View Full Version : [Venting] God damn n00bs!

Deceptive Hornet
06-12-2011, 08:23 AM
This is tragic. Today, so far, i've played four games going for Waltons Gold on the "standard" Co OP. My 360 fucked itself and corrupted the MP Savegame so had to restart. Anyway, waltons all i got left to get into advanced.

So...we get the gold, after everyone gets shot to hell. Mostly the other players. Some actually stand back and take it slowly. We get the gold, and spawn inside the house to shoot our way out. I crouch and take cover, taking headshots through the door and the windows as waltons gang shows themselves. Then guess what happens. You name it! Once, i got shot in the head until i died. Second to fourth time those dipshits run out the doors and just charge at the gang straight on. I actually did pretty OK after that. To bad those fuckers left before i could finish the level.

I hate n00bs when they mess up for others. I don't mind people who are new, but geez! Think a friggin bit!

So what're your experiences with people who probably should stick to tetris, in RDR?

[/end Venting]