View Full Version : Epic Battle! not unlocking

04-23-2011, 07:01 PM
Well, I did Poker Face, Hey Mami, then Evacuate the Dance Floor twice, followed by Down 4 times. I left the 360 on, grabbed something to eat, did Down once more followed by Maneater twice. By my count, that's 11 so far and no achievement. Though I have a feeling what went wrong.

I probably should have just sat in a chair and let the dance battles run themselves, but instead, I was doing the actual dancing, resting when needed. So at one point when I needed to rest, I flipped on the overhead light (usually off because it leaves half my face in shadow) and started reading a book. When I've rested enough, I get back up and forget the light at first. I notice it say my mother's profile has been signed in (I don't like people telling me I look like my mother, but when I get it from my xbox...). I decide she can unlock her own achievements and sign her out. My profile was signed in the whole time, but I think signing out fouled things up.

Maybe this time, I'l just leave the light on and sit in front of the Kinect reading...

04-23-2011, 09:03 PM
Well, it unlocked after 2 more dance battles. It wasn't that comfortable reading a 750 page hardcover from the chair, but I needed to stay in front of the camera for the dance battles to play out. So it took 13 dance battles and I have a new theory on what happened. After the first time doing Evacuate the Dance Floor and screwing up moves I probably shouldn't have, I decided to try to break it down. Nothing in the achievement says they needed to be done consecutively, but it appears this is where the count reset. Pretty lame.