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Hello and welcome! Thanks for stopping in. Contained within these posts will be my guide to the "perfect" walkthrough. Why do I call it perfect? Simply because the idea is that if you follow the walkthrough, you will get a "Perfect" rating for the game. What this means to me is 50/50 survivors, all Psychopaths defeated and all Cases solved. In addition to this, I'll give some ideas about where and how to pick up many of the Type: 1 play achievements as we go through the guide.

A few things to note ahead of time and keep in mind:
Odds are good that you will not get the Zombie Killer Achievement during this walkthrough, but the Zombie Hunter Achievement will be no problem at all, especially if you head into Overtime Mode.
Otis will not call you with a scoop if you are in the area where that scoop should occur. So, if you're in Paradise Plaza waiting for him to call with the scoop "Cut From the Same Cloth" then you're never going to get the call. You have to be in a different area. So, go somewhere else if he hasn't called with a scoop for that location.
Based on your speed going through the game, you may not get the scoops in the exact order I get them in during this walkthrough. This guide is for survivors, cases and a few non-slaughter achievements, so for the most part, you should be avoiding zombies to get to locations and only killing when necessary to help clear paths for your survivors. If you want the timing to be the same as mine that is.
Survivor orders default to "Follow me" after every cutscene. This one is extremely important and can be extremely frustrating to deal with. If you tell a group of survivors "Over there" to get them out of the way for a boss fight and there is a cut scene after the order is given, they will go back to following you and you'll need to give the order again. Keep that in mind, it will save your survivors lives.
Save! Save whenever you can. I suggest some spots for saves, but if you're at all like me, you'll likely save every time you pass a restroom/save spot. I find better Saved than Sorry. Ok, no more puns, I promise.Also, this walkthrough will contain SPOILERS. I am assuming that you have either played some or all of the game already or are just playing for achievements and don't care about the plot. I will not be giving away the storyline in depth and will not tell you any of the endings, but at the same time, some spoilers are necessary to bagging achievements or describing how to accomplish certain goals. Consider yourself warned. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Seventy-Two Hour Mode
Welcome to Willamette, Colorado. As you take your ride into town on the helicopter, take a few shots as you come in. Of particular note are the zombies eating near the fence just before the guy trapped on top of his car. And the guy trapped on top of his car. And the zombies rocking the school bus. And the exploding gas pumps. (Get a few burning zombies in there for extra brutality). And the woman on the roof. (Get a shot of her shooting a zombie, a shot of her being pushed and a shot of her and the two zombies on the ground.) That’s about all there is to it here. You can either skip to the mall or watch the rest of the cut scenes.

Once you arrive at the mall, head inside, down the stairs and catch a save. Then head into the security room, check out the monitors, then head down through to the entrance plaza. Straight ahead after the cutscene(s) you’ll see a gate back behind all the survivors. That is your destination to trigger the next cut scene. However, in the meantime, take shots of all the survivors here in the entrance. You’ll get some bonus PP as well as bagging the Portraiture achievement if you don’t have it already. As soon as you’ve got them all (don’t spend too much time) run for that gate to trigger the cut scene and have the zombies flood the mall. Immediately after the cut-scene, run forward and grab a snapshot of the zombies pouring into the mall. Depending on your zoom, and how far into the distance you can see, this should net you the Group Photo achievement. After that, head up toward the stairs, skirting around the right side of the big globe. If you have Double Lariat use that to clear zombies away from the body and claim your new shotgun. Alternatively, you could try using a bench to push them away, but that could be stretching it as they’re SLOW. After grabbing it, head straight up the stairs to trigger another series of cutscenes.

Once through with that, talk to Otis to get your map and transceiver. Head through the vent and take a right to pick up Jeff. Talk to him to get him to join you, then run around to the other side of the rooftop warehouse to reunite him with Natalie. Be sure to take advantage of the PhotoOp when they hug, if you get in close to their faces, you can grab up to 10k pp for this photo. If you manage that, you can get both Photojournalist and The Artiste achievements in one go. NOTE: Occasionally, I’ve had trouble getting Jeff to talk to me for whatever reason. If this is the case, go talk to Natalie and lead her to Jeff. Doesn’t matter which you talk to first. Break in on their reunion and guide them back to the air vent leading to the security room. Then head back out through the vent. While you’re here, turn around and take a picture of the air vent. Use the PP sensor on the camera to line it up perfectly. Not only is this a PP sticker, but you also need the photo later. So, go into pictures and hit Y to lock it into your camera. This will prevent it from being erased.

Case 1-1 and 1-2
Head back into the warehouse via the roof. You should be on top of the shelving units at this point, so head across until you see the sledge sitting on top of the rack. Jump across, grab the sledge then jump off of the rack. If you have knee drop, you can use this to drop from the top without taking any sort of damage. If not, the damage is minimal and it will secure your Freefall achievement. Head on over to Bachman’s Bookporium (P108) and grab the Engineering book on the shelves. Having this in your inventory will allow your construction weapons (like that sledge you picked up in the warehouse) to last longer. If you are in need of extra PP for levels, you can also head over to Contemporary Reading (P101) and grab the photography book. Holding on to this book will let you see PP stickers on Zombies and survivors and others. Additionally, this book will give you a bit of a warning about imminent attacks. The PP meter above zombies will turn red moments before it attacks, giving you an extra split-second warning. I’ve found it helpful personally just for that extra little clue. After you’ve grabbed these books, head out into Leisure Park and kill some zombies until Otis calls with a scoop about a photographer in Paradise Plaza. Let’s go meet him!

Head on up to Starbu—Columbian Roastmasters (P202) and meet up with Kent. You need to take two pictures to clear this scoop, but I recommend three if you need the PP. Depending on how fast you get the pictures, you may not get a chance to get the third, so if you need the PP take your time. You’ll need to take a pictures of Kent taking pictures and a pic of him doing his “cool pose”. If you get both on the first shot you’ll trigger the cut scene and end it. If you take too long, Kent will suggest changing spots and run down into the infested mall. While he’s down there, he’ll jump-kick some zombies and present you with a PhotoOp worth upwards of 8k. So, if you need the PP then wait for it. Once you’re done with Kent, grab a couple OJs from the cold case in Roastmasters then head down to the men’s room real quick and have a save.

Boss Fight 1 - Carlito
After that, head out into Leisure Park and across to the food court. If you’ve done all this fast enough, you shouldn’t run into any problems in the park. Once entering the food court, you’re confronted with your first boss fight. Carlito. Click here for the video guide (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=767H-e02UiQ).

Case 1-3 – An Odd Old Man
First, restock on wine if you need then shoot all the plates out behind Chris’s Fine Foods if you need a 28k PP boost. Once you’re done in the foodcourt, head through to Al Fresca plaza and take an immediate right through the window into Flexin (A104) and save at the locker in the back corner. Take out the sand bags hanging along the back wall for another quick 14k, then catch up with Brad and head through the doors and have him open the shutter for you. After the cutscene, head up to the top floor and go to a shop called In The Closet (E214) and head around to the back… into the closet! Knocking over some of the boxes will reveal Big Bill, who looks an awful lot like my girlfriend’s ex-husband. Despite that fact, we should probably save him anyway. Talk to him a little bit and he’ll need to see the zombies for himself. Once he wanders out into the store proper, he’ll be ready to come with you back to the security room. You can smash the boxes for two baseball bats and hand him one and take the other for later on then head back to Al Fresca Plaza.

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Barricade Pair
Once there, hop into the fountain and pick yourself up an SMG. Now we're talking. After that head down to Weber's Garments (A106) and smash your way through the barricade. A jump-kick destroys the shelving and knocks aside the planking quickly. However, your combat isn't over. Burt is going to be a pain in your ass and fight you. So, jump kick him a couple times or punch him bare-handed. Just be careful, he has a bat and can hurt you if you give him the chance. Just don't use a weapon. If you smack him with something too nasty (like your sledge) you risk killing him. Once you've beaten him down a bit he'll double over and try to catch his breath. Talk to him a bit and he'll join you. Aaron will also come with you. Hand Aaron the other bat from In the Closet, then head across the way to Riverfield Jewelry (A103).

A Mother's Lament
Inside here you'll find a woman in deep distress. Talk to her a bit then hop the counter and have her come across to you. Pick her up and continue on your way back to the food court. Might be a good idea to save really quick at Flexin, then head on out into the food court and give everyone some wine to get their health back up. Once everyone's in good shape, head out into the park.

Once in leisure park, you're going to have a run-in with the convicts. A surly bunch driving a military issue humvee around the open field. Send your survivors over into a corner (target with the right trigger then press Y) and prepare for battle. Preparing for battle consists of to pressing LB or RB until your SMG is selected. Once you're set for that, you'll have to do battle with the convicts. The easiest way to defeat these bozos is to use their own firepower against them. If you run toward the trees, the driver will likely slam into one, forcing him to have to back up and (more than likely) run into the tree again. While they're learning to drive, step out and light up the convict on the heavy gun with the SMG. When he drops, run up to the back of the humvee and hit B to grab the `heavy gun off the back. Now we're talking. Use that on the driver. When the driver dies, the passenger will scoot over and take his spot. Just don't change your aim and you'll lay him out as well. Jump into the humvee for your Carjacker achievement then hop back out again as (for whatever reason) you can only take 1 passenger in this vehicle. Once they're dealt with, find Sophie running around in the middle of the park and talk to her to have her join.

Now that you've gathered them up, have them follow you and skirt around the edges of Leisure Park to return to Paradise Plaza. Since the zombie infestation is still rather light here, it might be worth your time to head back to the restrooms and save since you made it through without any casualties. Then blaze your way through the crowd to the warehouse. You'll be treated to a cut scene and then need to escort your survivors up to the roof. Once you get everyone back through the air duct, head into the security room for Case 1 solved!

In Between Cases
Depending on your fleet footedness during the early parts, you should have some time to mess around in the mall before the next case is set to occur at 6AM. So, of course it is time to go pick up some scoops. First, we have Out of Control on the menu and Otis is likely to be calling you mentioning some Japanese Tourists at Sir Book-a-lot (W205) as well. They're both in the same general vicinity, so we'll get them at the same time. However, first we need to head to North Plaza. On the way there, Otis will call us with another scoop called "Shadow of the North Plaza"! Guess it's a good thing we were already on our way there huh. When you first step into North Plaza from Leisure Park, you'll see Pearly Whites (N101) on your left. This is a good place to replace your camera batteries if you need to. After that, head on over to the Huntin Shack (N127) for your first real Psychopath. (Carlito and the Convicts do not count for your achievement, so Cletus is your first.) Hopefully you have some wine and/or OJ and possibly a few rounds left for shotgun and/or the SMG.

Psychopath - Cletus
Click here for video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miqIfxd0cug).
Not the best ever, but I still have a hard time with this guy. I end up fist-fighting the camera in the store about 70% of the time when I go to shoot him.

Japanese Tourists A&B
Once Cletus goes down for the abbreviated count, grab yourself a shotgun or two, maybe a sniper rifle, maybe admire your Self Defense Achievement and then head toward Seon's Food & Stuff (L3) to pick up David for the Shadow of the North Plaza scoop. Once you've convinced him to come with you, head over to the restrooms near CD Crazy and have yourself a save. After that, high-tail it over to Wonderland Plaza. Dodging zombies seems to actually be easier when carrying/supporting someone, but it might just be me being more careful. Anyway, once you reach Wonderland, head upstairs to Sir Book-a-lot (W204) to meet up with the tourists. On the floor near them is a book on Japanese. Pick it up before you talk to them so you can communicate somewhat effectively. Don't miss the PhotoOp when they bow profusely. Toss the book once they agree to join you, then you can arm them however you want. One way is to kick over the zombie cops near the stairs and give the tourists their guns. Another would be to take them all to Kokonutz Sports Town (W202) and give them a couple of bats. Guns are a little chancy with the AI, I find myself getting shot a lot, but it might work better for you than it does me.

Out of Control & Psychopath - Adam
Once they're armed, send them into the sports store and head up to the space rider to work on the Out of Control scoop. Try and stop the ride and you'll be confronted by your second true Psychopath Adam, the Killer Klown (not from Outer Space).
Click here for video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb2ilZ1r22M).
Once Adam goes down for the count, grab both of his miniChainsaws. Hopefully you still have the engineering book as these little puppies will be your best friends for the rest of the game. If you were me, you'd save them for bosses and not "waste" them on zombies.

A Shortcut!
Now, stop the space rider and let the poor guy get off the ride from hell. He will lead you downstairs and over to a shortcut to Paradise Plaza through the women's room (stand on the sink to access it). While you're in here, you can (and should) save your game. Once through the shortcut, arm Greg and head through the mall to the warehouse. Get your survivors up to the Security room and get ready for the next case. If you have time before 6am you can catch a quick nap and save on the couch behind the security room.

Case 2-1 & 2-2
Once the case begins, you'll be off to rescue the (not so) good doctor. The shutter is up now between Paradise Plaza and Entrance Plaza, so just head on through. After the cut scene your next Carlito boss fight is on. Just run upstairs and zig-zag down the hall to avoid his gunfire. Hit him twice with the small chainsaw for a quick victory. (Video to come)

Case 2-3
Brad has been injured in the process of the fight, so it's time to play Medicine Man and get him some aid. Grab a save on the couch, then head on over to Seon's Food & Stuff (L3) to get a First Aid Kit from the Pharmacy. Take the shortcut through the women's room from Paradise Plaza to Wonderland Plaza and save your way through.

Psychopath - Steven
Once inside the supermarket you'll come face to cart with Steven, another psychopath. Grab his photo quick, then take him out with your chainsaws. Get him to come around corners with the cart and he'll pull out a shotgun. If you close the distance quick he'll put the shotgun back down and you'll have a couple free swings at him. Three quick shots from the chainsaws and he's down for the count. (Video to come)

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Once Steven goes down, grab the first aid kit and get ready for the trek back to the security room. Immediately after leaving the Supermarket, save at the restrooms outside of CD Crazy (N117) then head over to Run Like the Wind (W201) in Wonderland Plaza. Here you will find Lovers A & B. Ross has been extremely injured and these two are going to take a LOT of coaxing to get them to follow you. Whatever you do, do NOT give Ross a gun when he asks for it. He will blow his own head off and then Tonya will not come with you. Once you’ve convinced them of your good intentions, lead them downstairs to the ladies room and head through the shortcut to Paradise Plaza. On your way through, depending on how fast you’ve gone, you may or may not see people in distress near Child’s Play (P102). If they are there, then set Ross down inside the toy store and give them a “Over there” command to have them stay inside the store. Talk to Heather and while that dialogue is running, head out to the store front and dispatch the HUGE mob of zombies surrounding Pamela. Once you’ve cleared the area, head back inside to finish up the dialogue with Heather so she’ll follow you. Then pick up Ross and head back into the mall to speak with Pamela and she’ll agree to come with you. After that it’s a short trek across the way and into the Warehouse.

Once you return your wards to the safety of the security room, you have to let Jessie know that you’ve returned with the medicine. Before you do, stand in the doorway and take a close-up of Jessie sitting on the bedding next to Brad. Get as close as you can while still getting her whole body in the shot and you should bag yourself a 1k+ PP Erotica photo. This will satisfy the conditions for Kent’s Photo Challenge. Now you should have 1 of two options. Either Heather and Pamela were there and you got them to safety, or you were too fleet footed and they hadn’t spawned yet on your run through. You should have plenty of time to go get them before 11AM if they hadn’t spawned yet on your run through. So, if you hadn’t saved them, go do it now. If you had already saved them, you can just wait until 11AM and let the case kick off. Either way, once case 3-1 is completed, you’ll have a few hours to kill until the next one kicks off. This is where things get a little tricky, because you have Machete Man, Coward and Photo Challenge all coming to an end around the same time. You also have an hour to kill between the end of the 3-1 cutscene and the start of the Photo Challenge scoop. So, let’s get cracking.

Machete Man is getting low, so let’s head over there to kill some time before Kent shows up for the photo challenge. You’re going to need to be swift afoot on this one to get out there, complete the boss fight, and get back to Paradise in time. But with a little trick, you should be golden. That trick is the shopping cart. Go through the women’s restroom to Wonderland Plaza and pick yourself up a shopping cart from one of the shopping zombies. Pick it up and carry it up the stairs to zone through to North Plaza. Now, here comes the fun part. Set the cart down by pressing Down on the D-pad. Then hit B to take control of it and hold X to run. Frank will run at top speed while he has the cart and will mow down any zombies in his path, allowing you to run from one end of the plaza to the other completely unimpeded. Once you reach Crislip’s Home Saloon (L2), ditch the cart and head inside.

Here you come in face-to-face with Cliff the Flashback Hatchet Man. Grab his picture at the start of the fight then lay into him with the miniChainsaws. Note that if you hit him while he’s walking around he’s temporary invulnerable and will do a back-stop slash with his machete, then run to one of his holes. If you slash him once, then get out of the way of his swing, you can take him down while he’s on the run. 4 swings from the minChainsaw and he’s history. He leaves an Empty Store Key behind that will allow you to rescue more survivors, but we should be coming up on noon shortly, so we’ll be back for them later. Grab the machete, head outside the store, then use the cart to high-tail it back to the women’s restroom and back to Paradise Plaza to meet Kent. Once you meet up with Kent, show him that picture of Jessie you just took and you’ll get credit for the scoop and he’ll tell you to meet him at noon tomorrow for the final challenge. NOTE: If you save the photo of Jessie using Y you can use it in subsequent games. It’ll save between sessions, so you never have to take it again. Same with the picture of the vent (don’t forget to keep that, we’ll need it later) and anything else you want to save.

08-16-2006, 02:10 PM
Once you’ve bested Kent, grab some OJ from Starbu – Columbian Roastmasters if you have no food in your inventory and head on over to Jill’s Sandwiches (P104) to rescue the glutton. He’s eaten all of the food in the shop and still wants more, so share yours with him (you’ll lose whatever it was) and he’ll follow you up to the safety of the security room. So, you now have 2 of your 3 scoops out of the way and hopefully still have a bit of time before “Image in the Monitor” because you’re going to need it. Hop on down to the women’s room in Paradise Plaza, grab a save and hop through to Wonderland. Your ultimate goal is The Coward in Al Fresca, but we’ve got a couple more people to save in the meanwhile. Once you get to Wonderland, head toward the food court. On the left-hand side near the windows you’ll find a huge bunny rabbit statue with two people hanging from the arms surrounded by a massive horde of zombies. Hope you’re up for some carnage. What you need to do is clear all the zombies from the base of the bunny and then get the people down off the arms. The best way I’ve found to do this is to clear out the bad guys, then pick up a Hunk of Meat (zombie forearm) and throw it at them to knock them down. Throwing anything else will injure or possible kill them. Once they’ve both joined you, continue on your way through to Al Fresca plaza.

Head into McHandy’s Hardware (A105) and go back behind the counter to meet up with the coward. Whack him once with the cardboard box then talk to him to skip the blubbering and get straight to the joining up. Once he agrees to come along with you, head out into the store and arm both Nick and Gordon with lead pipes. Thus armed, head on out into the food court and then into Leisure Park to head back to the security room. NOTE: For whatever reason I could not get this group to zone back into Wonderland to take the secret passage back. It may have been a glitch, but I didn’t have a chance to play with it much since Image in the Monitor was getting dangerously short on time. Be aware that the convicts may have respawned at this point, which will make your trek across the park all the more annoying. You can either do combat with them, or do your best to avoid them and wind your way across the lawn to Paradise Plaza. My advice would be to stick to the walls and do more evasion than engagement, but I was also short on time.

Once you reach Paradise Plaza, you’ll be treated to a cut scene with another future psychopath. Sean and the Raincoat Cult! Once the cutscene is over, set a waypoint in the music shop for your friends and take out the raincoats. Try and blast them from a distance so they can’t gas you. If you get gassed, then your chance to save Jennifer (the girl in the crate) will be gone. So, wipe them out, open the crate and lead your crew to the safety of the Security Room. Hopefully you got back just in time to complete Image in the Monitor and complete Case 4-1 and activate Case 4-2.

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