View Full Version : Any normal person left on this game?

07-14-2011, 05:46 AM
I have the 250 kills achievements, but i need to do 250 more. I dont boost, i just wanna play legit to get it, but it seems i encounter only 2 type of people on this.

Lame boosters who just try to search for there buddies game so they enter countless time my room to leave it 2 secs after it, or i get some weird people that think its a good MP game and have all there achievements(and are unbeatable), i try playing against them only to loose 10-1 if im lucky its not 10-0...

I mean seriously this is an awesome solo game(i love duke) but the MP was not even good back in the days, imagine today. Characters are too fast, weapons too much debalanced. I like Duke Forever in MP for no brainer fun.... where i dont care about my stats, how the weapons are so UNBALANCED but i dont play for stats, i play for fun and usually i still manage to get a 1.0 or so KD... in other words i have fun. But Duke 3D either you rape, or you get raped.... sucks a bunch. I SOOO want to have 200 pts on this, but even if the game autorize suicide for the achievements i dont wanna do that, its so ugly.

So question is, is there any NORMAL PLAYERS i could play, i dont care winning the game or loosing 10-5 or so, as long as i progress and DO KILLS toward the achievement

Anyway i am in silver right now, will be back on gold soon, but well... i dont expect much answer for an old game like that...