View Full Version : Kinect causes feedback from my subwoofer - any tips?

06-07-2011, 06:48 PM
The Kinect is causing feedback in my subwooferr - I am using the older model 360 so I have to use the power adapter. I don't think I have the official Microsoft brand adapter so that's one possibility but regardless I'm just wondering if anyone is having the same problem and/or has any suggestions.

Thanks :drunk

By the way, I've tried moving my setup around quite a bit... I'll try plugging the Kinect in further from the 360 but I'll still probably need a usb extension cord --- it that would even work.

Edit I should mention that I connect the speakers to the Xbox 360 using an optical cable.

Edit 2 I used an extention cord and now there is almost no feedback/noise. Currently I have it plugged in pretty far away from the subwoofer/tv/xbox 360 and there is only a very low humming. It'll have to do until I figure out a better solution.