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07-03-2011, 08:02 AM
I don't like the multiplayer that much, so I devised a method to make it go quicker:

Grab a friend, they really don't have to do anything but hit :xbut: when they need to ready up. You can two console it if you want.

Create a game. Pick public, max players 2, private players 1, etc. Invite your friend and start. Pick the map "Hero VS Hero 1", set the time to 15, and turn off all of the options. Set your money to 1000. You'll notice there's no time limit, and your friend can just sit there as you rush through the map.

After starting, head to town, buy an herb and the quick knife. Kill two enemies, and head to the southern cave. Kill him and open chest. Use herb as needed as you go to the next town. Now, if he dropped a spear, you can buy a helmet. Otherwise, heal up and continue to the hole to the north. You should be level 8-9.

Once in the hole, kill the worm, and take his loot. If he dropped a spear, you can buy the armor without feeling like you're wasting money. Otherwise, continue to the next town. Feel free to fight a guy on the way, but it's not needed. Heal up in the town if needed, and buy the shield. Buy the spear if you're so unlucky that one didn't drop that time. Head to the boss, and kill him. Shouldn't take longer than 25-40 seconds depending on your coordination/luck.

Rematch, and do it 29 more times. Shouldn't take too long, as you're not worrying about other players, time, or money.

NOTE: There's currently a bug I ran in to where every other rematch would be a bugged out tally up/results thing where the goddess would come down and tell everyone to hold up as she announces the true hero. It'd happen in the beginning of the game, and would force the host to wait until it announced a tie, and you were given the option to rematch again. This happened after every successful game.

07-03-2011, 09:59 AM
made a link to this thread in the guide. thanks auburok^^

07-03-2011, 07:23 PM
Not a problem!