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Resident Evil 4 HD is the official fourth numbered installment in the Resident Evil Franchise, though chronologically it is the 7th Installment in the series (this excludes Outbreak, but includes Survivor, considering Resident Evil 0 confirms that the Sheena Island incident did occur). It is the first game in the series to step out of the "pre-rendered" environments and take it to a over-the-shoulder, third person approach. Considering it's place in history, RE4's over-the-shoulder style has been implemented and revised in games such as Gears of War and Dead Space, often mentioned by gamers when playing these types of titles as "RE4-style gameplay".


Table of Contents

1.)History of Resident Evil
2.)History of Resident Evil 4 releases
3.)Tips and Tricks
5.)Other Info

History of the Resident Evil series

Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan and other regions outside of the USA and UK) was first introduced in 1996 by CAPCOM with the involvement of Shinji Mikami, often referred to as the "Shigeru Miyamoto" of the Resident Evil/Biohazard franchise.

The game is set in the United States, in an undisclosed state in "Mid-Western America" on the outskirts of the fictional Raccoon City. S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics and Rescue Service, also referred to as Spectial Tactics and Rescue Squad) Alpha Team is sent in to investigate the dissapearance of their Bravo Team, which vanished the night before on July 23rd, 1998 somewhere within the Arklay Mountains. They manage to find their helicopter, however it is a derilict and the pilot Edward Dewey (later changed to RPD Pilot Kevin Dooley for REmake, see title for more info) has been mutilatd outside by Cerberus, which are zombified dobermans. The team quickly retreats to a secluded mansion, where their true fight for survival begins...

STARS Operatives Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are the playable characters in this title. In a dynamic feature fresh to the gaming world, the player could choose to be either Chris or Jill and experience a vastly different story with different puzzles, characters and story elements. The game focused on survival horror, giving the player limmited ammo found throughout the mansion and it's surrounding facilities along with health items, key items used for puzzles and weapons. In order to insure that the player had to make choices of what to carry and what not to take along, both Chris and Jill were given "Inventory Slots" (6 for Chris and 8 for Jill), to drastically limit what they could take along on their journey. However, a "magical" Item Box is available to hold as many items as the game has available...these are located typically across Save Rooms within the Mansion and other areas. Of course Survival horror isn't Horror without the monsters, referred to ingame as BOWs (Bio-Organic Weaponry)...the player would face Zombies, Zombified Dogs (Cerberus), Hunters (reptilian humanoids semilar to the "Creature of the Black Lagoon", though unintended to reference it), Snakes (Adders), Spiders (Web-Spinners), Sharks (Mini-Neptunes) and a variety of other beasts. Those were of course just the common enemies, the game also sports Bosses which are larger, more dangerous BOWs than the standard creature...these include Yawn (giant snake), Black Tiger (giant spider), Plant 42 (mutated plant) and the Ultimate Bio-Organic Weapon...The Tyrant (T-002, the second model of a Tyrant after T-001, the Proto-Tyrant).

Another factor that made Resident Evil so popular were it's challenging puzzles. Testing not only mind but also survivalist skills, the player had to figure which items to keep in their inventory while exploring the mansion to determine whether or not they could use it on an available puzzle. Often this would require backtracking to either an Item Box or where a key item is resting (such as the Wind Crests), then using these items accordingly. This would often test the player's common sense..."should I pick this up now or leave it for later?"...a great feature to this title is that if you chose not to pick up ammo or a healing item, it would still be there when you came back. So in a way, where items were when you come across them is almost sort of a Item Box feature of it's own (as they always stay in that spot, no matter how far you go). A few instances however may leave an item for a one time grab (or limited time), possibly having an itemd dissapear after half the game has been completed.

And then there's the story, as well as the reason this game is infamous among the gaming community...the voice acting. First and foremost, you as either Chris or Jill must figure out how to survive in the mansion...depending on your character, you will either be aided by Rebecca Chambers (Bravo Team rookie who survived the events of Resident Evil 0) as Chris or Barry Burton (Alpha Team veteran with a really powerful weapon) as Jill. These characters will go through their own development alongside Chris and Jill, either through an emotional sense with Rebecca...or loyalties with Barry. A third character ties everyone in together, the Captain of STARS Albert Wesker...who mysteriously dissapears and reappears throughout the course of the game. Hints located within Files (special documents that the player can pick up that reveal backstory as well as solution to puzzles and even how to kill tough enemies) reveal Wesker to be a traitor to STARS, manipulating Barry into betraying Jill for fear of his own family's massacre to the murder of Bravo Team captain Enrico Marini. Everything comes together at the end of the game, as Wesker reveals himself to be working for the international corporation Umbrella and that he lured STARS in for "combat data" on BOWS, specifically The Tyrant. What seems to be unexpected however is when the Tyrant turns on it's "master", impaling Wesker and throwing him to the side as a dead corpse. The player however is eventually able to kill the Tyrant (after two confrontations, with the second resulting in it being destroyed by the Resident Evil Franchise's iconic weapon the Rocket Launcher) and escape the mansion before it explodes, destroying all evidence of the outbreak that had occurred there. Strangely, all 4 STARS members present in the mansion (minus Wesker of course) survive even though it's only possible to get three in the helicopter (as Barry is not present in Chris's storyline and Rebecca doesn't exist in Jill's storyline)...seemingly the true story behind it all is that pilot Brad Vickers rescues all four of them from the Mansion, however Barry is not present in the "revision" of RE's storyline The Umbrella Chronicles, likely suggesting he may have made it back to Raccoon City on his own or was picked up by Brad sometime outside of the mansion.

The final bit is the voice acting...infamous because of how terribly recited the lines were, a cult following emerged for this game...specifically for character Barry Burton. Japan considers Barry a very serious character, even to this day...but everyone else thinks he's a goofy, lovable lumberjack with a very big gun with corny one-liners. With lines such as "HO MAH COD!!" and "It's a WEAPON, it's REALLY POWERFUL, especially against LIVING THINGS!"..it's no surprise that Barry is a household name amongst Resident Evil fans as a character this is often subject to fanfics, jokes and even an awesome music video on youtube (see below).

‪Barry Burton - United States of What Is This (Full Version)‬‏ - YouTube

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Resident Evil 2 (Biohazard 2) expanded everything the first title had to offer by delving deeper into the story of the first game, which near the end revealed a shadowy corporation known as Umbrella having been behind the experiments and outbreak that occurred in the mansion. Following a similar format to the first game, the player takes control of either Leon Scott Kennedy (who happens to be the protagonist for RE4) or Claire Redfield (sister to Chris Redfield, protagonist of the first game) as they both have drastically different storylines that ultimately reach the same, linked conclusion. However, unlike the first title...RE2 introduced "Scenario A and B" for each character. Basically, if the player started as Leon and finished the game, they could then load up Claire "B" to start Claire in a different location, solve different puzzles and even reach a fairly different ending with different bosses included. The same could be done in reverse, Claire A to Leon B...and unlike Resident Evil, it is often thought that the true ending to RE2 is Leon A-Claire B (based on the opening to RE4). Though some argue that it's in fact Claire A to Leon B, based on Ada Wong's injuries in her Umbrella Chronicles scenario.

Gameplay wise, Resident Evil 2 held onto many of the same elements of the first game...though it is possible to upgrade the inventory slots though with a sidepack (similar to the Attache Case in RE4) and added new weapons such as the Sub-Machine Gun and customizable weapons (handgun, magnum, etc.). The main feature that sets them apart is the interlocking storylines, along with Scenario B holding a special enemy known as Mr. X. Mr. X actually pursues the player throughout the Raccoon City Police Department and some of the other areas thereafter, an element that is later placed in the far more dangerous Nemesis in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Also, considering this game takes place within Raccoon City there are a lot more varied zombies, ontop of more characters to meet than before. It should also be noted that the graphics for Resident Evil 2 far exceed it's predecessor, having smoother textures as well as more detail on faces and clothing (in addition to the prerendered environments themselves, which look much nicer compared to Resident Evil).

The story behind Resident Evil 2 follows rookie cop Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield as they enter Raccoon City for their own reasons. They both discover however, that the town is practically "dead" with no one in sight and trash all over the place. It's not long before both encounter the undead, fighting off Zombies as they finally encounter one another and join forces, racing in a police car from the carnage they've witnessed. Though their introductions are cut short when a zombie attacks from the backseat (unsuccessfully) and their car is forced to crash, leaving them uninjured. Everything seems alright until a semi armed with a gas tank plows towards them, leaving them merely seconds to jump out and escape the firey explosion that follows. This creates a diverging path for both characters, depending on the scenario Leon or Claire will enter a local gun store in Scenario A but in Scenario B, they will head around the back way to the RPD. Regardless, in Scenario A they meet up with Robert Kendo ...briefly before he is eaten by zombies. Either way, both characters make it inside what they believe to be refuge...the Raccoon City Police Department. Here is where a majority of the game takes place, much like the Spencer Mansion in the first game...the department is littered with enemies, bosses, puzzles and even dangerous characters as well (such as the murderous Police Chief Brian Irons, reporter Ben Bertolucci, mysterious spy Ada Wong, and Sherry Birkin, daughter to the scientists William and Annette Birkin). Yes, I listed Sherry as dangerous...lol.

For Resident Evil 4, it's essential to know Leon's side of the story...he came to town as a rookie cop through transfer to be apart of the RPD (thus the uniform he wears in this game, which can be unlocked in RE4 upon completion). He meets up with Claire and has limmited interaction with her though they meet up with time to time (in both scenarios for both characters)...his main focus is the mysterious spy Ada Wong, a woman he ends up working with that constantly betrays him...then helps him out in a rather strange relationship. Eventually they start to develop feelings for one another, but her mission reeks its ugly head through and puts them at odd ends with one another. In the end, Leon still puts himself in harms way to insure her safety...which sparks something in Ada, making her realize the type of man he is...though in both scenarios, she loses her life either to falling...or to a wound from Mr. X. At least, that's what we believe at this point...

The overall plot to the game revolves around the G-Virus, created by William Birkin whom injected himself after nearly losing his life to the efforts of HUNK and other Umbrella Special Forces. Because of this, he kills most of the special forces except for HUNK and one other (who ends up dying just before HUNK escapes the RPD via radio) and releases the T-virus to rats, that spread it throughout the entire city. Within a month or so, all of Raccoon City has become infected with zombies and other mutations and this is where the main characters come in. Leon and Claire meet up with characters such as Ada and Sherry, while Claire meets up with the corrupt police chief Brian Irons who meets a grisly death no matter which scenario you're in. They ultimately meet up with Annette Birkin, William's wife and she loses her life to Birkin's transformation...though not before shooting Ada in one scenario. In the end game moments, Mr. X is destroyed and they escape on a train...which has an unexpected passenger in the final mutation of William Birkin. In order to kill Birkin, they set the self destruct on the train and book it outside of the tunnel...Leon, Claire and Sherry escaping just in time.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Biohazard: Last Escape) is the third installment in the series and the only numbered title with an additional subtitle thrown into it. Strangely, this game takes place before AND after Resident Evil 2 in the timeline. All the events leading up to the end of the Clocktower sequence happen before Resident Evil 2, and after the Carlos scenario, these events take place AFTER RE2. Just to clear that up...

The title stars Jill Valentine, protagonist from the first Resident Evil now on her "final escape" from the city she called home. It's here where she meets up with the UBCS (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) member Carlos Oliveira and forms an unlikely alliance with him him (though ends up slapping him for being a pervert). Unlike the previous two titles, you can only start with Jill however over midway through the game you can play as Carlos for a longer time period than any other side-character to date (aside from Chris Redfield in CVX, Billy Coen from Resident Evil 0 and Sheva Alamor via Co-Op in Resident Evil 5), as you could control Rebecca in Resident Evil to find medicine and/or create a toxin to kill Plant 42 then you could control Ada/Sherry for practically the same reason for less than 5 minutes. For most of the game, you will be Jill and thus there are no overlapping stories...however various scenarios can play out differently due to the game's unique "Path" system. Later revised and adapted into RE4 as the Action Sequences, RE3 has a very unique system that lets you take different paths based on split section decisions. Time will slow and the screen will become a inverted hue, letting you choose one of two options that may drastically effect the remainder of the game or just a small section or two. The major choice comes just before the "Dead Factory" on the bridge, where Jill can either jump off or push Nemesis off the bridge. Choosing one path will lead to a helicopter battle later on as well as determine which ending you get (Ending A, where Barry Burton returns...or Ending B, where it's just you and Carlos) while the other path leads to a fairly different confrontation with the game's antagonist that results in his absolute demise (often considered the non-canon version).

This game introduces a variety of new weapons and specifically, ammo types. With the unique Ammo Making Tool, the player can combine different gunpowders to make all sorts of ammo for different weapons. This is often considered one of the best features for the game, as it virtually can create as much ammo as you need for whatever weapon the player will specifically use. In addition, there is Nemesis...like Mr. X you will encounter this titan of a monster as he continues his endless pursuit on you over 8 times. Some of these conflicts are optional...some are not, but defeating him every battle on Hard Mode guarantees very special bonuses (including Infinite Ammo for your next run). One final thing of note is the size of Resident Evil 3...it is the largest of all the Resident Evil games (before RE4 and RE5), next to Code Veronica X. The player crosses a large amount of Raccoon City, the RPD, the Clocktower, the Hospital, the Park and then the Dead Factory. Code Veronica has the player on Rockfort Island, which is massive in it's own right...and then the base in in Anarctica. If that's not bad enough, you have to go through TWICE (first as Claire, then as Chris).

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The story of RE3 follows Jill as she encounters citizens and the UBCS (specifically Nicholai Ginovaef)...this includes previous STARS survivor Brad Vickers, who unfortunately meets his demise by the ultimate pursuer...Nemesis. Throughout Jill's survival, you will have to survive this monstrosity by either running or fighting...and solve a large variety of puzzles, fight many enemies and other perils. Ultimately, Jill becomes infected with the T-Virus by Nemesis and Carlos finds a vaccine...but the Virus isn't completely wiped out. In fact, it becomes a focus later in RE5...but regardless, Jill muscles through...butting heads with Nicholai (which either leads to his demise or escape, based on paths and choices) and the final showdown with Nemesis...before escaping Raccoon City with Nicholai while the government nukes it just as they escape. With Raccoon City gone, all that's left is Umbrella...

Resident Evil Survivor (Biohazard Gun Survivor) is the next canonical game, however it was for the longest time considered a sidestory. Due to Resident Evil 0 detailing it as having occurred, this makes the events on Sheena Island canon...though it is to say that this game can be skipped as a playthrough. To detail why...the Survivor series takes Resident Evil into a First Person light, though it doesn't translate well with the first title. In fact, the controls are so clunky and almost pointless (headshots seem to mean practically nothing)...that many RE fans hate the game, but not as much as Resident Evil Gaiden.

Shortening this section...you play as Ark Thompson, who arrives on Sheena Island at the request of Leon Kennedy to investigate Umbrella's research there. He encounters Vincent Goldman, head CEO of the Island and one of the most dangerous Umbrella operatives to ever exist. After a conflict that leaves Vincent injured and Ark with amnesia, he becomes confused of who he really is and believes himself to be Vincent...learning that Vincent is a ruthless killer that would murder children, Ark begins to despise himself. The thing that makes this game unique is the varying paths the player can take, virtually every major area you visit can have multiple paths leading to different areas...and thus, the game has three endings with three different characters based soley on your main choice at the beginning of the game. The choice could lead to the player encountering Vincent, Andy the Janitor or the Umbrella Cleaner Unit Captain. Regardless, along the way Ark will meet up with two rather annoying children...and ends up saving their lives, destroying possibly the most dangerous Tyrant ever (rendered crap due to the game itself) and he escapes the Island, never to be heard of again.

Told you I'd make it short...the only thing any newcomer to RE needs to know about survivor is that the Island hosted a mass-production facility for Mr. X Tyrants based on removing a ample piece of brain material from young men's heads. The facility is destroyed and the incident is referenced in RE0, but that's about it really. Everything else, even Leon's involvement in it...can be skipped. Oh and apparently it hints that Nicholai's "escape" in RE3 is canon. He made a report or something following the nuking of Raccoon City and it can be found in this game. But Nicholai has yet to return in any way, even in the Mercenaries for recent games he hasn't returned (strangely).

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (Biohazard Code: Veronica)..it should be noted that another Survivor game, Gun Survivor 2: Code Veronica was indeed made for Arcade and it pretty much followed the story of Code Veronica however Nemesis makes an appearance at the end. I don't know that much about it myself...

CVX is the technical sixth installment in the series and the only purely-considered-canon by fans game to not have a number in it. If you were to remove Survivor, it would be the technical "RE5"...and that would make RE4 into "RE6" and RE5 into "RE7". But since Survivor is canon...it puts everything up a notch. Anyways, CVX stars Claire Redfield as she travels to a Paris Umbrella Facility in search of answers and Chris (?)...only to be captured by Rodrigo. She awakens in a darkened prison cell, later to be let out by the same man who caught her...as he sits there wounded, the player can make a choice later to bring him medicine found in one of the facilities on the Island (though ultimately it doesn't matter ;>_> Gulp Worm, will matter for an Achievement though!). As she makes her way into the Island, to find out it's a mixture of a Prison and Military Base she comes across Leonardo DiCaprio wannabe Steve Burnside, revealed to be another prisoner on the island. The two of them start off at odds but join forces, with the latter falling for the busty redhead. With the story progressing, Claire gets in contact with Leon (again, Leon lmao...first Survivor, now this) to try and get ahold of her brother...while Steve checks out her ass.

Taking a break from a story for the moment, CVX is revolutionary for the series as it is the first official title (not counting Survivor series) to abandon pre-rendered environments and allows a camera that moves (though it's still kind of stationed in a Metal Gear Solid 2 way) with the character. Much of what made the other games great is kept the same and polished off nicely in this title, all elements remain (puzzles, enemies, gameplay mechanics) though some things have been offed (RE3's choice system, no overlapping story that can be chosen from the beginning..)...though probably the greatest thing about this game is the storyline, introducing the Ashfords and the unexpected return of an old friend...

As Claire comes across the insane Alfred Ashford, she eventually meets another dangerous foe on the island...ex-Captain of STARS Albert Wesker, mysteriously alive and well. Not knowing exactly who he is...she's met by his surprising power almost instantly when tossed aside like she's nothing. It's revealed that the outbreak on the island was caused by his group, HCF (Hive/Host Capture Force) and he was after the T-Veronica virus for a mysterious Organization (which he eventually left). Wesker leaves and Claire continues her investigation of the Island, encountering a mysterious woman named Alexia...who actually turns out being Alfred in disguise. In order to escape the island, she and Steve fly a plane out (to be boarded by a very dangerous Tyrant model, whom she destroys) but are pursued by Alfred Ashford in a jet plane. They end up crashing into the Antarctic base, defeating a creature known as Nosferatu and confronting Ashford with Steve ending up shooting him (though he survives, barely...long enough to revive his sister Alexia Ashford). As they attempt an escape in another vehicle, they are assaulted by Alexia's tentacles and are seperated...Steve infected with T-Veronica and left within the facility while Claire is trapped within a strange caccoon.

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Meanwhile, Chris Redfield (having received Leon's message) is seen boating his way to the Island...rockclimbing his way to the surface in search of his beloved sister. It's here where he encounters Rodrigo, who loses his life shortly thereafter when a Gulp Worm attacks. Chris learns his sister may still be alive, continuing his search he meets up with his old comrade and nemesis Wesker. The two duke it out with Wesker leaving only due to his focus on Alexia and Chris eventually discovers his sisters whereabouts from him, heading to Antarctica in search of her. Eventually he discovers Claire, freeing her and encounters Alexia alongside Wesker. Finally he is able to kill Alexia with the Linear Launcher, while Steve unfortunately loses his life protecting Claire after his mutation. One final conflict between Chris and Wesker leads to them going seperate ways, Chris taking Claire with him to escape the Island while Wesker takes Steve's T-Veronica infused body with him on a submarine.

Phew, what a mouthful...definitely a lot of story in Code Veronica.

Resident Evil (REmake)...is the fully upgraded remake to the original game. Having completly revisioned the Arklay Mansion and the graphics having been updated to RE4's standards (aside from the prerendered environments, which are still quite amazing in their own right)...it practically feels like a brand new game. Overall the plot remains the same, except for some small twists...Lisa Trevor is a new boss enemy that is practically invincible and is encountered a few times throughout the course of the game, as well as additional areas to the mansion and a whole new area for Lisa's storyline. Other than the graphical updates, weapon updates, puzzle changes, room changes, new modes, different costumes, better voice acting and realistic appearances...there are no extreme overall changes to the gameplay as a whole. In fact, REmake and RE0 perfect the gameplay that was cemented in the franchise's history...and are the final two official games to hold them.

There is one change I mentioned earlier, Edward Dewey is replaced by Kevin Dooley (an RPD pilot) so that Dewey could be used for a bit part in RE0, as well as explain some of the reasoning behind why they crashed (Edward Dewey is an expert pilot and would have seen the damage caused to the helicopter, sabotaged by Wesker).

Resident Evil 0 (Biohazard 0) is originally a title produced for the Nintendo 64, that later made it to the Gamecube as the official prequel to the Resident Evil storyline. The story follows Rebecca Chambers from Bravo Team as she battles for survival, meeting up with convict Billy Coen along the way. The two work together, practically the entire game, solving puzzles through a unique "player switch" system introduced in this title. Only available for RE0, at any given time the player can switch between controlling Rebecca or controlling Billy, with each character having their own Inventory slots to trade between one another. Essentially, Billy is the stronger character and most of the ammo and weapons could be placed on him...while Rebecca holds much of the healing items, as well as half the key items. An interesting feature is that the characters can seperate and choose to leave the other in one spot so that Billy or Rebecca can run into any room they choose then come back when ready. It is possible to leave a character in one room, switch back to the other, control them for a bit, then switch back again...all plays into the Swap system they've got going on.

Other than sharing in the graphics and gameplay mechanics set by REmake, the story details the founders of Umbrella...specifically James Marcus, the original creator of the T-Virus. A lot of backstory is learned for Umbrella and even Wesker and Birkin's relationship. Rebecca and Billy see a mysterious man with long brown hair, whom they learn is the youthful appearance of Marcus after being reborn through the Leeches he holds dear. By the end of the game, they face him as the Queen Leech and fight a difficult battle that results in Billy blasting a rather large hole through the beast's chest, killing it while the two of them escape. Both of them part ways, with Billy dissapearing and Rebecca heading into the mansion...virtually losing all of her self-confidence and strength from RE0 when she arrives (I'm serious about that...she's a drastically different character in REmake to RE0).

(I could go on to list all the side titles, like the Outbreak series and Gaiden but...they don't really factor that much into the main storyline aside from some elements from Outbreak. Gaiden is completely pointless. I won't cover RE5 since that's after RE4 and you can easily pick that up for the 360 =D).

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History of Resident Evil 4 Releases

Resident Evil 4 was for the longest time...in development hell. Nothing close to Duke Nukem Forever, but it went through over three revisions starting from 1998 until the final decided version released in 2005. That said, there are three versions before the final release: the Fog Version, the Hooked Man version and the unnamed version (that featured zombies again).

The Fog Version is what everyone saw in the early screenshots, in fact the Fog Version was dumped and remodeled into the very first Devil May Cry. The basic story behind the Fog Version is that Leon would storm Umbrella's Europe HQ, become infected with Progenitor and have to fight off various enemies. It was often shown with him aiming one handed and to the side but was eventually dumped. The Castle area of this version however was later reused to cover Chapters 3 and 4 for the final version, remodeled in its own format.

The Hooked Man Version is probably the most infamous, considering its paranormal elements such as living dolls, ghosts and a creepy hooked figure that would taunt you along the way...and it even had a "Normal/Alternate" world theme just like the Silent Hill franchise. Many of the game's elements passed onto the final version, such as aiming over the shoulder...action events, suits of armor that attack...but because it was considered far too paranormal for Resident Evil, it was scrapped.

The unnamed version featured zombies but...little is known about it aside from the fact that Leon would be infected again and at the end of the game, he would die. The people behind it didn't like that so much so...they dumped the idea before the final release.

The game finally made it to store shelves in 2005 on the Gamecube, having been hyped for the longest time...it quickly became one of the (if not the most) successful games on the Gamecube because of it being exclusive. People would actually go out and buy a gamecube because of how good the game was said to be, everything from the style to the gameplay to the graphics was praised. Leon was likable, the story was good and there was so much action it was a true step forward for the Resident Evil series. Yes, originally...this game was exclusive to the Gamecube. Shinji Mikami, one of the figureheads behind the franchise, insisted that if it was ever ported...he would actually "cut off his own head". That's how serious he was about this being exclusive...but...Capcom is greedy as we all know and well...Mikami did kind of "cut his head off" as in...he cut away from Capcom to start his own game studio.

Eventually, the game saw release on the Playstation 2 with an added scenario "Seperate Ways", two new costumes (Gangster and Suit of Armor) and a new weapon...the P.R.L. 412 (Plagas Removal Laser)...a virtually lethal weapon to that kills enemies instantly. However, because the Playstation 2 had lesser graphic capabilities than the Gamecube...cutscenes were of inferior quality and as such, when the game was ported again, costumes were not featured during cutscenes (at least the two new ones).

It wasn't too much longer before the PC obtained a version of it's very own, which is infamous for having even worse graphics than the PS2 (that was fixed in a patch however) and common bugs. HOWEVER, this version is famous for modding...search any Youtube video and you'll see "The Legend of Zelda", "Sonic", and various other characters can be seen in the game. Here for example is several mods, even including Jill Valentine in the game.


Then, what was thought to be the final released CONSOLE version of Resident Evil 4, came the next installment: Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. Considered the best of all the ports, this version has it all: the Gamecube graphics, the Seperate Ways storyline, all the costumes and weapons...and the best feature of all being their motion control aiming as well as the updated "Action" controls for scenes. Instead of having to fiddle with button combinations, the player would just have to shake the Wiimote or do other options to survive any events.

A mobile version was also produced, however there are a large number of differences that make it the equivalent of "Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop" of the RE4 ports. These of which I'm going to borrow from the RE4 Wiki, so you can get an idea of why this version is only for "diehard fans":

The graphics are slightly less smooth.
The Mobile Edition of the game is much shorter.
The game has five difficulties: Beginner, Normal, Professional, Hell, and Extreme.
Aside from the greenish-yellow liquid that bursts out of an enemy after dying, there is no bleeding in the Mobile Edition of the game.
All breakable objects that can contain items are all wooden crates.
No money can be found in wooden crates.
All in-game scenes are replaced with slideshow pictures with text (with the exception of the ending scene).
The player cannot barracade doors and windows.
The Merchant only appears before you start a mission.
New weapons can only be unlocked in the main game. They cannot be unlocked by completing minigames.
The only weapons that are available to purchase are the Handgun (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Handgun), Shotgun (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Shotgun), Semi-Automatic Rifle, Rocket Launcher (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Rocket_Launcher) (both normal and infinite (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Infinite_Rocket_Launcher)), Chicago Typewriter (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Chicago_Typewriter), Hand Grenade (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Hand_Grenade), Flash Grenade (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Flash_Grenade), Magnum (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Magnum), Mine Thrower (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Mine_Thrower), and the TMP (http://residentevil.wikia.com/TMP).
Ammuntion is available to purchase from the Merchant.
Green Herbs (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Green_Herb) can be purchased from the Merchant.
The price of all weapons are lower.
Incendiary Grenades (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Incendiary_Grenade) and the P.R.L. 412 (http://residentevil.wikia.com/P.R.L._412) are excluded.
A rifle called the "P.M. Rifle" can be found in a wooden crate, and it is equiped with the Infrared Scope (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Infrared_Scope).
All Iron Maidens (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Iron_Maiden) were replaced with regular Regenerators (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Regenerator).
The enemies that were excluded from the Mobile Edition were Iron Maidens, Novistador (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Novistador), Colmillos (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Colmillos), Armored Garrador (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Garrador), and Super-Salvador (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Super-Salvador).
The bosses that were excluded from the Mobile Edition were Del Lago (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Del_Lago), and Bitores Mendez (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Bitores_Mendez).
All death scenes were excluded (such as decapitation scenes).
Luis Sera (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Luis_Sera) does not fight with Leon on the Cabin scenario.
Krauser (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Krauser) can only be fought in his parasetic form.
The player cannot play as Ashley.
All enemies and bosses do not have special looks on them; they all look like standard enemies.
Ganados (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Ganados) only attack by strangling or by using hatchets and pitchforks.
Zealots (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Zealots) only attack by strangling are using scythes and crossbows.
When a Ganado throws an axe, he cannot take out another one.
Treasure, Keys, and other items can be easier to find.
Minigames are excluded (with the exceptions of the "Coin-Shot" and "Mercenary Mode").
Blue Medallions cannot be found in the main game.
The player cannot change into different costumes.
http://residentevil.wikia.com/Resident_Evil_4 (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Resident_Evil_4)

Yeah...and now we have this version! Resident Evil 4 HD is shown to be an upgraded HD port of essentially the Wii version, without the aiming features or motion control. With what are going to be the best, cleanest graphics in the series...it also features 12 Achievements which can be earned throughout the course of the story. Refer to the following thread for more info:

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=320034 (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=320034)

I'm unsure if leaderboards will be available, but if so...then look forward to racing through the game to compete for that top spot fellas!

07-18-2011, 10:05 PM
Tips and Tricks

Ah the section that strictly has to do with this title in general. In this spot I'll list available Tips, Tricks and any helpful hints to make your time in the game easier! I'll update this based on anything anyone else wishes to add. I think this should be seperated into two sections, General and Chapter. For example if there's a specific thing in a chapter that can help out, we can place it as such (ex: Chapter 1-1 "If you run passed the first few Ganados outside of the Cabin and down the path, they will eventually stop following you. You can gun them down from here or go on your way")

These are some basics, I'll add more along the way.

General Tips and Tricks

- Learn how to Manipulate Ladders (wait for a Ganado to be on it, then push it down or knife when they reach the top), Windows (knife/shoot as they climb through), Fences (same), Doors (as the Ganados are on the otherside, kick it open to damage), Doorways (narrows a group down to one or two at a time, making them easy targets) and Knifing/Shooting Ganados in the eyes (to then kick them, specifically when near groups to get all at once and then knife while on ground).

- Buy-buy-buy Attache Cases! What good is all the neat stuff you'll pick up if you can't put it somewhere! If you see an upgrade available at a merchant, fork up the money! I don't care if there's a shiney new upgrade for the Butterfly Magnum or Riot Gun...YOU NEED THAT UPGRADE!

-On a second note, pick up Armor too. Trust me it helps.

- Use the knife on crates, barrels and other breakable objects. This saves you ammo, unless you have so much you don't know what to do with it...then I'd recommend just selling the stuff.

- Eat White and Brown Eggs, SELL Golden Eggs. Sure they're pretty much First Aid Sprays but you can make some money off of em!

- Stock up on Flash Grenades! Those nighttime levels can be made a lot easier if you have some on you, especially when the Plagas upgrade to where they can decapitate Leon or release themselves entirely to crawl around on their own. One flash will kill any Plagas instantly, HOWEVER the final stage of Plagas (the ones that can break off and crawl) might survive a flash grenade if you throw it while they're still attached. Weaken it by other means in order to have it release, then throw the flash.

- To conserve Flash Grenades, wait until you're dealing with 3-4 Plagas revealed at once. Then throw, you don't want to waste a grenade on just one.

- Focus your health upgrading on Leon foremost, only every so often giving her an upgrade. The goal here is to rescue the President's daughter, not leave her out to get attacked every few seconds!

- If you can hide Ashley, HIDE HER! I don't care if there's only 5 Ganados to worry about, if she's out of the way that means you don't have to worry about her getting carried off and/or damaged by attacks! Means more herbs for you too!

- Stay on the move, while it may seem beneficial at times to stay in a corner firing off with a shotgun..you're wasting potential efforts to pick up ammo and health items elsewhere in the area.

- Just a word about the TMP...forgetaboutit! It's really a preference gun, but for newcomers in general it is only good for a short while and afterwards, selling it and making room for the better guns is what you need to do. Effectively, a seasoned player can make use of it...but to everyone else, it's not worth the trouble. So my advice is...DON'T WASTE MONEY UPGRADING IT IF YOU DON'T PLAN TO USE IT! =D

- Do not upgrade beginning weapons passed the first or second notch. While you have them, you MAY upgrade their power or capacity but you don't want to waste all your money upgrading the first Shotgun when the Riot one you receive in 3-1 is so much better. Same deal with the handgun, HOWEVER the gun you can get from the Merchant for shooting all Blue Medallions is worth some upgrading if you enjoy using the handgun a lot. The fact that it can shoot through multiple targets makes it a good crowd control weapon.

- If it glimmers, pick it up! Chances are it's treasure, but if it's something you really couldn't use...you always have the option to say "No". Remember, if you sold that TMP the only good you'll get out of TMP ammo is to make some extra Pesetas!

- The Rocket Launcher...you see it at a Merchant stand for 30,000 Pesetas. You think to yourself.."I really want that!"..but now you gotta wonder..."is it just a single shot?". Yes, yes it is. That thing can kill practically any monster you see...BUT wasting it as a crowd control device or on a Dr. Salvador (chainsaw guy) isn't going to help you any. If you're going to fork over the money to buy one, save it for Verdugo. The El Gigante on the Right Path in Chapter 2-3 can easily be defeated by manipulating the boulders and using flash-bangs. This is, however, an optional fight. You can simply hold Verdugo off long enough in order to escape through the elevator...the creature will remain down there and never come after you (strangely) but by choosing to run you lose a chance at the treasure he carries. I'd suggest killing him with conventional means, if you do not have the rocket launcher on you (or you wish to save it for a later boss fight, such as against Salazar), freezing him enough times will let you deal more than enough damage.

Chapter Tips and Tricks

Chapter 1-1


-From the very beginning, take the path to your left, running along the backside of the twostory house where a female ganado is working in some hay.

You can shoot and kill her now, Next jump through the window nearby. Break every box and barrel open to get the items here...chances are the Ganados will be after you, so be ready to bust open the door. You're going to want to do something risky...but beneficial now, run all the way to the left to get the attention of the chainsaw wielding maniac Dr. Salvador. Lure him all the way to the two-story house.

Entering the house will initiate a cutscene where a SECOND chainsaw psycho will show up...I'm not luring you into a death trap, trust me. Run immediately up the stairs and get the shotgun, plus the grenades available in this room. Wait by the window for ganados to climb the ladder and repeatidly push it down. Eventually the chainsaw dudes will start climbing, keep pushing or shooting them off the ladder (your choice in weapon) to give them extra damage. Eventually, you can end up killing both of them by repeating this method and knock down the remaining time to less than a minute. After you hear both of the chainsaws die down (their revving noise will end), that means both are dead so jump out the window and collect the treasures from them. The rest of this situation just calls for running into the house across the street, barricading yourself inside and collecting the goodies. Wait by the door and kill anything that enters...before long the bell will ring and you'll be home free.

Chapter 2-2

- Though it serves as no more than to buy you some more time, barricading the windows and door is a good idea from the getgo.

- Before any of the fighting begins, charge up the stairs and get an idea of where all health items and ammo are. You're going to want to stay downstairs for the main attack.

- Stay near the stairs and keep an eye on all openings, if you can shoot outside and try to hit any Ganados that haven't made their way in yet. It is also heavily recommended to shoot Ganados while they're climbing in the window, as this will send them flying back out (if not killing them in the process)

- Regardless of your efforts, they will get inside and you will have to keep your focus on all angles, eliminating closest threats first. Luis is helpful as he can shoot rather fast with his gun, so if he gets caught up be sure to lend him a hand (and try not to shoot him either, if you shoot him too many times you'll get a special gameover screen where he kills you for damaging him).

- Save any grenades (flash, normal and incinidery) for when they start breaking through the windows upstairs. Once this scenario starts, run up the stairs (some of the Ganados will mysteriously speed up to be right on your tail, happens every time to me). Kill any pursuers and look down the stairs real quick. If there is a group huddled near the base, throw an incinidery grenade to light them on fire (while also lighting any other Ganados who try to follow up, giving you some additional time). Your next goal is going to be shooting any Ganados that made it upstairs from the windows and any climbing through the windows. If there are none or you took care of them, quickly go to each window and push the ladders down (if there are ganados on the ladder, there's a chance you might kill them from the fall).

- Stay near the stairs, focusing on the windows and tossing grenades/firing your shotgun down the stairs. After about 40 or so dead, they'll call off their invasion and the chapter will end.

07-18-2011, 10:05 PM
reserved for more "tips and tricks"

07-18-2011, 10:06 PM
Reserved for More "TIPS AND TRICKS"

07-18-2011, 10:07 PM
F.A.Qs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Any questions anyone has can be placed here, with an answer. This can be anything from "Where's that Treasure?" to "How do I beat this Boss?!". This could possibly turn into it's own thread, since I'm sure quite a few questions will pop up. Let's see how this does for the moment. (I'll answer just a few questions I could think of and others can ask as they go along).

Q: Is there a way to make Professional Mode easier?
A: Yes actually, one of the main problems with Professional Mode is that you're not only worrying about your own skin but Ashley's as well (at least, after Chapter 2-1). This could mean wasting precious ammunition to save her butt or health items to fix whatever damage befalls her (which can happen, A LOT). Thankfully since the PS2 port's addition of the extra costumes, there's a way around her being killed off so easily...the Suit of Armor. After beating the game on Normal, then playing and beating Seperate Ways you will have access to all the costumes in the game. Most importantly for Ashley is the Suit of Armor. Sure it's not as revealing as her Britney Spears outfit but would you rather survive than stare at her Ballistics the whole time (actually, that's a preference question =D).

What makes the suit of armor so useful is that she is now virtually indestructible. It's as if someone turned on the Invincibility cheat, because that armor cannot be broken by any conventional means EXCEPT a few "Event Manipulation" scenarios. Even then, you have to try and get her killed...most times she'll be just fine. So basically you no longer have to worry about her, you don't have to hide her...don't have to make sure she's out of harms way. In fact, you can USE her as a lure for enemies. Since Ganados will constantly try to pick her up (and fail because of the weight of the armor, they'll actually collapse on the ground), you can pick them off from a safe distance as they keep going after her. This makes "Bait and Snipe" players right at home for their Professional Mode run. Of course, Ganados will still come after Leon so make sure to watch over him but otherwise...Ashley's nothing more than something you need to make sure comes with you when entering a new area.

Q: Is there a New Game+ in this title like RE5?
A: Yes, everything you had at the end of your previous run will carry over. Armor, weapons, Attache Case size...money, treasure. Basically you can run through as many times as you like, collecting Treasure and Pesetas to where you can upgrade everything. The only thing is no achievements are associated with it, so this is purely for the player's satisfaction.

Q. How does the Save System work?
A: Assuming this game is like all other versions, then you will have to use a Typewriter. Iconic since the first Resident Evil, the Typewriter originally required Ink Ribbons in every game before it...but now, all you have to do is walk up to it and you can save. The game will also save whenever a Chapter section ends, such as the transition between Chapter 1-1 to Chapter 1-2.

Q. Is there a Chapter Select option like in RE5?
A. Unfortunately no, considering this is a direct port with just achievements, leaderboards and sharper graphics optimized for an HD television. Even after completing the game there is no way to select what chapter you would like to begin on, it's pretty much go through the game and progress.

Q. What are all the special costumes?
A. When you originally complete the game, you will unlock two outfits: Leon Kennedy's RPD Uniform from Resident Evil 2 (with a darker blue tint to it than before) and Ashley Graham's "Britney Spears" outfit. Personally, I love the costume ;>_> her butt looks amazing in it...not to mention her ballistics. After you complete Seperate Ways, you will also unlock Leon's Gangster outfit (which if you look at my Avatar for the Xbox 360, is practically the same thing except with a white scarf and no red around the hat) and the invincible Suit of Armor for Ashley (she will look like a fat tub of steel, just an FYI).

Q. How do I unlock the Chicago Typewriter?

A. There is an additional side-story named "Assignment Ada" (which to my knowledge, doesn't fit into the canon)...you'll know you have the right mission because Ada is in all black for this scenario. Basically you will play on the Island and you have to collect Plagas samples, surviving along the way until you have them all...and then you just escape the facility. You're given specific weapons, so in a way think of Assignment Ada as RE4's "HUNK Scenario" where he had to escape with the G-Virus from the RPD. Not nearly as difficult but harder than RE4 in some degrees. After you complete the scenario, the Chicago Typewriter will unlock in the main game (typically the New Game+) that you can purchase for 1,000,000 Pesetas. The Typewriter has infinite ammo and less than two shots kills practically any enemy...in fact it's such a super weapon that bosses are reduced to nothing within seconds. Best used for Speed Runs.

Q. How do I unlock the Infinite Rocket Launcher?

A. If you're playing this, then chances are you might also be playing CVXHD. The requirements in that game is to beat the game in 4 and a half hours, no first aid sprays...no saves. Pretty much the same thing...NOT. I kid with you, all you have to do to unlock this is beat the game normally. That's all, BUT the weapon doesn't come cheap...make sure to have a million pesetas on hand. If I'm wrong, then make it 2 million (include the Chicago Typewriter here as well in case I got that wrong). In addition the Matilda Handgun can be found as well, buyable of course.

Q. How do I unlock the Handcannon (Barry's 44. Magnum)?

A. Mercenaries. Get good at it, or...just find out where all the little time clocks are as you rank up kills. The trick here is to A Rank each area, with each character. Might sound tough but as you practice, you'll find that it's not so bad...for an in-depth guide on how to master it, refer to this link:


^If ya don't like that one, there's others on GameFAQs. Take your pic!


Thing is, once you unlock it you're not done yet...you've got to upgrade that motha. In fact over 790,000 pesetas is required to make it a killing machine. Otherwise, you have pretty much a regular magnum in your inventory with hard to find ammo. So start the upgrading! Once it's at max, you'll have Infinite Ammo and enemies will be cannonfodder for the Handcannon!

Q. I'm doing an RE-marathon, what is the Chronological order to play all my games in?
A. Well this list depends on what you own, I am going to include side-games because some elements may be canon to the full story:

The RE Fan Playthrough

Resident Evil/Director's Cut - July 24th, 1998 (I list this because it's the original and a fairly different game than REmake)
Resident Evil 0 - July 23rd, 1998
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (RE0 scenario) - Same
REmake (Resident Evil) - July 24th, 1998
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (REmake scenario) - Same
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (until Jill is infected with virus) - September, 1998
Resident Evil: Outbreak File 1 and 2 (final scenario in 1 ends when the nukes are being sent, optional to play this scenario after RE2 or just go ahead) - September-October 1998
Resident Evil 2 (Leon A, Claire B...and if you wish, Claire A, Leon B) - September, 1998
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (RE2 scenario) Same
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - October 1st, 1998
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (RE3 Scenario) - Same?
Resident Evil Survivor - October, 1998
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X - December, 1998
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (RECVX scenario) - Same
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Leon/Krauser Scenario) - 2002
Resident Evil: Dead Aim - 2002
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (Russian Facility scenario) - 2003
Resident Evil 4 (then Seperate Ways) - 2004
Resident Evil: Revelations (I am assuming atm) - 2005?
Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares - 2006
Resident Evil 5 - 2008
Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape (unless you want to save after Chapter 5-3 and load up Desperate Escape, then that works as well). - 2008

Chronologically, that's the best order that I can think of. I'm pulling out the Chronicles games, even though I dont' like them that much, because of their involvement with story and some retelling...give you a fresh outlook on things playing through. And yes, my playthroughs have stopped after Jill's infection in RE3 to allow me to play RE2, then I come back to RE3 after beating Leon A, Claire B).

07-18-2011, 10:08 PM
Q. What difficulty modes are there available for my region?

A. If you live anywhere in the UK or Europe in general, as well as in Asia...you will be given three difficulty modes (two available from the start of the game). Easy and Normal. Easy mode removes several sections in the normal game to make it easier for the player to progress, such as the hedge maze...however, it forgoes unlocking the hardest mode, Professional upon completion. Therefore if you wish to unlock the final mode, you MUST complete the game on NORMAL first.

The US has no option to change difficulty until after you complete the game once, then you are given the option of choosing Professional. There IS NO EASY MODE.

Reserved for more "FAQs"

07-18-2011, 10:09 PM
Phew, the last of these...

Other Info

Here is where any other info can go, such as pricing, updates, DLC information (if they decided to add achievements for Mercenaries or other modes), just etc. stuff.

For the moment, it's a last reserved space.

Basic Story behind Resident Evil 4 HD

Six years have passed since the Raccoon City incident...Umbrella, the international corporation responsible behind the outbreak started to crumble and has virtually dissapeared from the financial blow to it's standing. Leon Kennedy, survivor of Resident Evil 2, has joined the secret service (hinted in the Epilogue found for his character in Resident Evil 3) having received special training to advance his physique and combat abilities. He has been chosen to find and rescue the new President Graham's daughter, Ashley, suspected of being abducted by terrorists in Spain. His mission...find the President's daughter, discover the terrorist motives, and survive.


Leon Scott Kennedy - Ex-Raccoon City Police officer now apart of the Government working for the Secret Service, 6 years has given him training in various missions and situations that have hardened his personality from a young rookie cop to a veteran survivor. In peak physical condition, he is able to express his athletic and physical strength in ways most people can only dream of...and his reflexes are beyond advanced. He is the man you will play as, the one with the power...the guns, the items...but know that taking in his role you take in what he knows, what he's experienced...ghosts from the past often return to characters such as Leon, be prepared to face them.

Ashley Graham - Daughter to the current President of the United States of America, she has been kidnapped by an anonymous terrorist organization in Spain. What their motives are and why they need Ashley is a mystery, one that you have to find out. Meet the inhabitants and especially, their most dangerous leaders.

Luis Sera - A mysterious local man with an accent and fancy clothes, it's up to you to determine if he is your ally or your enemy. Upon meeting him he gives off the vibes of knowing more things that he's letting off, so pay attention to his words...he may prove valuable.

Ingrid Hunnigan - Vexing partner for your mission via radio, she will assist you with helpful hints and information to the surrounding area.

Ada Wong - A woman from deep within Leon's past, thought lost and dead in the incident of Raccoon. Having been a spy at that time working for an unknown organization, she has recently appeared yet again focused on a new goal - finding a Las Plagas sample. Who she works for however...is possibly the world's greatest enemy.

Jack Krauser - Old-Comrade to Leon, also thought lost in a mission from long ago...has returned appearing to aid the terrorist group. However, it seems he is playing sides and even has contact with Ada herself...it is in fact he who kidnapped Ashley (with his skills and abilities, it was no problem for him).

Osmund Saddler - A creepy, cold religious figure within the confines of the village and it's surrounding area. When he's first met, it's clear there is something more to him that meets the eye...and before long, Leon discovers that he is in fact the one behind this entire terrorist group. What he's capable of however....well, you'll just have to see.

Bitores Mendez - A massive giant of a man, garbed similar to Mr. X from Resident Evil 2. Displaying a false eye and muscular physique, he is a force to be reckoned with in each encounter Leon shares with him. He is in fact the Village Chief, before Osmund Saddler game into the picture...and now does his bidding.

Ramon Salazar - Castellian for the local Castle, this short Napoleon inspired sociopath remains guarded constantly by dangerous creatures known as Verdugo. A dangerous leader with assumed control over the dangerous Los Illumindos, his psychotic nature makes him lethal and saddistic beyond anyone he's ever met before.

Mike - Veteran-Helicopter pilot who knows how to handle a rocket launcher. You'll meet him late in the game and he's quite the ally at that.

Albert Wesker - The man who betrayed STARS, led Bravo Team to its death and manipulated Barry Burton into doing his bidding. The same man who attacked Rockfort Island in search of T-Veronica and stole Steve Burnside's body...and he is the man behind Ada's mission, desiring the Las Plagas sample for himself. The success of Ada's mission...plays heavily into the events of RE5.

07-19-2011, 11:31 AM
*applause* This is more than awesome. I am a big fan of RE4, too and this WILL help many players and people like me who didnt play all of the other RE games (never finished Nemesis...)

Welsh Killa B
07-19-2011, 05:22 PM
nice read bud,

played all the games mentioned in the history but it was so long ago that i can hardly remember any of it! so it was nice to read


07-19-2011, 08:39 PM
No problem guys =) if anyone has anything to add, feel free to throw it in. Tips and tricks is open, I started working on Kinectimals (lolz) last night thats why its still in production.

*applause* This is more than awesome. I am a big fan of RE4, too and this WILL help many players and people like me who didnt play all of the other RE games (never finished Nemesis...)

I had the same issue with Nemesis. I mean there's two modes, Easy and Hard...but all the good stuff's in Hard mode! I think for the longest time I made it to before reaching the train car that takes you to the Clock Tower (the one where Mikhail sacrifices himself for the sake of trying to kill Nemesis)...and there's a Nemesis encounter right there near the statue of the Mayor. But I had screwed up earlier, was so low on health and ammo...could not get passed him! Then my next playthrough I got stuck on this friggin puzzle in the Dead Factory that I couldn't solve .___. this was all back on the PS1 btw.

When I finally picked up the Gamecube version, with my expertise in other titles such as RE2 and CVX...I knew how to dodge enemies that didn't need to be killed and how to effectively stop Nemesis each time (trick for Nemesis: Nitrogen/Freeze Grenades, work wonders on him). I believe if you dodge...right of him each time, that you can pretty much miss any chance of being damaged. I can't remember which hand he attacks with the most, left or right.

I do have a tip for the classic games however (including REmake and RE0): don't waste ammo on every single zombie you see. Especially in RE2 where they are in large, open areas...effectively the best way to dodge a zombie is to lure it to a wall, then run around the outside of the zombie towards the other wall. This works in corridors as well, but be careful as some zombies will spin around real quick to try and grab you. Hell, in REmake I had like over 10+ zombies just shambling around the whole game that I just kept dodging so I could save ammo for other enemies. ESPECIALLY necessary in Real Survivor, where your health and ammo is cut down so short not to mention the mythical item boxes...AREN'T LINKED! So if I leave something in say the Residence, I have to go all the way back there to get it! Think RE0's "drop" system but harder because you're basically on Hard Mode+.

07-20-2011, 08:29 AM
I kind of remember the clock tower, not sure where i stopped playing, but Nemesis was such a bitch during the whole game :D
There is a Metroid game on the GBA where Dark Samus chases you and it so reminded me of Nemesis, brought back some memories.

After playing through RE1 I tried to run through it, but it was so hard to dodge the enemies, RE2 was much easier.

One question about Verdugo: Are you sure that you won't get the treasure when he shatters? Freezing him triples the damage, so it would be senseless to kill him. It's not that hard to keep him at distance. You cold use the RPG on Salazar

07-20-2011, 09:25 AM
I kind of remember the clock tower, not sure where i stopped playing, but Nemesis was such a bitch during the whole game :D
There is a Metroid game on the GBA where Dark Samus chases you and it so reminded me of Nemesis, brought back some memories.

After playing through RE1 I tried to run through it, but it was so hard to dodge the enemies, RE2 was much easier.

One question about Verdugo: Are you sure that you won't get the treasure when he shatters? Freezing him triples the damage, so it would be senseless to kill him. It's not that hard to keep him at distance. You cold use the RPG on Salazar

I actually edited that part and tried to save it, but my internet went out upon posting so it didn't register. What I meant to put in its place is that if you choose to leave before killing him, you forsake the treasure...however killing him any which way will reward you what he holds. I've always killed him, no matter what but I did own the original strategy guide for it and that's what I must have been thinking of when I wrote it...anyways, it's edited now =)

09-25-2011, 04:51 PM
A bump to this thread ;>__>

09-27-2011, 01:09 PM
This is a really impressive and in-depth catch up section. At first I was dubious about how helpful a back-track through the other games would be but when it's all in one place, you can see a lot of things you missed while playing the games regularly.

Have you done this kinda thing for any other series'? If you have, I'd be interested in reading them too.

Great Job!!

09-28-2011, 04:22 PM
Amazing guide,just amazing