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http://i51.tinypic.com/348ra5z.jpgJulia Randal, a stunning young fashion model with the world at her feet, is found dead, floating in her own bathtub. To the Homicide Squad it looks like a textbook society suicide a glamerous life come to a nasty end - but coroner Malcolm Carruthers remains unconvinced. It falls to Detective Phelps and Earle to work the scene, and determine which of Miss Randall's many vices finally killed her.

Investigate Crime Scene
1 - Morphine: obtained automatically

Murder SceneAn officer will tell you that the scene is on the second floor, apartment 6 when you arrive. Don't go directly upstairs yet.
2 - Morphine Syrette: check the trash can between apartment 1 and 2Head upstairs and to the end of the hallway. You will meet up with Bekowsky and Rusty, exchange some words, and then search for clues.
3 - Possible Suicide: obtained automatically after entering the apartmentCheck the right side of the victim's head, the inside of her right forearm, and her left hand.
4 - Black Sapphire Ring: check the left hand of the victim
5 - Two Suspects: automatically obtained after inspecting the victimHead into the bedroom and inspect the pills laying on the ground at the foot of the bed. Next check the bedside table.
6 - Sleeping Pills: inspect the pill case on the bedside table
7 - Benzedrine Prescription: inspect the pill case on the bedside table (further inspection)
Check Dr. Stoneman's Practice
Achievement Unlocked: A Good-Looking CorpseDon't leave yet, there is still much to do here.
8 - Men's Smoking Jacket: inspect the jacked on the changing screen in the bedroomNext, go into the living room and check the table beside the record player. Inspect the insides of all three pictures.
9 - Modeling Job: inspect the middle picture
Investigate D'AssineDon't leave yet, there is still someone to question.
Virginia Reynoldson
Victim's State of Mind: Lie / Sleeping Pills
Victim's Personal Life: Lie / Men's Smoking Jacket
10 - Housekeeper's Statement
Relationship with Victim: DoubtThings are done here, drive to Dr. Stoneman's Practice.
Dr. Stoneman's PracticeEnter the building and check the right placard for the office. 5th floor, 505. Enter the office and speak with the secretary then into his office and ask him some questions.
Dr. Stoneman
Relationship with Victim: Lie / Benzedrine Prescription
Additional Medications: DoubtDrive to D'Assine's Dress Store.
D'Assine Dress StoreEnter the store and speak with the lady at the desk on the left.
Dress Store Owner
Victim's Employment History: TruthAfter speaking with the owner, she will get one of Julia's friends for you to talk with.
11 - Pearl Ring: obtained automatically after speaking with Heather

Heather Swanson
Relationship with Victim: Truth
Informed of 'Mr. Henderson': TruthAfter speaking with Heather, use the phone nearby. You will check messages. First you speak with the coroner.
Investigate Hollywood Morgue

Hollywood Receiving HospitalEnter the hospital and speak with the lady at the administration. She will point you to the autopsy room.
12 - Murder: obtained automatically after speaking with the coronerInspect the desk for a harmonica.
Interview Henry ArnettWalk across the parking lot into the police station and into interview room 2.
Hollywood Police Station

Henry Arnett
Relationship with Victim: Doubt
Informed of 'Mr. Henderson': Lie / Housekeeper's Statement
Burglary Suspect Leblanc: DoubtAfter a short cut-scene you will be outside in your car.
Tail Henry ArnettIf you manage to tail him without being noticed you have a chance to unlock an achievement.
Pawn ShopFollow Henry on foot to see what he's up to. If you successfully tail him without being spotted you have unlocked an achievement after the cut-scene at the travel agency.
Ao Kuewa Travel AgencyAfter tailing Henry you will end up outside the travel agency in the parking lot talking with Roy.
Achievement Unlocked: Fakeloo
13 - Train Ticket: obtained automatically
14 - Fabergé Cigarette Case: obtained automaticallyMake sure to inspect the inside of the case. Next, use the phone nearby to check your messages.
Return to Hollywood Police Station
Meet with Patrolman WallisDrive to Hollywood Ninth Beat and speak with Wallis.
Hollywood Ninth BeatWhen you arrive you find Wallis chasing some people. Help him out. After you can gain some information. Now drive to the Police Station.
Hollywood Police Station Pt.2As you arrive a cut-scene will happen with you speaking to Bekowsky and Rusty. After speaking with them talk with an evidence clerk.
Inspect Recent Burglary List from Watch CommanderMake sure to tap the "Fabergé Gold Cigarette Case" near the top, the "Black Sapphire Ring" below it, the "Silver Pillbox" near the middle, and the "Pearl Ring" near the bottom.
15 - Contraband List: obtained automatically after searching the list
Investigate Evestrom Residence

Evestrom ResidenceA maid will answer the door and show you to Mrs. Evestrom.
Mrs. Evestrom
List of Stolen Items: Lie / Fabergé Cigarette Case
Burglary Incident Report: Truth

Interrogate Henry ArnettWith Heather in the backseat of the vehicle. Drive to Arnett's Apartment.

NOTE: YOU MUST DRIVE YOURSELF AND NOT DAMAGE YOUR VEHICLE! Doing so will get you an achievement.
Arnett's ApartmentIf you managed to make it here without damaging you vehicle you get an achievement.
Achievement Unlocked: Chauffer ServiceEnter the apartment building and speak with the man at the front desk. He will tell you the apartment you need.
Apprehend SuspectChase him down, only to have him beat you over the head with a piece of wood, knocking you out. You wake up in Arnett's Apartment.
Investigate Arnett's ApartmentInspect the inside of the suitcase for Arnett's train ticket.
16 - Vacheron Constantin Watch: check the suitcase beside the couchNext, talk with Arnett.
Henry Arnett Pt.2
Professional Burglary Ring: Lie / Fabergé Cigarette Case
Motive for Randall Murder: Lie / Train Ticket
Identity of 'Mr. Henderson': Lie / Contraband ListA cut-scene shows Henry being arrested.
Interrogate Doctor StonemanDrive to the practice again.
Dr. Stoneman's Practice Pt.2Head into the office and speak with the good doctor. He will give you all the information you need to close this case. After a turn of events, use the phone on the doctor's desk.
Locate 'Willy'Drive or run to Willy's Apartment, it's only a block away.
Willy's ApartmentWhen you arrive, you will be told that he plays the harmonica. Follow the sounds of the harmonica until you find him. Once you do, he will pull out a gun and run away. Chase him through the building to the top. You will see him climbing up the BROADWAY sign.

Achievement Unlocked: Give My RegardsNow shoot him to end the case.
Achievement Unlocked: Eight Million Stories

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Dr. Stoneman
Relationship with Victim: Lie / Benzedrine Prescription
Additional Medications: DoubtDrive to D'Assine's Dress Store.

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