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07-13-2011, 01:18 PM
Disclaimer: i have searched for this kind of thread, but to my surprise could not find it. also i think it does belong here. its most certainly not off topic, and i think its a little more far reaching than just 'games'. if you love kinect well then you can include that in your decision.:)

Which company has the best exclusives(mainly games, but as previously stated if you believe kinect is a unique experience you won't find elsewhere, or for whatever reason you love PlayStation move, then they too are 'exclusives' used to try and rake in more customers.)

I would go consoles(360, Wii, Ps3), but i think the DS/3ds, PSP/PSP Go and windows phone 7 should be considered. i'll start;)

My favorite in this department is definitely nintendo. Smash Bros, mario kart, mario galaxy and pokemon on the ds, just to name a few of what in my opinion are the best games ever. obviously that's just my opinion. i didn't buy the 360 for its exclusives, just to have access to the multi platform games not on wii(and a good fifa adaption). Games like tekken 6 and SCIV. To illustrate my point, i have five 360 exclusives: kameo, pgr3+4, viva pinata+forza 2(bundled). No halo or gears here. However when i had a wii most of my games were first party nintendo, because they are the best.

This is a 360 site, but i think the others will get a fair go. i've got nintendo rolling, and i know there are a few people here who accept ps3 has the best exclusives; so voice your opinion:)

Shit. Can a mod please delete this thread. i must've accidently made two threads. the other one has a poll and is the good one. Sorry bout that :p