View Full Version : Quick Multiplayer Strategy

07-22-2011, 05:45 AM
The whole run should only take 2535s. This is for the first map only.

1. First off, deal with the hardest part, finding someone to play with.
2. If you're hosting, set it to the first map and shut off the countdown.
3. Whether you're host or not, add 900 gold to your starting amount while the game session starts (for 1k gold total)
4. Once the game starts, just walk to village two. You should only get attacked once, sometimes twice. Once you're there, buy the barrel armor and hat and then head out to village three. Again, you should only get attacked once or twice.
5. Go straight into the village and buy the spear and then back out of town for one fight. Your hp will probably be really low, but the spear will help you out.
6. Return to village three,buy the shield now and heal up (if there is a countdown you'll want to reset now) then head back out of town and toward the castle. You should get attacked 1 more time on the way, making you lvl 9 or above.
7. Once you're in the castle, just attack the boss for a bit and finish him off with some dash attacks if you want (especially if the other player shows up). You'll get a good feel for how long the fight takes after a couple of run throughs, allowing you to dash more.