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06-12-2011, 11:04 PM
Just thought I'd put together a list of tips and tricks that may be helpful to some. Bear in mind that I am playing the US version of DKS as I make this so some tips may not apply to the original or other versions. If you have anything to add please feel free to post it and I'll add it in. There will be spoilers held within this thread. If you don't want them, don't read further.



- You're appearance has no effect on gameplay whatsoever so the only thing that matters with it is that you like the way you look. If you don't you can change appearance before leaving Farglow or after getting your battle tower.

- Monsters in this game (except one area) do not respawn. This means that there is a limited amount of experience to be had. Compound that with the fact that as you level up you get less experience per kill and you need to plan a little to get the most XP. Your best bet is to simply kill everything as soon as you enter a new area. This will ensure you're at the lowest possible level and get the most XP for your work. Also, to keep your level down, avoid turning in quests until everything is dead. The reason is that quest reward XP is constant and will not change no matter your level.

- There is no fall damage in this game so feel free to jump from the highest of heights.

- Disenchant any items you have prior to selling them to merchants. This will not affect the item's value and is an easy way to accumulate formulas.

- Prior to getting the battle tower the only gem/ingredient worth holding onto is malachite gems. Everything else can be sold off. The reason is that after you acquire your battle tower you will have easy access to any ingredient except malachite gems.

- For some stupid reason someone thought it would be a good idea to give merchants a limited gold supply. This means that if you sell to the same merchant too often, they will eventually run out of gold. This is really annoying later in the game when the amount of people to trade with is limited.

- Most containers generate loot randomly. This means that if you want, you can save prior to opening a container and then reload if you don't like the results.

- For quest rewards it's best to take the experience reward given how limited experience is. If you have your choice of two rewards, take experience and the item you like most. Keep in mind that many reward items can sell for more than the gold reward.

- Even though the loading screen says there is, there is no cool down time to use your dragon morph stone and only a ten second cool down for your dragon stone.

- You can unlearn your skills from your skill trainer once you have the battle tower. The initial price is 5000 gold and the price increases each time you do it. Bear in mind that this will unlearn your dragon skills as well.

- There are no true classes in this game as you can pick from any skill at anytime so long as you meet the level requirement. The choice in Farglow will only affect where your first skill point is placed. If you want, you can choose the two classes you don't want first and sell their weapons for extra gold then choose your desired class.

- Even if a merchant lowers his prices for you, he will not buy anything for more gold. This means that a merchant that gives you a discount and one that doesn't will buy items from you for the same amount.

- For some strange reason you cannot regenerate health or mana while in your battle tower. It's not that it's a big deal since there's nothing there to fight, just something to be aware of in case you think you have a glitch.

- In my opinion you should always use with either dual weapons or a weapon and a shield. This is especially true if you're primarily a magic user. The reason is that you'll be able to get more bonuses using two weapons rather than one. That means you can enchant two weapons with a level 10 magic damage enchantment and get +200 to magic damage as opposed to the +100 you would get for using a two handed weapon or only a single one handed weapon. That +100 difference can be huge since it means that if you're shooting five magic missiles at one enemy you're doing 500 more damage per attack!

- On rare occasions you will find malachite ore veins. These veins have a small chance to yield malachite gems. Before opening any of these veins be sure to save the game. If you don't get any gems when you open the vein, reload until you do.


- The formulas you give Dreaven (enchanter) and Abanayabar (alchemist) will carry over to your battle tower enchanter and alchemist.

- There are no more bunnies to kill after broken valley so be sure to kill them as you see them. If the killer bunny shows up (he's level 22) and you're severely under leveled either reload or jump across a stream and slowly kill him with ranged attacks.

- Don't bother mind reading anyone that you see more than once in this area until you're about to leave to Sentinel Island. See tip under Sentinel Island for the reason why. Again, some situations will require you to mind read the person on the spot such as Quincy stuck in the guard tower. Other than those, don't mind read until later.


- As soon as you enter Sentinel Island she will greet you and have a conversation with you. If you read her mind, you will gain a level. With this in mind, it's best to mind read everyone you can in Broken Valley right before you enter the portal to Sentinel Island. This mind read will erase that experience debt including the cost of the mind read itself.

- While fighting ghosts in the Ghostbuster quest you will find Vacca's gem in his cave. The gem itself does nothing and has no purpose. However you can sell the gem for 5000 gold. Just make sure you sell it prior to talking with Vacca again otherwise he will ask for it back. At that point you can either kill him and keep it (failing the quest) or give it back only to have it disappear forever.


- If, after you've killed Lady Kara and Lord John in the bunker, you let the two black ring upstairs live you can trade with them. Each has around 26,000 gold to spend which will really come in handy.

- Northeast of the Depleted Ore Mine (on the same path as the arguing New Order and Champion soldiers) you will run into a travelling salesman name Carleton. You can only interact with him one time so be sure you're ready to run into him. His best two items for sale are a Malachite Gem (2000 gold) and the Maxos Mallet (18896 Gold). Also he has 50000 gold to spend on your items. With this in mind it's best to stock up on Diamonds and Malachite Ore from your runners before this encounter to ensure that you can sell enough items to exhaust his gold supply.

06-13-2011, 12:33 PM
Great tips some of them I didn't know and I've completed both games (Ego Draconis and DKS) lol. You know what's coming :-P, could I use this in my achievement guide?

I'll edit this post if I can think of any useful tips you can add.

06-13-2011, 02:16 PM
Feel free to link it. There's a lot more things I have to write with this though. It'll probably be 2-3 posts when it's all said and done.

06-13-2011, 05:48 PM
Feel free to link it. There's a lot more things I have to write with this though. It'll probably be 2-3 posts when it's all said and done.

Sound, thank you. What do you think of the game?


>When you enter the hall of echoes and then meet foes from your past you can mind read each one of them for a skill point. The exp you lose from doing this doesn't really matter anyway unless you are nearly leveled up because this is near the very end of the game.

>At the end of the game it would be a good idea to reset your skills because you can take skill points away from skills that aren't useful anymore such as Mind Read or EXP boost.

>Sassan who is located at the bottom of your Battle Tower sells useful items. If she runs out of money simply buy some of her stuff.

>After Damian releases toxic gas across the land the only way to travel to the Sentinel Island is by using a teleport shrine.

zal zaph
05-26-2012, 10:18 AM
A lot of guides for the game have left out some useful information, mainly how upgrading your Mind Reading Skill to 15 makes all mind reading FREE (cost of 0 XP). That would have been a big help to know beforehand, instead of going for some of these achievements first, THEN starting over to avoid these quest.
You could really use all the XP you could get, since the bosses you face at the end are on level 45!
I stacked my character up like a tank, with level 10 Healing on all accessories (big help, as it gives the appearance is constant potion healing), and fully charmed COMPLETE armor, and they STILL put up a fight.

I also notice not many people mentioning how all of your information carries over. This is a big help and keeping your Mind Reading is VERY important, since the cost of information is ridiculous (average 15000 per PERSON while you get an average of 7000 per quest).

Always remember to Upgrade Wisdom as quickly and as high as possible (15 fully upgraded). Other guides frown upon this and I can't see why. It's how I upgraded to level 45 without wasting my time grinding.

I have to say, with all the added weapons and armor, they completely left out your pet from the equation, and becomes sort of useless because of it. They never added any NEW body parts for your pet, so it never gets stronger. Sure, it gains level as you do, but that only helps its HP and damage, Once you start facing enemies in their 40'sm it dies almost instantly.

Oh well. I'm finally done with this game.
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