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06-19-2011, 09:15 AM
I never really thought about this until recetly, as I am a Australian gamer and a lot of contet is unavailable in Australia, so I have some questions.

So I have my main account, and an American created account.

1: First example is MK9. How would I go about downloading the Kostume Pack (unavailable in Australia). If I bought some American microsoft points and used them on my american account, then bought the Kostume Pack with the american account, would I be able to use it on my main account?

2: Second is RB3. If I bought some songs off the RBN (which is also unavailable in Aus) would I be able to play the songs on my main account? (EDIT: I'm looking at the RBN on my american account now but the songs are still currently unavailable. How would I go about getting these songs?)

3: Is dlc linked to the console, the hard drive or the profile?

4: If I downlad stuff with the american account, the delete the american account, will I still be able to play with the downloaded content?

5: Can I transfer my data from my 120GB har drive to a 250GB hard drve? (I'm ot sre if tere is 250GB one but I have heard about it somewhere).

6. If the above answer is yes, do I still keep the dlc that I have downloaded with the american account?

Thanks in advance.

06-19-2011, 12:03 PM
1. I'm assuming the Kostume pack is for avatars? Therefore, no, you wouldn't be able to put it on your main account. Avatar items are linked to accounts. Gamerpictures, themes and DLC however, is generally available to anybody using the console.

2. Yes, if you bought Rock Band songs on an American account you would be able to play them on your main account.
To test it out, use your American account to download the free songs ("Still Alive" from Portal is one of them, you can look up others) and then you should be able to play them on your main account.
I'm not sure why it says the RBN songs are unavailable. I've downloaded from there before using my American account and had no problems. (I'm also in Australia)

3. DLC is linked to console and account.

4. I don't THINK so, but I'm not sure. It's probably easier to keep the account you downloaded everything with, just in case.

5. With a transfer kit and possibly a license transfer yes.

6. Only if you re-download using the American account.

Hopefully I've answered your questions correctly ;)

06-19-2011, 01:18 PM
No, I think he means the Mortal Kombat Kostume Pack, which would work between accounts.

06-19-2011, 02:16 PM
No, I think he means the Mortal Kombat Kostume Pack, which would work between accounts.

Yep, this.

06-19-2011, 10:51 PM
Yep, this.
IN THEORY, it should work between accounts.

There are certain DLCs that are exceptions to this rule. I know a lot of times map packs don't work between accounts. I think CoD:BOPs is one of them. My advice would be that if you're too worried about it, ask about it on the MK section of the forums to be sure. Somebody probably has two accounts and can check between them to see if it does work.

I have two accounts, but I haven't bought any of the MK DLC yet, so unfortunately I cannot offer any assistance here.