View Full Version : Thank you x360a I didnt know if i could do it or notoh and Dcon6393 just thoughts 4u

06-27-2011, 10:34 PM
being as my top got closed i just wanted to just be able to quote Dcon6393 unnecessary post "Good to know you are racking up posts (against site rules). Now if you want to know the real answer to your question email microsoft and make sure you include your gamertag so they can ban you if they should."

First off its obvious that i wanted to post it on my account its not like im posting thanks over and over that is what is against site rules... Now my improper use of words yes. your rude and unnecessary comment was not really need to be said... worry about yourself sometimes.

Thanks to all who told me i cant do this... kinda funny being that everyone says that stallion trades his tag with people... and he doesn't get into trouble.