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The Stray
05-14-2011, 09:55 PM

Operation Stella Shooter

St.1 Boss: Vower Fighter Jet: This boss is cake walk, there are 2 sides to this jet, the Orange side, which will shoot Vulcan shots, summon Drones, and also turn Clock and Counter-Clock Wise, the Silver side will summon drones from 2 sides and will also shoot Vulcan shots in your position.

St.2 Boss: Yosemite + Drones: Also Easy, but he's equipped with 2 Lasers and a Side weapon, make sure you take out the drones first then damage him until he recovers, when you destory drones, they will target you for a suicide move, just get away from that position, after Yosemite recovers, take him out quickly.

St.3 Boss: Vower Attack Carrier: This carrier can only be damaged by the core, and from the left and right sides where the drones will appear, first, it'll shoot out a red ball attack which can be easily avoided, then in random ways, it'll shoot refect shots, spread shots, and also a round energy ball witch bounces like a Refelct weapon, and must be avoided.

St.4 Boss: Yosemite in Giant Mech Pt.1: You'll be fighting a giant red mech which will do these attacks, Random Vulcan Shots, 2 side fists, then a roundhouse, then 3 spread laser shots, then double arm detach with homing postion and bullets, followed by a Giant Laser Beam, then repeat, though those attacks are also random, after a set amound of damage, the core will shoot out random spreaded Vulcan shots which can be avoided or you can use the O/D.

St.5 Boss: Vower Core: This Core has 3 seperate attacks, just hit the core a lot, it'll shoot out a Laser, Green Spread Shots, and a Yellow Ball Attack.

St.6 Boss: Yosemite in Giant Mech Pt.2: This may be tough for some, but easier for those who can remember the patterns, first off, there will be 3 waves of laser shots, then at random times, a Drill attack, Punch attack, Core attack, and Projectile attacks from both sides right after he kicks whatever side you'll have to avoid, after you damage him enough, destroy him quickly before the core and its shots get bigger, even when the time runs out, after that, just try to evade the three waves of lasers, and hit O/D if you have any, note that O/D will not be useable in St.7.

St.7 Boss: Yosemite (Final Form): This may be easy for some, but it'll take some practice, and you're only equipped with a handgun, the focus in this boss fight is to shoot Yosemite's hit point, just strafe left and right and in circles to dodge his Sword wave attacks, after depleting his life, take the Sword weapon for the final blow.

YouTube - ‪XBLA 星霜鋼機ストラニアVer.1.0 Strania Hard ノーコンティニュー Part1/2‬‏

YouTube - ‪XBLA 星霜鋼機ストラニアVer.1.0 Strania Hard ノーコンティニュー Part2/2‬‏

The Stray
05-14-2011, 09:56 PM

Side Vower

St.1 Boss: Stranian Sattellite: Real easy through, it'll just shoot Vulcan's and Green shots, damage it enough and its wings will try to damage you if you're not careful, there's also an attack that does no damage, but blinds your position, just take it easy with the Sword and O/D and maybe other weapons if necessary.

St.2 Boss: Touma + Drones: Simple though, but Touma will have the use of a Vulcan, Bomb, and Missile weapons at hand and the drones with random weapons, take them out quickly and then Touma, make sure you get whatever weapons necessary to O/D if necessary because Touma will make 7 dashes to try to damage you in your position, just circle around him, and damage him for extra points.

St.3 Boss: Trio of Strania Guards: Somewhat easy, but a little tough, they will make a circular Vulcan formation, then a Space Invader type position, then an Energy Ball position, then a Missile/Vulcan formation, lastly, after damaging it, it will make a suicide formation, avoid it from a side to earn 3 Rockets to fill up your O/D.

St.4 Boss: Stranian Fighter Jet: Kinda tough, but first off, a Vulcan/Missile combo, then either in 2 sides where it'll shoot Green Radius Missiles or a Missile that contains a Vulcan Spread, right after that, it will either do a Missile Barrage or Shoot 2 Missiles that'll have Small Green Shots, And lastly, a Lock-on Laser Shot.

St.5 Boss: Stranian Core: Its really easy, right time the safe spot and use Sword to damage the Core from behind, O/D if necessary, but its attacks are pretty much Cubes/Debris and Energy attacks.

St.6 Boss: Stranian Battleship: 1st, you'll face off with Yu and her constant use of random weapons, after defeating her, a Laser Turrents, then a Lock-On Laser, then 4 Vucan Turrents, after that, a Spread Vulcan Turrent, then a repeat Laser/Lock-On/Vulcan Turrents, then you'll face Touma in a stand where it'll shoot 3 different colored Vulcan shots in Variety, and he'll fire his weapon too, after that, a 4-way Laser that can be taken care of easily.

St.7 Boss: Touma (Final Form): 1st, dodge his 1st wave of attacks, then either he'll go in a Circular Vulcan Spread, Laser/Missile, and Laser/Vulcan Combo, after damaging him, get his weapons to use O/D, then he'll go into Dash manuver again, but with Mine Shots, use O/D at around 2nd to 3rd dash, then avoid and damage him if necessary and that's it.

YouTube - ‪Strania: Side Vower - Hard - 17.1 Million Points‬‏