View Full Version : Augusta hole 4 ACE -settings

04-30-2011, 02:18 PM
I know there's alot of threads on this, but here's another one. I've been tryingthis one for a while and I've listed my swing/club settings hoping it could help somone ace this too.
First off this is specs using HAMMERHEAD clubs and all stats at 100%. Go tto club tunes and pick irons. Set power to 70.0%. Workability to 0%. loft at 2.0. Spin at 74.0%. 0 draw/fade.

Now set up the hole for FRIDAY pin placement and members tees. no wind and sunny. Fire away.

Now these setting will land the ball with NO wind about 1 yd past the hole wit the 8 iron. If you can get a slight left to right or vice versa with it coming at you a touch, you'll land about pin level.
You'll still have to spin it if needed, but you're not going to have to do the 78% swing crap or boost a club that wont get there. If you can use the 9 iron better you can taqp the power button about 3-4 times to get it pin high.

Hope these help somone.. good luck