View Full Version : Question about the EA Locker feature?

08-13-2011, 09:48 AM
I know this game is a year old, but...

I never really got around to playing it all that much. I wanted to play with the real player names, which I had downloaded via a shared roster file on the EA locker. HOWEVER...

Somehow, my roster file reverted back to numbers only and deleted all the names, appearances, and stats. I tried to re-download the rosters from the EA Locker feature by going through the regular process to get it.

Under "Download Rosters", you are normally (or were, prior to an apparent update by EA... THAAANKS, EA!) able to search a Live user's EA Locker to download rosters from them. It appears that EA has patched to disconnect the lockers in the game menu of NCAA '11 from searching someone who isn't on your friends list.

BUYER BEWARE for used copies of the game! Can anyone confirm that they cannot access/search other users' lockers? Does anyone know a site where I can download saves to a flash drive? This is a really LOW way of EA making people buy the new version just to use this feature, especially since a glitch reverted the rosters against my wishes and erased them from my 360. :mad: