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The Stray
05-07-2011, 09:42 PM
Weapon Master will be and always for some people, the last achievement that they will earn in the game (except that there's the Side Vower DLC achs.), but getting W.M. will be tough for some people, but at least this handy guide will show you how "ranking your weapons" in this game works.

Note: The update makes the Weapon names now displayed in English, although its in small text, playing it in 4:3 makes it visible to read it, also, the Japanese text is also displayed overhead in shadow as well.

For starters, once you pick up a weapon (or used it after a continue), you start at 10-kyu, then destroying enemies/bosses jumps the ranks to 9-kyu, 8-kyu, and so on once you reached 1-kyu, then right after that, you'll be ranked to 1-dan, and then so on, up to 10-dan, in which you'll most likely 10-dan once you beat the 6th stage boss.

Lastly: Continuing makes the weapon ranks reset back to 10-kyu, so its best to 1CC in each playtrough.

Here's the rundown of scoring and ranking...

10-kyu = 1,000
9-kyu = 2,000
8-kyu = 3,000
7-kyu = 4,000
6-kyu = 5,000
5-kyu = 10,000
4-kyu = 20,000
3-kyu = 30,000
2-kyu = 40,000
1-kyu = 50,000
1-dan through 10-dan =100,000

And a handy Checklist to see which weapons you have them to 10-dan just in case someone forgets.


Since scoring is essential to also gain Extends (AKA 1UPs), so that you can get Weapon Master done. Even setting the Lives to 9 makes it easier, but I'd advise those who are using the Bomb weapon set the lives to either 4-6, since you hardly pick up the Bomb weapon in the game and use up those lives and if you have it on Free Play, since you can continue and pick up the Bomb weapon and upgrade it.

The Stray
05-09-2011, 07:40 PM
Here is an example on how to 10-dan a weapon, in this case, the Bomb weapon, as mentioned, make sure you set the lives to my sugesstion, since the Bomb and Missile weapons are kinda tricky to 10-dan unless you use them proficiently.

YouTube - XBLA 星霜鋼機ストラニアVer.1.0 Strania BOMB10-dan ボム十段 Part1/2

YouTube - XBLA 星霜鋼機ストラニアVer.1.0 Strania BOMB10-dan ボム十段 Part2/2

05-31-2011, 01:14 AM
Silly question but...

You dont have to get all weapons to 10-dan on 1 play, right?

The Stray
05-31-2011, 07:17 PM
Nope, BTW, that's too impossible to get all 9 weapons to 10-dan in 1 playthrough, if that happened, that would be one big Hi-Score there, but like I said, 9 playthroughs with each weapon without continuing.