View Full Version : connection issues

07-08-2011, 06:38 PM
Ive upgraded to a new slim console as i bought a netgear wireless router which pumps out an N connection. This has worked fine for a few months but recently I am having so many problems. It constantly freezes when im checking active downloads. When im downloading a demo it will constantly stop and pop up stating unable to download and will take forever. ive also just redemmed a code for a 12 month renewal but the code wouldnt take so i have had to do it on here. this hasnt sent a confirmation to my email or shown up on my xbox. Has anybody got any ideas why my connectivity is playing up? Also if im playing LA Noire for example it will always sign me out of live yet playing COD will keep me signed in and will give me a strong conenction. its totally wierd. ive got the 4 ports open on my router too

thanks for any help