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04-28-2011, 12:06 PM
Managed to get this yesterday (extra day early thanks to the bank holiday tomorrow for some wedding:) ) Have played through world tour twice now so a few tips for people.

The world tour now resembles a bit of a board game with tickets allowing you to move either 1,2,3,or 4 spaces per move. On the board there are training games, management spots (these allow you to buy move/recovery/switch ticksts or hire agents) charity events, fan events, exhibition matches, special matches & fancy dress matches along with the usual tournaments and also accidents which either injure you, take your money or stars. It is split into 4 years & each should take you 60-90 minutes.
I would suggest that you always try to keep a recovery & shuffle ticket available, particularly later in the game as you will have many times when your only move is to an accident

Prize money in this game is shit, after 2 play throughs of world tour totalling nearly 12 hours of gametime (once on professional & once on experienced i only have just under 500,000 so looks like another 2 grind throughs will be needed to get this (i have only ran 23 of the required 42kms and also have a little over 3000 of the 5000 swings required for their respective achievements.

Once world tour is over you can start what seems to be new game+, your money, doubles partners, training game levels & skill levels carry over but your conditioning level does not for some reason but this soon goes up quickly by playing the training games on level 4/5/6. The aquire 3 doubles partners (for this it has to be 3 new partners, you will start with 1 but you need 3 new for the ach to pop, i didn't get this until year 2 on the 2nd run through) & buy 50 items can be achieved over 2 play throughs.

If you get a high enough amount of stars in world tour you will unlock 2 bonus tournaments at the end of year 4, sorry not sure what the cut off for this is, you need 750 for the achievement but i had over 800, it doesn't unlock a great deal though other than a new fancy dress costume & 2 new venues for exhibition matches. I am currently number 1 in the world on stars collected in world tour mode with 965, more are available & don't doubt at least 1000 is possible

7,700,000 score looks tough in arcade, 6 mil or so is easy but haven't yet managed to get King so he should add a bit more to the score.

Much better than last year, no stupid rank up 1 level at a time forever to get to number 1 (there are no rankings in this really) but not sure about the new world tour format as it always seems to try it's best to cheat you in the last year.

The mini game achievements are all actually very easy & you will get most on your first couple of attempts although the 1000 coin collection will take a while (select this training in world tour to make it less of a grind) the only one that will be any sort of problem is the poker royal flush one, i am trying this now but in 30 or so goes i have only managed 1 of the 10 required.

currently on 690/1000g 38/48 :)

Couple of edits: arcade 7,700,000 is actually pretty easy - just play & beat it on hard (don't even need to win bonus match) i suggest using monfils or your own character with counter as their playstyle as this will fill the super shot meter more quickly than any other, be sure to win points using a variety of different shots & you should get over 8000000 as long as you play on hard with no problems (the first 2 matches will be very easy then get slightly tougher)

Online - works well for the most part but have twice now been cheated out of 3 consecutive ranked wins but quitters/connection loss. If the game does not end for whatever reaspn you will lose your consecutive win streak.

04-28-2011, 05:51 PM
Can you start career with a custom created player like the 2009 one? can you still buy stupid amounts of clothing and rackets etc? and are the king players insanely hard?

04-28-2011, 07:05 PM
Yes to all :)

04-28-2011, 07:14 PM
World tour allows you to make a character to use in the game, 6 templates for both male & female which you can then play around with. The customisation isn't exactly indepth.

There are lots of clothes/raquets etc available including the usual fancy dress & even the ingame professionals full outfits although you will need to unlock nearly all of them by playing the game first. Money to buy them is not so easy to come accross as the prizes awarded for winning tournaments are miniscule so would recommend not buying too much until you have all the other star related achievements in world tour mode & then using playthrough 3/4 for buying any items you want as you will not need to care about buying tickets/agents etc.

Have not played king in arcade mode yet but played him in the king of players bonus tournament in world tour, managed to beat him first time on experienced which was a surprise although it was very close & managed to save 6/7 match points. He doesn't seem to smash shots across court with as much vengeance as in previous games & the best method i found was simply to use a variety of spin shots mostly using the red button. Again i would suggest that you have your character as a hard-hitter (i used this all through my world tours but would suggest the following to make it easier) or counter playstyle as these both fill the super shot meter very quickly

04-28-2011, 07:21 PM
So how is the gameplay better than VT3 or VT 2009?

04-30-2011, 01:38 PM
:omgWhat have they done to VT? :eek:

World Tour is a pile of shite!!:wtf I'd rather play the WTmode from VT2009 than this one!!

I'm glad I never bought this!