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07-01-2007, 09:03 PM
This is for the first level, Somewhere in France.

Charms 1 Ė 15 are found while following your brother during the training session.
1) 1. Right in front of you, walking towards the tree stump.
2)2.On the 3rd step going up to the stump.
(Bonus pack in a can on the stump)
3)3.On the wicker basket after using the chili for the first time.
4) 4.On the table where you knock the shutter plank over to make a bridge. You can see the old lady in the window.
5)5.On the 3rd barrel after crossing the shutter plank bridge.
6)6.After using the first spring board.
7)7.After using the second spring board, the one you have to hold down A on.
8)8.After taking the slide away from the bugs, youíll find it in the next barrel.
9)9.Youíll get this one while taking a second chili up the newly made ramp to the other boxes.
1010)Using the ball to walk over the bugs and get this charm from the back of the truck.
1111)In the trucks glove compartment box.
1212)At the end of the second tightrope walk on the box.
1313)On the rafter, after climbing the pipe.
1414)From the rafter, walk the balance beam and climb down the pipe.
1515)Climb the pipe from the rafter, to the roof. Itís between you and your brother.
Now the rest are found on your own.
1616)There is a water pump near the table you landed on. Hold A on the springboard and then press B to balance. Do not use analog sticks.
1717)Get a chili from the first chili location and bring it around the side of the tree stump. Charm is inside.
1818)Across from the stump is a garden. Use the ball to get through the maze to the other side of the garden and jump onto the barrel where the charm it.
1919)Use the umbrella on the barrel and sail down onto the landing spot. Hold A to keep it open.
2020)Under the truck is a squirrel guarding a valve. Wait for it to move away , run and grab it with B. the squirrel will eat the valve if he catches you. Tail whip him to get it back. Take the valve to the shed in front of the truck. Place it in the glowing green light and tail whip it. Jump and balance with B on the tops of the water coming out of the sprinklers.
2121)Near the back of the truck is a stump and some barrel. A chess knight piece is amongst the barrels. Grab It and carry it into the side of the shed thatís bear by. Inside will be a chess board. Put the little mouse in checkmate and youíll get the charm.
2222)From the chessboard area, use the ratapult (red straw looking dealie). Youíll land next to a springboard. Take it up the laundry line and youíll find it.
2323)On the same laundry line.
2424)On the same laundry line.
2525)From the cent er of the laundry line, use the umbrella to glide down. The landing spot is between the back of the truck and the house.

07-03-2007, 03:16 PM
Great start. Some more levels would be great too!

07-03-2007, 10:39 PM
i had this going on in the second level, but then the courtyard through me off.

City of Lights
1.Down the street and left to where you started. Near 3 cans and traffic cones.
2.Just across down the street. In a barrel, near same traffic cones.
3.Back near the start, springboard on the the trash can.
4.Tightrope walk to the other trash can.
5.After hopping and balancing off the last trash can.
6.Past the first set of steam pipes.
7.Past the second set of steam pipes near a ball.
8.Spring board up to the box.
9.Jump the next box.
10.And the next box.
(Bonus pack 2 is inside the barrel near charm 10. Jump into it)
11.Go back the the ball, and take it up the ramp.
12.Take the ball up the second ramp.
13.Use the ball in the street near the cat. Jump off the ball to get it.
14.Bring the ball a bit down the street by the car where some bugs are. There is a dog near by. The charm is on the corner.
15.Make your way back to the beginning. Springboard, tightrope garbage cans and get past the first steam pipes. Climb the wall above the box. It’s on top.
16.Follow forward and it’s before the tightrope that leads you across the street.
17.Get of the tightrope. It’s on the cars roof.
18.Hop on the hood of the car. Whip the hood ornament while you’re there.
19.Use the roof springboard to climb the sign. It’s on top.
20.Turn left, jump the break in the ledge.
21.At the other end of the ledge, balance beam past the steam.
22.Tightrope to the platform with the umbrella on it.
23.Umbrella to the down to the cars roof with healt on it.
24.On the roof of this car.
25.Springborad or balance jump to the brown boxes infront of the car.
26.Underneath the back of the truck
27.Back on the brown boxes, walk the plank and use the springboards. It’s right before a climbing wall.
28.Right on top after climbing the wall.
29.Use the tightrope from the courtyard entrance to the window sill
(A pipe will fall near this sill. Cross it and carefully walk around the springboard to get Bonus pack 5)
30.Tightrope walk from the sill to the roof.
31.Go the right up the ramp. It’s just off the ramp on the vent shaft.
( DO NOT follow the vent shaft. Jump behind the ramp and follow it through to bonus pack 3)
32.Near the bonus pack 3. At the end of this “maze”
33.Right outside in the corner near the end of the maze. Near jack
34.Follow the path.
35.Right next to 34.
36.Make yourway back the the wooden ramp and this time take a ball and follow the path on the vents. It’s right above the fan blowing blue air.
37.Use a ball and bang into this pipe at end of this vent. Cross it to getcharm on it. (You’re crossing above where you got 34 and 35)
38.Hop on the ball and take it across the wooden plank. The charm is on the skylight beam
39.Use the ball to cross the water in by the blue wind.
40.Right after 39.
41.Just to the right after 39, in the entrance to the vent shaft.
42.At the end of the vent shaft.
43.Just after the first wooden ramp up.
44.At the beginning of the second ramp up.
45.At the end of the second ramp up.
46.Behind the second ramp. Roll around the hole to get it and fall into the hole to get back down to the floor. Work your way back up.
47.Cross the cable wires at the end of the second ramp.
48.Fall the vent shaft through, near some steam.
49.Right next to 48.
50.Use the springboards to get up to the nest.
51.Right after 50, using springboards.
52.Behind some vertical air pipes below the nest.
53.Hop down to the skylights. This charm is near the other skylight on a vent.
*52-A*Right inside the vent you got 52 on. (DERP! THIS MAY HAVE BEEN A HEALTH!)
54.Pass the bugs and near the edge of the building you’ll jump a bar. Go to the end and jump to the ledge with the springboard on it. Climb the pipe upward, hop off, and get the umbrella. Ride the 3 vents of blue wind to get to a ledge with a charm and another umbrella
55.Inside a green crate to the left of the courtyard when entering from the street. Near whirly mouse trap things.
56.In the gutter to the side of the courtyard.