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1: Hero's Departure
Straying: Let the Goddess reset time 3 times, until she says this is the last one. Kill the boss.
Forgotten: Right side of map is a boat, go there to get a leaf.

2: Continental Bridge
Barely: Defeat boss in under 30 seconds. Ok, this is a hard one. Walk to the town, then the cave. Dash through the enemies, dash back to town, give hammer to man. Heal. Dash over bridge, then down to the town. Purchase the items, dash up to castle, dash while beating boss. Heal if needed.
Kelp Lover: Kill 5 kelp, this one should unlock when you beat the quest the first time.

3: Lord Hadears
Red Diamond: Get the diamond for the boyfriend. The diamond is found in the cave in the southeast part of the map. Give the diamond to the knight in the town to the north.
Ear Killer:Once you get the ship, instead of going to the castle, go south to the white tower. Defeat the enemies there for the boom sword.

4: Caves and Forests
Cave Lover: Go through the cave, simple enough.
Bug Lover: Beat the boss without getting the fly swatter. Just make sure to level up until the Hero>Evil message pops up.

5: Fire Starter
Woods Guard: Beat the man in the north that is setting the woods on fire.
Fasting: Do not eat any food and beat the boss. Thankfully, herbs are fine and just as cheap. So just keep an herb on hand for healing.

For the branch, N will be the north path, S the south path.

6-N: Through the Forest
Solo Trekker: Complete the quest without hiring Richard. Easy enough.
Lonely: Hire Richard, walk through the forest. DO NOT enter the next town, instead go to the castle. Richard won't let you, so now drop him off at the town.

7-N: Courage Mountain
Gorgeous: Buy the Lavish Mail. It costs 3000G. There is a monster in the green grass area that gives a lot of gold. Kill that, grind out the rest you need.
Coward: Beat the boss while under level 15. Simple enough, just don't level about that. You can kill the boss easily below 15.

8-N: Infinie Desert
Lost: Be warped back to the beginning village at least 10 times. Just run north at the first branch 10 times.
Bird Hunter: Kill the big bird in the southwest corner of the map.

6-S: Through the Cave
Caretaker: After you get the rubber boots in the cave, talk to the old man, west side of the first island.
Gourmand: Eat both the Eel Stew and Loach Stew in the first town. Eel is available the first 10 seconds, Loach after the first 10 seconds.

7-S: Castle Over the Sea
Getbacker: Get knocked back by the receding tides multiple times (can't confirm number, but make sure you try and get all 3 paths, multiple times) This one is annoying, so be warned, it may take multiple tries to get this one.
Sea King: Kill every type of enemy. You will get this while getting leveled up for the boss, get to level 12 or so.

8-S: Good Ol' Days
Four Eyes:Get the mage glasses. Once the sepia has covered the cross of trees on the west side of the map, touch them in this order: Up, Down, Right, Left. Then, walk around the cross to the 2 trees east of the cross. Go Left, Right, then repeat until a cave open in the cross of trees. Go in, talk to the girl at the village. Each time you touch the tree, it should pause for a second so you know you did it right.
Sepia Master: Kill a set amount of sepia monsters. Not sure how much, but if you get to level 15 or so on just sepia monsters, that should be enough.

9-S: Change the Current
Sucker: Eat the three expensive meals in the south town before changing the current. They go 200g, 400g, then 800g. Grind money in the small forest next to the town, running up to reset in the north village. Make sure to fix the current in the north cave before beating the boss!
Gold Lover: Buy the golden shield. Same as sucker, grind money in the forest. After you fix the current, the shield can be bought in the south town for 2500g.

10: Beautiful Evil Lord
Max Power: Beat the Evil Lord before finding Millenia. You have to be above level 30 for this to work. Grind levels in the forest, using the full 30 seconds before you reset. Make sure to by the Wig too, it helps a little.
Metro: Buy the Charisma Wig. Simple enough. Found in the north town for 160g.

11: Bandit Valley
Bandit Buddy: Beat the boss with Donovan. Get him in the cave in the middle of the map. Go down the south path, Donovan will crush the rocks.
Going My Way: Beat the boss without Donovan. Buy the Silver Spear in the north for 500g, it instant kills the DANGER enemies along the north path.

12: Road to Land or Sea
Barely: Again, beat in 30 seconds. This is easy to get actually, since you get this with Bug's Horn. Start the stage with the Bug Swatter as your weapon. Buy an herb in the first town, then dash down to the DANGER enemy, using the herb when you get close to 0 HP. You will OHKO it with the bug swatter, then quickly jump to level 19! Dash to the next town, heal, dash to the castle, and beat the boss. I have done this in 13 seconds, so it isn't that tough.
Bug's Horn: If you follow the guide for Barely, you will get this. Use the Bug Swatter to kill the bug in the southwest corner of the map.

13-N: Hero in the Dusk
Sheriff: Clear out the Bandit Trio in the west village. Talk to both of them (yes, a trio only has 2 people there!), beat them in battle, then report back to the man in the east village. Go back to west village, the man has a gift for you!
Candid: Beat the boss before the 10 second mark. He wakes up otherwise, and you won't get this title.

14-N: Nun and the Devil
Wishy-Washy: Beat the boss without any help. Just grind levels until level 25, then beat the boss. Do not get either of the items for Collector.
Collector: Get the Dranium and Demon's Egg. The Dranium is in the cave to the north, and the cave is a maze. Go NO, YES, YES in the cave to get the Dranium. The Demon's Egg is to the south in the white tower. There will be a few battles, the top one is against a Golem. Win that, and you get the egg.

15-Devil: Lord's Counterattack
Forest Guard: Clear all four desert areas before you beat the boss. Keep going into whirlwinds until all the deserts become forest.
Unlucky: Choose the correct whirlwind last for each desert space. Just beat everyone but the correct one first, then the last whirldwind to fix the desert. South Desert: North most whirldwind is the right one. West Desert: North one again. East Desert: Middle one (or southwest one). North Desert: East whirldwind.

16-Devil: Twin Valley
West Hero: Complete all quests in the west village. This one requires knowledge of the time system in the game. Dusk is from 15-5 seconds, morning is first 10 seconds.
East Hero: Complete all quests in the east village. Simple enough.

17-Devil: Ancient Riches
Booty Getter: Get the treasures. They are located: Furthest north one (to the right of the most west one), furthest east hole. Once you get these two, go down to the southeast most giant crater. Walk into the center (yes, walk into the crater) from the right, the Time Goddess will "smell" money, and get you the third treasure.
Bomb Master: Use bombs on every rock. Use the first bomb you get on the rock to the west cave, stop the earthquakes. Now, go back to the first village, talk to the man, they all go back to the second village. You can get 2 bombs per 30 second span now. Get a bomb, use it on the rock (try and only let the bomb kill it, not you), get another, kill another rock. Do this to every rock.
Bomb Master:

15-Nun: Mummy Desert
Sword Guide: Get Dain as a companion. After you rise the castle out of the ground, return to the village, and talk to him to get him to join.
Frantic: Pray to the wrong stones. The right ones are the bottom left and the right ones. Pray to all the others, kill the mummies that awake.

16-Nun: Spinning Castle
Fort Stopper: Stop the castle from moving. In the center of the diamond of trees, just south of the ponds, hit A to battle with some enemies that tell you to get out. After you beat them, hit A again to see a house. Enter the house, and hit the button, this stops the castle.
Fort Chaser: Defeat the boss without stopping the castle from moving. Once if moves, dash to enter the castle, not really that hard.

17-Nun: Bust the Wall
Bomber: Use the bomb on the Stone Monster in one of the left caves
Exploder: Enter and defeat the monsters in each cave.

18-Nun: Grail and Evil Lord
Detective: Defeat the Bandit Trio each once, before you defeat them together at the boat. One is in each of the 3 swamp areas, they leave at 15 seconds to the boat though. Beat each of them, them beat them at the boat.
Trendy: Do the above for Detective. When you beat them at the boat, you get the bandana that is needed for Trendy.

13-S: Past the Ocean
Tragic: Tell the woman her lover is dead. There is a hole in the north of the map. Get above level 13, then enter. Kill the skeletons, and you will find and get a ship. Go to the north village, and talk to the old woman.
Full Outfit. Get the swimmer's ring, fins, and mask. The ring is in required to beat the quest. The fins and mask are on the south island.

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Reserved incase the list goes too long!

the action frampton
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I think your going to need more than one reserved post - despite the name of the game; it's actually quite a lengthy game!

Personally I couldn't get strayling to unlock in the first level but will try again later

Thanks for the other explanations though : good work so far

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yep you should make 4-6 reserve posts :) message me and i'll this post

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3: Lord Hadears
Red Diamond: Get the diamond for the boyfriend. The diamond is found in the cave in the southeast part of the map. Give the diamond to the knight in the town to the north.

I kept the diamond for myself, for no reason whatsoever :) , and still got this title. Just a little thing.

Also, great guide so far, thank you very much for this! I have a feeling that some of the later ones may take quite a bit of figuring out.

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Awesome guide so far. Please keep up the awesome work.

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My god I can't get that "Barely" title for the pants of me. Looks like I'm going to have to go through most of the game to get the hang of this speed run.

I keep encountering enemies and since Dash reduces my life, I eventuallly can't make it back to town from the cave (If I can even get there w/o dying) to then go through the bridge and get the items? Top speed run right there, will require a lot of skill and luck to pull it off.

Great guide man! :)

Edit: Omaigawd. I got it. I didn't know you could flee from an enemy so it helped me a lot. (Even though it says it clearly, I never knew it was actually both buttons lol.) I won with 0:00.12 to spare. So lucky because I don't know how I didn't die on that last hit. (: !!