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Capn Franky
07-14-2011, 02:11 PM
I traded in my 360 a while ago and recently bought the new slim in January, i created a new account because I fancied a name change as it's cheaper than paying 800msp to change my old one.

I did the licence transfer and some arcade games work fine but others such as splosion man, castle crashers and age of booty require my old profile to be logged onto the xbox as well, therefore rendering me unable to play the games online.

If I try play them online it signs both profiles in like I want to play local and multiplayer at the same time, but soon disconnects me with a "one or more profiles doesn't have xbox live privileges" message, due to my old account being silver.

Anyone had a similar problem and / or knows how to fix it?


Cap'n Franky

07-14-2011, 05:27 PM
Since you started a new account, you had no basis to do a license transfer.

You need to keep your original profile on the new Xbox and then go to re-download your previous purchases (won't cost you anything).

You do this even after you complete the online license transfer.

The XBLA and DLC purchases are tied to the original account that purchased them and NOT any new account that you may create.