View Full Version : Can only carry 27 beads

07-02-2011, 04:44 AM
Pretty much as the title says. I had 26 beads, and then I went to collect the Plate Bead. I got the Plate Bead, and then got the Bone Bead, after doing that, I noticed that I did not have the Plate Bead any longer. After getting it again, the Bone Bead is now missing.

I'm going to try to equip the last beads in my inventory and see if that makes any difference. I certainly hope so. Has anyone else had this issue?

edit: OK, I realised what happened. I suppose it seems obvious, but I wasn't finishing the level (and thus saving the game) after I collected a bead. So when I left the game, and then started a different level, I lost the bead I had just collected.

Feel free to delete this thread if you think it unnecessary. I don't believe I had the ability to do so.