View Full Version : Quick Untouchable Question

06-23-2011, 10:02 PM
I did the backup onto a memory stick.
Just beat the guy in the throne room, I had to reload checkpoints a few times, but I never used the rewind time power and my health was full at the start and the finish. I got the achievement for beating the guy, but not untouchable. And it got to the save point after you beat the guy and your brother gets the powers, so when I reload checkpoint it starts up at the end when you slash the enemy and beat him.

Can I just play it from the memory unit and try to beat him and get this achievement or is there a way to load up that save from the memory device or any way to copy it from memory unit to HD or any other options so I can go back to try the guy in the throne room again?
Or am i screwed and I have to play the game over and get to him again???