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05-16-2011, 11:44 AM
hi everyody, i was wondering if after i beat the game there is the possibility to go through the world and grind for exp or chain breaks; thanks

05-16-2011, 03:09 PM
There's not a post-game mode in this game. However, there isn't a real non-return point either, so you can always go back and travel around the world after you've beaten the game once to see how it ends (if it's not already obvious). Sometimes it'll take boring backtracking, other times you'll be able to use a warp system which will be introduced later in the game (or maybe you've already made acquaintance with the Avis Transport system?), but anyway you'll be free to move around the world. There will be some limitations, such as places not accessible anymore, but they are very few and usually not important.
As for grinding is concerned, the very last dungeon provides the best place where to grind for experience and for chain breaks too. There'll be infinite-respawning enemies which give a good amount of experience, and will respawn in the same place over and over again. Not to mention that if you managed to finish the game, you probably don't need any more grinding at all, since the hardest is done. The only purpose of grinding post game is for personal satisfaction of capping the character, something pointless and un-rewarding in this game for the simple reason they had the "great" idea of capping the level ups (you can hardly keep grinding past the 70s, and I doubt any normal person with the least track of life would ever go past the 80s), so that grinding exp is a pain or just a useless feat. The other "only" purpose for grinding is to get much enough SP as to complete the achievements/trees. If you did a good job with the Seekers, you should already be fine by the time you reach the "natural" level at the end of the game; if you didn't, you are too late. If you made an average job, it'll be a matter of grinding. Painful, boring, but doable.
Whatever your purpose is, don't go grinding just to see how far you can go. That's an advice, at least. Also remember that you get the most experience from using as leader a character with a lower level (the exp given is calculated by the difference of level between the leader and the monster, timed for a fixed value specific of that monster). As for the kamond/accessories helping the level up, they just work on the owner of them unfortunately. And then...well, the reserves get only 70% of exp. That's all about earning experience, if you really need this. Then again, if you can beat the main bosses at the end, you can beat the hardest in this game since those bosses themselves ARE the hardest this game offers.
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