Just check their feedback first ;)

04-24-2011, 02:56 PM
Anything that has a limit on how long the points are available for, or the points come on another gameratag is completely dodgy.

There is no timelimit on microsoft points. If they're saying there's a limit they're worried that the account/points are going to be disabled.

04-24-2011, 03:38 PM
I don't understand why there are people who even consider buying MS points thru this shady method. :confused: Sure, you get the user ID and password but there is NO guarantee that the account would be recovered (or licenses transferred) by the person who "sold" it to you at a later date.

04-24-2011, 11:58 PM
I wouldn't advise buying the silver accounts with points because it does look shady but for those wondering I have some info. Last July I was browsing ebay looking to purchase some ms points and found 6000 points "buy it now" for $25. I didn't even read the description (yeah, i know) and purchased instantly.

Guy sent me an email saying the points are loaded on another gamertag but I could download whatever I wanted on the "silver account" and use it on my account. I bought quite a few arcade games and some DLC and it does work on my account.

I had to ask the seller if this was legit. The seller stated it was a "promo account". I have no idea what that is but the points did not expire in 24 hours. I think I spent them all in around 4-5 days. So who knows really.

04-25-2011, 01:15 AM
if u want to purchased some mp try amazon is more safer.

04-25-2011, 01:32 AM
I know that a few of those are legit, but that sounds kind of sketchy.
My suggestion is to just buy them at a retail store. They may be a bit more pricey, but they are definitely more preferable (to me at least).

04-25-2011, 04:11 AM
Wouldn't do it, I don't see how it could be legal.