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sm1 smackdown
07-06-2011, 06:27 PM
OK if you want smoke grenades in operation: Anchorage then keep reading,but first before you go into the simulation go unlock the door near the simulation room. It should be an easy door. Take Gary 23's body and put it in the pod so at the end of the simulation you rapidly click :xbut: and search Gary's body put all of your Operation Anchorage stuff in his body and your good to go. This is the only way to keep you armor, weapons, and your smoke grenades.

OK heres what you do to get smoke grenades. When you finish the first mission go outside of your tent then go outside the camp when your outside go left towards the pipe. It'll seem like there's a barrier but if you move around you should get through. OK once you got through left towards the pipe then jump on the rock and get as tight in as you can to the border then save the game and then reload it then voila your out of the map. Now finding it is hard so here's how you do it. You go forward then attempt to jump on the rocks and when you get up on them look left and jump on those rocks and then walk forward. When you get up go through the area where trees are then walk up a tiny hill. You should see something floating, go over to it and smoke grenades. Pick them up then find your way back into the map and complete Anchorage. Hopefully you did what i told you and put Gary 23's body in the pod.

OK if people are confused here's videos for Gary 23 pod and smoke grenades.

YouTube - ‪Fallout 3 Glitch: How to keep Operation Anchorage Equipment (Contains Spoilers)‬‏
Gary 23
YouTube - ‪Fallout 3 Get smoke grenades on xbox and ps3‬‏
Smoke grenades
So heres the guides and links. Have fun!

I again did not find this. This is just a guide.:)