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06-02-2011, 05:57 PM
The site could use an achievement guide and roadmap for this Windows Phone title. Anyone want to jump in and contribute?

06-04-2011, 12:29 PM
I can give it a go when a got a spare few hours. I can't guarantee anything good mind as Ive never written a guide before... but I'll try :)

08-11-2011, 01:28 AM
-Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 7/10
-Offline Achievements: 18 (200)
-Online Achievements: 0 ( 0 )
-Approximate time to achieve 200/200 : 20+ Hours
-Minimum playthroughs required: 4
-Missable Achievements : If you take damage on a level, you'll have to come back and replay.
-Glitched Achievements : The game is glitched, see below.
-Achievements disabled by cheats: No Cheats.
-Does difficulty affect unlocking achievements: Yes.

Game Glitched:
If you don't already own this game, don't buy it. It glitches sporadically, losing all game progress. Best I can tell, here are reasons why it might glitch:

You 'Reset' a level from the pause menu
You waited more than 24 hours between games
You quit the game without pausing


The Endless Maze
Green - Enemy Spawn
Red - Your Base
Brown - Trenches
Orange - Gate Keepers

Here's the gist... fill the trenches with infantry emplacements (tripod guys), with the exception of Meat Shields (see below). The two orange squares to the right represent your gate. Only one of these two squares can be closed at any given time, but you can open/shut the gate at any time to funnel the enemy all the way through your trenches... and at the last moment, flip the gate so they have to go all the way back out and around. Repeat as necessary.

Requires two clear paths to your base, but you temporarily block one to steer the enemies as you wish. Works GREAT for extra-HP AT-ST's and extra-HP speeder-bikes.

The Meat Shield
You know those $10 infantry units? Yeah, they're you're new meat shields. Place them on the front lines anywhere you have units taking damage. They're uber cheap, and if you want to make them even cheaper, sell the unit with a sliver of health before rebuilding. You'll get 50% of your cost back regardless of remaining HP.

Works great at the front of your trench maze, and ESPECIALLY well directly in-front of expensive buildings as a tie-fighter deterrent. Just be sure to rebuild as soon as they're destroyed for that loverly padding of human lives.

Anti-Air Placement
I often place 1x generator and 1~2x X-Wing towers to the extreme left of the map, away from the enemy spawns. If necessary a couple trenches to steer enemies away. They never get targeted and provide maximum coverage against Tie-Fighters. Your trenched tripods should clean up any that get through the initial X-Wing defense.

The trickiest part of the game is placing some anti-armor when the AT-AT's start showing up. You'll want it near the leftern side of the map, but placed in a place that takes no/minimal damage. Either snowspeeders (fully upgraded) or Ion Cannons (do NOT upgrade) work well, but I'd suggest 1x of each. If you've got the cash and it's an extra-HP version, plop a few extra ion cannons around to be safe.

They're all extremely straight forward and self explanatory. With the exception of High Score Award and Logistics Award, all other point/kill based achievements are cumulative across game levels and game types.

03-10-2015, 02:16 PM
For anyone still playing the game, just keep in mind that protective covers on your phone can slow down placing troops. That drove me batty.