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06-13-2011, 03:40 PM
Is it me or the achievement system can be a fun system making you play more your games, having fun doing them and so on, or it can just plainly scrap a game sometimes?

Let me explain. I just buy Risen, i was looking for a fun RPG, being a big fan of Oblivion during the wait to Skyrim. Fable 3 was fun but more an action game than anything else...

So i get this, look at the achievement guide to see if there was not an achievement like Oblivion had(Duke of Dementia/Mania) that if you missed it would require almost a new game entirely to do... But just reading the guide gave me a headache... dont do that, save this for later, become a mage first, etc etc. Im not complaining on the guide maker here but the achievements themself.

ITS AN RPG FOR CHRIST SAKE !!!! You are supose to play this your way, make your decisions, enjoy searching in the open world, stuff like that, your not supose to follow a guide step by step to be sure to not miss anything...

Piss me off so much...

Oblivion exept the Duke of achievement was perfect for that, you could do the mage guild, fighter guild and such in any order, you didn't need to be a full mage or full fighter, you could be a mix or everything. This is an almost perfect achievement list for a rpg, you do things your way and still you finish with all the points...

Later i got Fallout, didn't hook as much as Oblivion(mostly i think cause im more a medieval guy than a futurist post war one, but i will get back to fallout some time) and i saw some achievements require you to reach a level being bad, good or even neutral... 3 playtrought... of a game like fallout? CMON

I love rpg like i said, absolutely LOVED Oblivion, but i did 1 character only, i like to do everything in the game with my character, visit all the map, do all quests, this is time consuming and im also a big fan of online shooter gaming(COD, HALO, GOW) so i dont have time to spend 3 playtrought of minimum 50 hours each on 1 game.

So basically, sure i still can play my game here, but i know i wont get the 1000 cause no way im scrapping my fun following a guide. And this remove a bit of fun, cause like everybody i like to do the full pts or close to it when i can.

06-13-2011, 05:15 PM
Yep, I know what you mean that's why I started using a second account for those type of games that I just want to enjoy without having to worry about missing anything/putting a lot of hours in on it.

06-13-2011, 06:04 PM
I think i know what you mean, just by looking at the Fallout 3 list is making me fall asleep. I ordered a GOTY edition for all the DLC now, because eventually i have to finish it off.

It has been sitting on 12 achievements for a long, long time now.

Edit - the karma achievements seems the most bothersome.

06-14-2011, 01:37 AM
Thing is im not that much of a completionist, since i dont boost there is a lot of games i miss achievement that should be done easily for a booster. So having this game at 600-700 is more than enought for me, since my goal is to have at least 500 per game(half way) depending on the game. I try to do all i can, but im not going the raging annoying way like exemple doing games on the hardest difficulty exept if its a shit tons of achievement like COD that give one after 1 or 2 missions worth 25 pts...

Im not bothering to do hard unless its not that hard(bulletstorm) if its only 50 pts or less. Im like that, i know im probably the only "not-boosting" guy on 360 but well... i feel boosting is cheating...(my opinion, not microsoft standard)

So well basically i think i can do enought on this, but i should have the full 1000 since its an offline game, i could if i was minded enought since i could do a second game being an "achievement playtrought" but we are talking of a 50 hours game here. I was not minded to do the TWO WORLDS glitched achivement after they fix it cause it required a new save they said... so imagine i could had 1000 on that, but doing everything again... just no, and i didnt hate the game, i actually enjoyed it even if it was no oblivion at all...

Its already annoying we have to endure multiplayer insane achievements that prevent us to getting 1000, let us have fun on the solo games at least... I know if i boosted, MP achievements would give me a lot less troubles, a lot more achievements... but like i said...i can't so lof time i ended up missing them like The Darkness for exemple im still working on the MP doing real game with randoms online to get eventually my 100 wins... lol(i put an X on the 250... will never do it)

edit : at least i hope the game will be as good as i hope so, i known it wont be oblivion(no game could match this) but that at least it will be fun, like Two Worlds was for me)

06-15-2011, 03:23 PM
Yes i bought this game like a month ago maybe for $20.00, i wanted a nice rpg to play and keep me playing for a long time. I dont like the factions because like you said it means you need more playthroughs unlike Oblivion(which i bought the GOTY and got 1250/1250). My 1st playthrough for Risen is going to be the Mage i think, for gamerpoints wise; im at like 460/1000. Im on a mission now where i have to find teleport stones and magic disks. So i kinda havent been playing this game now for about a week, i will still go back and play it but i dont know.