View Full Version : How long does 1000/1000 take?

07-15-2007, 09:06 AM
How long does this game take to complete?

07-15-2007, 09:23 AM
Quite a while I think. I only got 20 and I had it rented for a week. Reason being it's not very fun. The other Dynasty Warriors were a 100 times better.

07-20-2007, 12:10 AM
I am not sure why this game is on the easy 1000s list. Everything Ive read from people who have played this game have suggested it is hard and takes a long time.

07-20-2007, 12:20 AM
Only really takes a few hours if you now what your doing and have played these types of games before.

07-22-2007, 11:13 AM
Most of your time will be spent completing all of the scenarios. Then it's just a case of using Hire-Wide repeatedly to obtain every officer that you don't have.

07-30-2007, 07:13 AM
There is definitely some grinding involved to get through all the story scenarios.

07-30-2007, 07:51 AM
Playing it co-op with a friend really speeds it up but its still very slow and boring

07-30-2007, 07:58 AM
it honestly don't take too long if you set the settings down. it's very easy but it can be boring at times. i agree with the grind comment. i have 110 points left to get but i keep going to other games as a break

JC Elite
08-18-2007, 06:11 PM
It's a very easy game, since you can put the difficulty on 'easy' during the campaigns. It's just a matter of grinding through the game to get the points, which does take a while.

08-21-2007, 09:42 AM
Just slap it on easy mode do all the scenarios & when it comes to doing gathering of heroes scenario that's when you can get collect all officers achievement took me a day to do this + i'm a solid Dynasty/Samurai warriors fan so that makes it a hella of lot easier lol

08-27-2007, 03:56 PM
Majority of my friends who got this just for the purpose of completing it did it in anywhere from 1 day-4 days...I will be picking it up sometime in october/november so I can't speak myself yet...

The Pants Party
08-27-2007, 04:07 PM
Please use the stickied Achievement Discussion threads for topics like this. Thank you.