View Full Version : The Escape Tactics

Deceptive Hornet
06-14-2011, 02:09 PM
I've been playing my butt off today, trying to complete these two missions. They are by themselves perfectly fine and not overly complicated. It's the tactics.

In "The Escape", when we actually make it to Tumbleweed and the cannons - we always die. There's a turret there somewhere, and we can't get to the cannons. So we try to spy out the turret, but we haven't found it yet. We can see it on the map, but not the turret itself so we can't take it out. This results in the gangmembers sneaking up on us as we can't control the cannons. This is a very crappy sitation. They're to many to take out if we don't use the cannons.

How do you go about it?