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07-01-2011, 06:55 PM
... so I followed two separate guides (one video, one written) to defeat Sorin in the Desperate Measures challenge. I wasn't sure if I was making a mistake in the process.

I can get Sorin down to zero health, but the game doesn't seem to register I killed him. Instead, the game goes on as if he has remaining health and eventually says I was defeated.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a glitch?

Here are the guides I followed:
YouTube - ‪Magic 2012 : Desperate Measures Challenge‬‏

(#CC9) - Deperate Measures *1.STOP THE TIMER, and cast the Quicksilver Amulet's ability Use the ability on Duplicant onto Sundering Titan. 2. Choose any of the Plains to destroy. 3. Continue to next Phase (Your Turn) 4. Use Quicksilver Amulet's ability, and use it on Precursor Golem 5. Cast Fleeting Distraction on Precursor Golem 6. Play island mana and Mox Sapphire 7. Play Show and Tell, use it on Icy Manipulator 8. Use Icy Manipulator's Ability on Akroma, Angel of Wrath 9. Continue to next phase 10.Attack with Steel Hellkite and Duplicant 11. After Sorin discards land, use Steel Hellkite's 2nd ability and use 4 Lands.

07-01-2011, 07:00 PM
Desperate Measures-Medium
1. First off, immediately stop time.
2. It's the opponents turn, near the end, and you need to use Quicksilver Amulet to play the card Duplicant.
3. Duplicate the card Sundering Titan; it's enchanted and forces you to take 4 damage at the beginning of your turn.
4. Toss out random land and let the turn end.
5. Now that you can't instantly lose, use the Quicksilver Amulet again to play Precursor Golem.
6. Play Fleeting Distraction on a golem.
7. Play Show and Tell and put out Icy Manipulator with it.
8. Play Mox Sapphire and your Island.
9. Use Icy Manipulator to tap the opponents Akroma, Angel of Wrath.
10. Move to combat phase and attack with Steel Hellkite.
11. After combat, use Steel Hellkites ability to destroy each nonland permanent with converted mana cost X; X will be 4.
12. Use the rest of your mana for that ability (4) and you win!
Credit to locoloco for this one.

I used this and it worked perfectly fine.

07-01-2011, 07:22 PM
That is way more precise in battle sequence. Thank you.