View Full Version : Achievement tips (plus 20 easy user challenge maps)

07-01-2011, 10:34 AM
To access these challenges press Y>RB>Community challenges> then pick a challenge and press Y.

Here is a list of all the very easy and quick user challenge maps:

188 (autumn wind and rain)
neu (autumn wind and rain)
ummm (autumn wind and rain)
t (mobile fan)
easy test (mobile fan)
quick (mobile fan)
i did it (mobile fan)
easy achievement (mobile fan)
easy.... (contraption tank)
ez snow run (Dashing through the snow)
nnnnn (Dashing through the snow)
kk (Dashing through the snow)
08 (dashing through the snow)
7 (Dashing through the snow)
achievement (Dashing through the snow)
snowy mountin (Dashing through the snow, No change needed)
magnetic snow(Dashing through the snow)
ok (Thanks giving)
bike remix (Thanks giving)
@@ (Thanks giving)

Majority of these are the same two maps all you have to do is add a ramp at the end. Thank you to Altruism as it looks like he made most of these maps.

For Creation Craver and Radical Remix achievements you need to select a creation map, a creation map has a tree symbol at the top right not a red cog. Simply save it and then upload it mine unlocked without me making any changes but you could just paint the floor just in case.

Easy solutions to hard challenges:

Transportopia (world 2) Challenge 6 put two ramps in front of the moving car to stop it from moving and then just put a ramp at the end of the pathway to jump into it rofl.