View Full Version : Get playing online :)

06-11-2011, 11:33 PM
ignore that title,that was my advice after only a short time online.the game is great online when you can get a game you wantr to play,loved it at first before it all turned sour (didnt take long,games only been out bout 4 months) but online almost dead now!! now many ppl insist on using aim assists which were designed for little ppl in nappies.so if your after a realistic snooker sim this is it,just a shame the majority of the community prefer the game to do it for them.oh & the leaderboards screwed 2.anyone at this point in time (july11) that is ranked 33+ is a boosting bumboy who cant play the game.in short you either wont get a game,ur opponent will pull on you or youll get ur arse kicked by some queer whos got the aids on.such a shame but you have been warned