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R Miller 69
06-24-2011, 11:23 PM
+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
+ Offline: 1000 :gsicon:
+ Online: 0 :gsicon:
+ Approximate time: 15-25 hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 7 Games, 2 Dynasty Seasons, 1 RTGM Seasons, 34 Bowl Games.
+ Missable achievements: High School Champ.
+ Glitched achievements: None so far.
+ Cheats: No cheats available.

Road To Glory Mode
You start off playing through a High School tournament. In this tournament you can get 3 achievements. It's important that you play every game so you can become a 5-star prospect. Then, when you're picking what team to sign with, pick a team offering you a starting spot. Some people say that they have simulated one of the games and the High School championship achievement didn't unlock for them. So play it safe and play every game - it's only 4 games. Then, there are 3 more achievements in Road to Glory mode. I recommend you start a new Road to Glory mode and follow the method under the achievement Greatness.

There are 7 achievements that you can get from recruiting. The hardest of the recruiting achievements is Program Changer. For the next achievement you need the #1 ranked recruiting class; I was able to simulate through the season with Oklahoma and I got the achievement on signing day during the offseason. The achievement for having a pipeline state in Florida, Texas, and California can be very easy if you just buy the extra pipeline state. It costs 160 microsoft points on the market place. If you pick Notre Dame they already have 2 of them as pipeline states; they only need Texas. So pick Texas and you'll get the achievement with no work.

Now, for the other achievements I recommend using Alabama. First, you need to downplay pitches to a recruit. If you talk to a 1-star recruit and keep downplaying the same school, you should have more than 250 points easily. Then for the next achievement call a 1-star recruit on a 1 topic call (which is 10 minute call) and offer them a scholarship. You will know if they sign if you get 5000 points. If you don't keep offering scholarships to a 1-star recruit and you will eventually get one to sign with you.

The next achievement I got when I simulated through the season. You need to sign a person who has a soft commitment to another team. If you are the #2 team for that prospect just wait until he gets a soft commitment to the first team. Then downplay pitches against that school. He will be most likely to sign with you at that point. The last recruiting achievement you can get is asking someone who is 95 or more overall to stay. When the offseason starts the first thing it will tell you about are players leaving. Most likely if they are 95 or higher they are getting drafted into the NFL. So click on their name and have a 60 minute phone call with them. After that they will most likely stay.

Dynasty Mode
There are 11 Dynasty Mode achievements and they are very easy to get just by simulating. Go to Team Management and make everyone on Alabama 99 overall. Then simulate through the whole season and play the BCS Game. By the time the offseason starts you should get at least 10 of the achievements. If you don't, start a new season and focus on getting the achievements you didn't get. The only one you have to do a few extra things for is Burn That Shirt; look at the guide for the way to get that achievement.

Bowl Games
There are 33 Bowl Games and 1 BCS Game. When you get to Bowl season, stop simulating and go to ESPN and click scores/schedules. Then go into every game and just super sim to the end. I won every game but some people have said they lost games and still got the achievement. After the game it will say add "trophy to trophy case" - say yes.

In Game Achievements
There are 25 in-game achievements. There are only a few that might give you trouble. If so, start a new game and only focus on that one achievement. Also, remember that you can change your team's offense before the game starts so you can play as what ever team you would like.

*All of the players stats can be edited.
*You can play on Freshman difficulty.
*You can play any quarter length.
*You can edit the in-game sliders so your team is all 100 and the other team is 0.
*You can turn off all penalties.
*Any in-game achievements will unlock through super sim.
*Once you have done what you need to do for a achievement, you can super sim to end of the game.
*You can use 2 controllers for most of the trophies.
*You can change any team's offense. (Credit goes to OldSnoova for this tip)
*Super sim means to "super simulate." That means you skip to the end of the game.