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Selphie Nutter
08-22-2011, 02:28 AM
Ok well seems as though there's no other guide here I think I'll post the guide I'm writing on another forum here aswell. This guide will be a complete walkthrough of the game everything from the main story to the secrets that are easy to miss. The Guide is'nt 100% finished yet but I'll post what I've wrote so far & add more when as I make my way through the game so I hope this helps. Please do not post in here till it's finished I promise you that everything you need to know about this game will be placed in here but it takes time so thanks.


Before we get started note this handy little trick & put it into pratice often, if you save your game before opening a treasure chest you can force it to spawn new items. So if your not happy with the loot in the chest simply reload your save & it will change it's contence. Also don't save while standing too close to the chest I've noticed that if your stood to close when you save it tends to stop the chest from spawning different Items when you reload the save, Anyway Happy Looting & let's get this show on the road.


The Farglow Connection

Once you've created your hero you'll start the game talking to Commander Rhode, after you've finished your conversation head up the slope toward the Village. Once you arrive you'll be greated by a man named Edmund he'll tell you that you need to speak to Morgana. So once your done talking to Edmund head into the village, turn left & cross the bridge head past the pigs & through the archway to your right. Just follow the path along the river all the way up to Morgana, after her part of the ritual is complete she'll send you on your way to meet Isobel & the vetrens. You can talk to Toral if you wish but theres no real benafit from it so head back the way you came & Isobel will be waiting for you on the Bridge. She'll give you the power to read minds .....Evil thoughts..... anyway after she's finished instead of heading straight to the vetrens go speak to Edmund again & mindread him to find out about a key to a treasure chest he hid in the training area. So turn round & head right & speak to Aravir who's sitting outside his house you can choose to practice with the bow if you like or you can go speak with one of the others. If you choose to have a practic with it then turn round head toward the bridge but instead of crossing turn right head past the practice dummy & speak with Sonja. She'll summon some goblins for you to fight, so head into the training area & once you've beaten the goblins instead of heading straight back, first investigate the campfire you'll see Edmunds key now turn round & you'll see a massive rock that looks like a camels hump go round the entrecnce side of that rock & you'll see the rock next to it has a slant on it that your able to climb up so jump all the way up it to find a Skillbook ontop as your reward. Now head back out of the training area & you'll see Gwain sat on a bench to the left near the training dummy he's the sword vetren. If you head round to the left you'll see Arberic near the well he's the magic vetren. Note that it's worth speaking with all 3 vetrans & having a practice with the weapons even if your not planning to use them you can sell the weapons to Gerald to make a little extra coin. So once you've chosen a disiplin to follow Warrior Ranger or Mage & finished your practice battles it's time to head back to Rhode but before you do Use the skillbook to put a point in lockpick & open the treasure chest by Arberic. Now head over the bridge & turn left & go through the bushes beside the house to find Edmunds treasure chest use the key you found in the training area to open it. Now once your finished buying what you need & playing with goblins head back to Rhode & it's off to Broken Vally.

Note: You can get Gerald to lower his prices a 2nd time by giving him a book to read, just read Barabara's mind then go speak to Gerald & give him the book to get yet another discount. You'll find a book next to the man sitting by the wall of the Archway you go through to go & talk to Morgana.

Mind reads

Edmund = 1 exp = learn the location of his treasure chest key
Gerald = 3 exp = Gives you the option to get him to lower his prices
Barbara = 1 exp = Learn that Gerald is a bookworm


Skillbook = In the training area on the big rock in the middle

Selphie Nutter
08-22-2011, 02:33 AM
Broken Vally Main Story Quest

Chasing The Dragon

Once you arrive in Broken Vally Rhode will then give you your next task which will be to find out what the locals know about the Dragon sightings in the area. So head into the village to speak with the locals, you'll need to speak with the following before heading into the barracks to see Rhode,Ollie, Elisabeth, Romon & Winthrop.
So head toward the building to your Left & you'll see 2 men sat at a table ouside it. The man on the left is Ollie talk to him & he'll tell you what he knows about the dragon. Once your done with Ollie head up the slope past the stables & you should see Elisabeth on patrol talk to her & ask her what she knows about the dragon. After your done with Elisabeth head accross the bridge & speak with Romon who's spreaking o a guard to the right of the chaple. Ask him about the Dragon to find out what you need to know & he'll ask a favor of you (See Lovis' Loot in Side Quests). Once your done speaking with Romon head back over the bridge & down the slope round to the left you'll see Winthrop stood outside the entrece to the mill. He's the last person you'll need to talk to so speak with him & he'll tell you what he knows about the Dragon.
Once you've spoken to everyone it's time to go & speak to Rhode, So head back to the Village entrance & head up the steps to the left of the entrence & walk along the wall past Keane & in through the door. You'll See Rhode To your right talking with Louis, so speak with her & tell her what you've discovered about the dragon sightings, she'll then give you you're next mission.

To Lay a Ghost to Rest

Id advise you to do a bit of leveling up before continuing otherwise you might find yourself more than a little overwhelmed. Try to be at least Lvl 4 before entering the chapel to face the ghost within or you might not make it out alive, be sure to save before you enter in case you need to do a little more leveling up. The goblins outside the village are all between lvl 1 & 4 so there easy pickings for the most part, so it's best to go bully them till your ready to go into face the wrath of your foe. Once you ready to rock go into the chapel walk toward the alter & go through the door to the right of it into the tomb. Once your inside you'll be greeted by 3 lvl 4 skeleton's so turn there bones to dusty & go through the door to the catacomb. As soon as you approach the alter in the center of the room the ghost will show up & talk to you. As soon as your conversation is over you'll enter battle, The Ghost is lvl 5 & he will be assisted by some lvl 4 skeleton's. A good tactic to use in this battle is to keep your distance from the ghost & hurl a few spells his way while dispatching any skeletons that come your way. Another way to go about fighting him would be to learn Magic Missile, get close to him & slap him a few times & he will attempt to use his Firewall magic. If your cought inside it you'll suffer fire damage for about 5 seconds, so get close stab him a few times & jump or roll out of the way when you see he's about to cast his spell. When he does hurl your Magic Misslie at him, this tactic works like a charm & if you have enough points in your Magic Missile the spell will target him & any nearby skeletons as well. You will only have to knock about 3/4 of his health off him to end the battle once you have done so he will stop attacking & talk to you once more. If you like to use a sword & Shield then it may be a good idea for you to mindread him to learn the location of his old shield if not then don't waste your exp. Once he's finished patting you on the back for a job well done he'll give you his sword, a two handed blade. Don't get too attatched to it though it's not going to be yours for long, so before you head back to Rhode take a look around. You'll find a key on the alter that the ghost appeard beside behind the piller on the wall (behind the said alter) you'll find the treasure chest that the key unlocks. Inside you'll find your first armour set piece & a few goodies to take with you, now turn left & open the gold chest on the left side wall. It you look on the alter next to the gold chest you'll find a stats book ...cool free points... anyway as soon as your done looting the crypt head back the way you came. As soon as you leave the catacomb you go straight into a conversation with Rhode, it does'nt matter how you reply to her the outcome will still be the same. Once she's annoyed you & robbed you of your prize she'll leave & you'll be abale to claim your reward.
The next story quest won't kick in untill you've been a naughty little slayer & gone wondering, so head down the vally to the place you seen Marius gaurding earlyer. (on the opposite side of the fiver from the burnt chapel) the path that leads further down the vally is now open to you so go explore the next area, as soon as you approach the shrine at the bottom of the path your on a cutsceen will kick in. As soon as the long string of sceens is finished you will recieve your next story quest.


Lord Arban = 400exp = learn the location of his shield

Talana = = makes her lost cleaver apper in broken vally

Selphie Nutter
08-22-2011, 02:34 AM
Looking For Lovis

After your many ancounters & conversations you'll be given you next story quest to complete so before you head to see Lovis have a little scout around & lvl up a little. At this point you should be at least a lvl 6 so go turn some skeletons into ash piles & get yourself up to about lvl 7 or 8 before you head into the tower.The Skeletons around the tower are lvl 7 & 8 so try not to let yourself get too outnumbered or you may find yourself joining there ranks. Note as well that you'll be able to finally complete one of the side quests you picked up during the Chasing the Dragon mission (See Lovis'Loot in the side quests section). So once your ready to storm Lovis' Tower head toward it & you'll see on the one side of it the remains of a bridge leading from the tower. Next to the 2nd support piller is a series of ladders & platforms, so make your way up to the top to be greeted by the locals. You'll have grind the bones of 3 lvl 8 skeletons to get into the tower, but hay it's nothing you can't handle right........RIGHT. Anyway once you introduced them to there very own urn it time to finally enter the tower & start looting the place...... I know I know where here to see Lovis. Well if you insist, when you enter freeze dry the bones infront of you & look to your right & you'll see a platform on the wall. Jump up on it then to the next & then the last & pull the lever to open the gate. Go through & look to your left, on the first wall section you'll see another platform.....yup you gussed it jump up onto it. Look over to the right side wall & theres another to jump to & another then the last on the left wall, Woohoo another lever. Pull it to open the gate forward, jump down & underneath you'll see another lever, this one opens the gate to the outside. I always open it because it can come in handy if you want to enter the tower to do some shopping (it leads to the Tribal Shrine area). So continue on through the gate turn some more bones to charcoal & head up the ramp to the left & climb the ladder outside. Yay another ladder, yay more climbing, yay no more climbing woohoo but instead we find a buch of glowing dragon statues & a locked gate . Ok so take a look at the statues, you'll notice that there all pointing in a different direction. Start by pressing the Pressure Plate on the one closest the ladder you came up, the statues are actually facing the one you need to press next So the order is 1243 open sez me lol. Right then i've just walked through the gate & now theres 2 roads to traval, if we were in OZ I would tell you to follow the yellow brick road but the glowing one that leads down will have to do. So Divine Avenger if the road down is the right way to go then whats up? my awnser to that is (see Lovis'Loot in the side quests section) ok so now that you've followed the light & you've come to a wooden platform with a ladder take the ladder down .... or just jump to the platform below either ones fine, jump back into the tower & crack some bones. Now before you rush in to Lovis' Chambers go down toward the gate & go out onto the balcony area to find a dead body & a small chest. Loot the chest to find Penelope's Amulet, (See Penelope's secret stash in the secret section) pull the lever to open the gate ready for your return trip & enter the door to Lovis' Chambers. Once you enter you can either make your way through the open path to the right in the hopes that the barrels & crates have some loot in them. Or you can jump over the rubble to the right & turn round to find a corpse to search, take the Reveal Spell, open your inventory & use it. Once you've read the spell a lever will appear, so pull it & take the lift down to Lovis' throne room. Woohoo more treasure chests, 4 of them can be looted right now & 1 of the one's to the right is holding the Blood Echelon Sword. Once your lust for loot is content appreach the throne. Activate the pedestal by the throne to start a little quiz about Lord Lovis now if you don't remember what Romon & Nebirius told you about him then hears the awnswers.

1, Anastas, queen of ancient Ferol.

2, Ouroboros, god of Dragons.

3, The Battle of Ten Thousand in which he slew more than six hundred foes and three Black Ring Generals.

4,Ba'al, the Arch Demon who raided this vally.

5, The Vally of Shrines.

Once you awnser all 5 questions correctley you'll be rewarded with Lovis' Pendant a handy thing to have as it raises you mindread skill by 2 points. Now that you've found Lovis it's time to have a little chat on what to do next, so see you in a few when your ready to continue. Oh yeah 1 thing before you go off o chat with Lovis be sure to mindread him but before you do equip Lovis' Pendent that you just got from the quiz. Don't worry you can talk to him again after your conversation, but his mindread is very costley so mindread him when you equip the pendent & he'll open the chest to the right of his throne for you.


Lovis = 680 exp = Opens one of the treasure chests by his throne (i had the pendent equiped when I read his mind)

Selphie Nutter
08-22-2011, 09:07 AM
Paper Trail

Yay welcome back, did you enjoy your conversation with Lovis, so did you agree to help him if you did then you know what I'm going to say (see Lost Soul in side quests section). Ok so it's time to say goodbye to Lovis & his tower & hello Maxos Temple & all who dwell within but before that I would recommend that you finish off killing anything you haven't killed around the Vally & complete any side quests you have yet to finish. The Maxos Temple will be your first step to earning your wings but one big pain in the a** waits inside for you, but Tell him MAXOS & you'll be fine. Once you've done everything & are ready to continue head on over to the Temple, you'll find it North West of Lovis' Tower. So approach the Maxos Temple & you'll be thrown into the middle of a conversation with Rhode & co. She'll make it painfully clear that she has no love for you anymore given your new nature, she'll set her hounds on you & run off in a strop to go sulk somewhere. Now your left with Marius & friends your left with no choice but to fight, if you chose to come here too soon then your going to be in for the fight of your short life as a Dragon Knight. Marius & his minions are all level 12 but if you've spent the time to level up to around level 11 or higher then they won't be too much of a problem, be careful if your going to have a dual with them Marius can hit pretty hard but if you take out his companions first it helps allot as the one will keep healing while the other attacks with his bow. A combination of close quarters attacks & long range attacks is a good way to play this fight but if you choose to stay at long rang you might struggle a bit Marius' Rush Attack can be devastating if you don't have enough Melee Protection. Dual Wield characters are pretty good in this battle, sword & shield characters are also a god send as this battle can be very bloody & brutal if you under levelled. The way I like to fight with my dual wield character is to get stuck in hacking them up while back flipping out now & again to heal then using Rush attack to get back into the fray. I also like using Magic Missile or the fireball spell just to annoy the computer while I wait for my potions & healing magic to do there job. Once you've dealt with them head into the temple & you'll be greeted by a familiar face, so once you've been told what your to do next your conversation will end & so will the quest congrats.

Now to avtivate the next part of the story quest first run the trials of the temple so first activate the pedestal & listen to what Maxos has to say. So now take a look at the Urn to the right of the door & activate it to open the door, head inside & you'll enter a room with a large Dragon Knight Statue in the center. Interact with the Shrine to activate it & then approach the Pedestal on the left hand side of the room & activate that to continue with your trials to prove yourself. Enter the room but don't touch any of the treasure chests or you'll take major damage, look in the center of the loot on the left hand side & you'll see a pumpkin on the table, pick it up to complete this part of the trial. once you've done that 2 lvl 13 Walking Armours will appear back in the main room so draw your weapon & get ready to send them back to the musium they came from. Now approach the pedestal on the right hand side of the room to begin the next trial, so you'll need to test your reflexes in this trial, head into the room & there will be a load of corpses & some platforms. Jump up onto the platform in front of the door you entered & climb the ladder, then jump to the next platform & pull the Lever, now turn & fae the direction of the platform you just jumped from to see a moving platform. When it gets close jump onto it & let it take to the next platform then quickley jump onto that, you'll want to jump off the moving platform before it get's too close to the platform or you might jump over it instead. Now you'll see a platform on the wall to your right jump onto that & pull the lever, if you look down to your rightyou'll see that a teleporter just activated so jump down & enter it. The teleport will take you to the top of the room were you'll see a platform with 3 levers on it below you, jump down to the levers you'll need to line up the platforms so that they resemble steps then use them to jump over to the ledge over the other side of the room & pull the lever to complete the trial. So jump down & head back to the main room for another fight with the walking rust buckets, then once there dead enter the hallway at the bottem of the room & activate the pedestal. Now wait a min wow commander you need to lay of the ale your seeing double..........wait a min I can't be or that cup on the base of the left hand side lit up dragon statue at the back of the room would have a double but it does'nt. Anyway this is the mirror room of perception so interact with cup on the base of the Dragon statues with the light coming out of it's mouth on the left hand side of the back part of the room to finish the trial. So head bak to the main room for yup you guess it yet another battle with a rusty relic, once there dead use the now active teleport near where you originally entered to go to the next area. Once you arrive at the next area you'll be greeted by a jigsaw puzzle, once it has left it's time to face the last last trial the eternal maze, so let's get started ah. Head into the corridor & turn left once you enter the room the door will close & some more rusted bolts will appear so so sand them down & they might just go back on display. After you've done your chore it's time to find a way out of the maze so if you look carfully at the map to the left of the door is a pressure plat press it & it will disintergrate the wall. Go down the now revealed corridor & pull the lever, loot any treasure you find & exit through the door you came in & head right this time kill yet another walking rust attack & the door will open so head out the north door & enter the next room & kill yet another rusted relicopen the treasure chest & jump over the ruble to the right to find 2 more chests to open. Now activate the pressure plat that was directley in front of you on the wall whan you entered & procced down the corridor to pull the final lever, now head out the western door you can go over to the other room & check for treasure before procceding if you like but when your ready head through the newley opened door. Now walk up to the fence in front & look down you'll see a key sparkaling on the light jump down onto it, it might take a few trys but once you have the key climb back up the stairs & it will open the tresure chest up top. Once you've raided the treasure head down the stairs & activate the pedistal & tou'll finally get your new story quest yay.

Selphie Nutter
08-22-2011, 09:12 AM
Broken Vally Sidequest's

Lovis' Loot

Speak with Romon by the chaple & he'll ask you to go & explore the Lovis Tower down the vally. Don't worry about this quest for now you'll have to visit the tower as part of the main story anyway so pick it up & once you have the Tower area open to you then you can finish it. When speaking with Romon be sure to ask him more about Lovis as the info will come in handy when you finally get to explore the Tower. So once your inside the tower make your way up the tower untill you reach the 2 paths 1 leading up 1 leading down (see Looking For Lovis). The path we need is up so up up & away we go untill we see a door, ok let's go through shall we......wait a min this is'nt heaven. Oh well heaven it may not be but it is a vault packed with loads of loot to plunder so let's fullfill the name of the quest by looting ALL the treasure chests in this room. Once you've plundered the chests in the rooms & traded with Carlin if you needed look at the room that's on fire. If you look inside you'll see a treasure chest & a switch on the wall right next to it so jump in the room hit the switch & plunder the treasure chest. you'll need to be quick, Dragon or no you'll be turned into a kebbab if you hang round in there for too long. as soon as you hit the switch you'll see something appear in the main room, so go & pick it up to take back to Romon. Ok say you have too choices here, 1st you can use the scrying stone before heading back or 2nd you can head straight back. WARNING FOLLOWING THIS SUICIDEL MANIAC WILL GET YOU KILLED .... unless your at lvl 10 or higher that is. I just can't help myself so 1st let's try using the stone before heading back, so use it from you inventory. Examine the stone more closely & look closer into the light ...... it's so beauteyfull. Wow ok were are we, oh yeah that's right we've been wisked away to a galaxy far far away ..... or to a dungeon at the base of the tower. Anyway once you arrive at this gateway to hell you'll be ambushed by a vengfull spirit & his lovely faithfull pets. if your willing to spend 400 exp you can mindread Toshan for a status point yay. Once your done invading his nonexistent mind turn him into a pile of ectoplasem but be caerfull he's lvl 10 & his rabbid pets are lvl 9 once you've tucked them into the bed of eternal rest. Go through the archway & you will see a pedestal too your right use it & 3 lvl 8 walking ashpiles & a platform will appear. So go past the fallen piller toward the newley appeared platform to find another pedestal to play with. Yet another platform appeared & another 3 more bit's or charcoal so crush them into powder & jump up to the platforms you'll see a button on the wall. Press it & 3 weapons & a shield come down on chains for you to pick as a prize. Now don't be so hastey before you choose one go back round to were you entered & behind the 2 pillers in the center of the island, look in the left corner to find you can choose a skill book instead of a weapon. Once you've made your choice the rest will rise out of reach so make your way to through the archway the platforms appeared above & up the ramp to the exit. Woohoo freash air, time to head back to see Romon & hand over the acursed stone, so it's off to the village we go. You can walk or use the shrine teleport to your right, either way once your back in the village it's time to collect your reward. If you choose to take the stone straight to Romon you'll be able to take up another quest (see Into Thin Air)


Toshan = 400 exp = Gain 1 Status Point

Into Thin Air

If you chose to give Romon the scrying stone without using it then you'll be able to take up this quest. head into the chapel & a man named Geoff will tell you that Romon has disappeared , so pick up Romons notes off the alter open your inventory & read them. Now head back to Lovis' Tower & make your way down to the Lake Shrine (the one at the base of the tower) invertigate the locked door to your left & enter. Kill the creatures & go round to the center island to find Romon, to escape the dungeon just follow the instructions in Lovis'Loot. You may miss out on the mindread status point from Toshan but you'll end up with more exp....poor Romon well at least he's free from Geoff confessing.

High & Dry

Exit the village & follow the River you'll see a guard tower, when you approach it a man named Quincy will ask for your help.You may wish to mindread him for an extra status point but it will cost you 400 exp to do so but the choice is yours. If you forget to mindread him at this point then you'll miss your chance for the free status point, when you mindread him later he won't be thinking about anything usefull so now is your only chance. So agree to help him & dispatch the Goblins surrounding the tower, the goblins are easy enough there are 2 at lvl 1 & 1 at lvl 3. once there dead pick up the Grappling hook to help the guard out of the tower, once he's down he'll explain what happened.
Once your conversation with the guard is over it's time to head back to the village to confront Peavey about his actions. So head back to the barracks but instead of using the entrance you use to go & talk to Rhode head up the ramp to the left of that entrence & into the door at the top instead.
Once inside turn left up the steps & through the door to find Peavey, Speak with him & tell him what you think of him.
Once your conversation with him ends Captain Rodney & Quincy will turn up to arrest him, Quincy will then thank you for your efforts & you'll be given your choice of rewards ending the quest.


Quincy = 400 exp = Gain 1 status point (you must read his mind while he's on the guard tower)

Peavey = 133 exp = you'll learn about Peavey's stash near the village shrine teleport (you have to mind read him while he's in jail to learn about his stash).

Selphie Nutter
08-22-2011, 09:15 AM
Band of Brutes

For this quest go to the Black Boar (the building Ollie & Stan were sat outside of) & as soon as you enter head up the slope to your left & you'll witness a group of Seekers being rude to a waitress. Now to except this quest either speak to Tim the bartender or to the barmaid Elsa, now head over & speak with the seekers. You can either speak with Merrill or Anthony, after confronting them & insulting them Louis will turn up & ask you about what's been going on.
Now here you have a choice you can either tell Louis exactley what has happened in which case the offenders will be sent on a suicide mission as a warnning to other seekers not to get drunk on duty.
Or you can stay Silent about what happened & in which case you'll find the drunken fools in the top part of the barracks sobbering up. Note that you get better rewards by telling Louis that things just got out of hand than you do for ratting them out (See Louis'Stash). Whatever you choose to do will make the seekers leave & make the tavern return to normal, so go speak with Tim to claim your reward & finish the quest.

Note: you'll see some rope on the floor near the exit/entrence of the Black Boar be sure to pick it up you'll need it for later


If you chose to stay quiet about what the seekers have been up to then you can find them in the barracks on the upper floor. (in the room you pass with the double bed on your way to see Peavey in the High & Dry Mission). Speak with Merrill & he'll tell you about a hatch that leads to a underground chamber that Louis uses as storeage. So head out of the Barracks & head over to the Chaple, go round to the right through the graveyard to see the hatch to the Abandoned Crypt. Go down into the crypt & on the back wall you'll find a button, press it to open the gate on the left wall. Head through the gate & kill the lvl 4 skeleton, head down the passage & you'll see a load of crates in the left back corner piled ontop of each other. Distroy them & it will uncover a switch, push the button to open a secret area, you'll find 2 treasure chests inthere now go through the next gate & open the treasure chest to the left of the gate. Head down the hall & through the gate to your right to find 3 more lvl 4 skeletons & 1 lvl 5. Head to the right & you'll see a treasure chest next to the table, pick up the key that one of the skellitons dropped & head through the gate to the next area. You'll find 2 more lvl 4 skletons & a treasure chest at the bottom of the bed to your right. Now use the key to enter the Gate in the center of the back wall, You'll find a Treasure chest to your left & a gold chest on the back wall. You'll also find a power belt on the bench to the right of the gold chest. Once you pick up the belt the quest will end & you get to choose your rewared.

A Private Delivery

Head on down to Jacksons farm, it's just past the watchtower & over the bridge, once your there speak to Dana. She'll ask you to deliver a letter to Derk the Blacksmith in the village, so head on the back to the village. Head past the Barracks & up the hill, cross the bridge & turn right go past the pig farm & the blacksmith is right infront of you. Talk to Derk & give him the letter, once you hand it over the quest will end & you can choose your reward.

Note: if you mindread Derk after completing this quest he lowers his prices again


Derk = 133 = Derk lowers his prices & you'll be able to find Derks Celler key in the barn to the right of the Black Boar.

Selphie Nutter
08-22-2011, 09:19 AM
Saving the Bacon

Head on up to the pig farmer, (it's right next to the chaple graveyard) speak with Folo & he'll ask you to save his impounded pig's, agree to help & head on down to Jacksons farm. When you arrive speak with kevin the pig & you'll be stopped by Lomax, so go speak with Lomax & ask him "Don't you have anything better to do than guarding pigs". The next choice you make does'nt matter as both will make the seekers leave long enough for you to free the pigs. Once thay leave you'll be thrown into a conversation with Kevin, you only have one choice so once you select it & the pigs will move to safety. Once there gone Lomax & co will return but they won't be happy once you've finished talking to him head on back to Folo to claim your reward.

Skeletons in the Closet

You can choose to read Dana's mind to learn about the key Carl keeps on the beam in his home or if your like me & your a nosey mare you'd have seen it while looting his home Either way to get the key just jump onto the wheelbarrel & you'll be able to reach it. Once you have it use it to open the basement go down & you'll see Jacksons Diary on the table. Pick it up & read it to find out that Carl has been a very naughy man, now you have 2 choices here. 1st you an choose to take the diary to captain Rodney & he'll go & arrest Carl or you can confront Carl yourself. If you choose to confront him then you can either choose to keep his secret, In which case you hand the Diary to him & the quset ends. You can choose the second option to get him to buy the dairy off you in which case he gives you 50 gold & you give him the diary. Or you can tell him your going to hand it over to captain Rodney in which case he attacks you & your forced to kill him. No matter which one you choose all lead to the ultimate prize of exp reward. Oh but who's going to feed the chickens while your dead Carl, well how about it does anyone feel like chicken tonight.

For a Pound of Flesh

Go speak with Locke in the Blak Boar & he'll ask you to do him a favor, he claims that a man named Keane owes him money. So head out of the Black Boar & head over to the entrence too the village, Keane is the guard on the wall near the door to the barracks. He tells you that he already gave Locke his rabbit & that Locke is attempting to extort him. There are 2 things you can do here 1st you can choose to threaten him into giving you the money, in which case Keane will be unhappy that you did'nty believe him but he'll still hand over the money. After you've finished with Keane head back to the Black Boar to speak with Locke & hand over the money he'll reward you with a discount at his store & you'll finish the quest. The 2nd thing you can do is to take Keane's side & tell him that he can keep the money & you'll deal with Locke. If you choose to do it this way Keane will give you the password to Locke's talking cart, you'll find the cart up on the hill by the waterfall accross from the Chapel. When you return top Locke & put him in his place he'll be so annoyed that he raises his prices & you'll fail the quest but at least you can still loot the Kart.
Note: you can get Locke to lower his prices by mind reading him & you can get the password to the kart by mindreading the cart so it's completley up to you which way you choose to do this quest.


Locke = 133 exp = Locke lowers his prices

Locke's Kart = 120 exp = The password to open it

Selphie Nutter
08-22-2011, 09:22 AM
Buad Blood

Make your way over to the mill in the village of broken vally (it's the building winthrop is stood outside of) head upstairs & into the kitchen area, you'll see gold lights coming out of the pot next to the counter. Take the lettuce that's in the center of the light's to find a key under it, the key opens the prison gate downstairs. So head down there, open the gate & go down the glowing trapdoor into the watermill Basement. Once your in you'll find a mini garden that you can loot for ingredients if you wish, you can also pick up formula off the table to the right & one to the left.
once your done taking everything that appeals to you go through the Iron gate to find more stuff to steal. As you go further into the room you'll get to meet one of this game's more interesting & weird charactors. So seak with Abanayabar & ask him "why does Buad call himself Upton?" he'll tell what he know's but suggests you speak with Upton about it. So once your finished looting the celler go back upstairs & speak with Upton choose the "Good to see you again, Mister Upton...or should I say Buad?" option. He'll tell you everything that happened to force him to change his name, once you've heared his story agree to help him. Now Talk to his daughter Linda to find out what she know's & she'll tell to to talk with the people in the village. So head over to Folo's house & speak with his wife Rose, she'll tell you about some shadey looking characters she's seen round the mill at night. Now head on down to the Burnt chapel, when you arrive you'll be stopped by a man named Jesse after your short conversation with him he'll attack you. He's lvl 5 so be sure you your on at least lvl 5 for this quest, once he's dead go back to the village & return to the mill. When you arrive you'll enter into a conversation between Upton & a woman named Antumbra, so but into it with whatever choice you like they will both have the same outcome. After putting the little psycho in her place it's time to fight, she's the reason I advised you be at least lvl 5 for this quest as the little witch is lvl 6 & can get a bit nasty if your not prepeared. Once she's dead Upton & Linda will thank you for your help you can either choose to be a real goodie goodie & not ask for a reward. Or you can ask them to reward you in which case thay'll hand over 400g as a bonus for saving their hides from the wicked witch of the dead. Either way you'll complete the quest & get to choose whichever reward suits you most.


Abanayabar = 200 exp = gives you the password to Buad's storage

Vigor Mortis

Head into the Old Cave,(it's a little west of the Chapel Shrine Teleport) open the gate & you'll be greeted by a lvl 4 skeleton & 2 lvl 5 skeletons. So kill them & loot the treasure chests & be sure to pick up the key inside the bath tub it opens the small chest on the table. Once you've looted everything head through the next gate & make your way round to talk to Neberius he'll tell you about his little project & ask for help. Be sure to quiz Neberius about Lovis before you leave, it's also a good Idea to mindread him to get his password for later. If you have'nt done the story quest "To Lay a Ghost to Rest" yet then you won't be able to complete this quest till you do. So once your able, head over to the red ore mine just south accross the river from Sosostra when you approach it you'll be called to by a dying miner. He'll tell you that the miners were all killed by monsters, so head into the mine & you'll run into one of Neberius' creatings. There all lvl 10 but don't worry you should'nt have too much trouble with them, if you head straight you'll come to a treasure chest that you'll need a key to open. So turn round & head down the left ath this time & you'll run into 2 more of the creatures & one of them is carrying the key to the chest so dispatch them & go open the treasure chest. You'll find a crystal skull in the chest along with some other loot, so once you've finished striping the place of everything of worth head back to Neberius to finish the quest & claim your reward.


Neberius = 120 exp = The password to his storage

Method or Madness

A little north west of the bandit camp you'll find a man named Eugene beside a large tree if you speak to him it will soon become obvious that he has a little split personality problem. Understandabley he wish's for the day that the only other voice he hears is the one inside his own head. You can help with that if you want to & heres how to do it, so first let's head to the village. Do you remmember the mad doctor that wears that strange helmet on his head, yup you guessed it off to the blak boar we go. Head upstairs to the first floor & go in the first room on the right & speak to the loopy dr Needleman. Now here's your choice you can either choose to save the good guy or the bad guy save the good guy & you'll get the axe save the bad guy & get The One Ring To Rule Them All......ok so it's just a ring but hay we
can imagine can't we. Anyway once you've made your choice The Nutty Proffesser will whip up his brew & give it to you, now it's time to head back & give the potion to Eugene once he's free from himself he'll give you your reward & you'll finish the quest WooHoo.

Selphie Nutter
08-22-2011, 09:31 AM
The Greater Hunter

Go to the Black Boar & head up the the 2nd floor to speak with Brave Sir Robin, the arrogant idiot thinks he's god's gift to hunting. Well I say let's kick that pedistal out of his butt & bring him down a peg or two .... maybe even three. Note that inorder to complete this ques you need to finish the main story Quest "To Lay a Ghost to Rest". Inorder to finish this quest you'll need to kill a demon, there are 3 for you to choose from. The first demon you can face will be summoned by none other than everyones favorite mad man BELLEGAR (see Bellegar's Shrine's in the secrets section). The second you can summon yourself at the hellsgate summoning alter (see Hellsgate in secrets section). The third & final demon will be summoned by George Gremmory (See )once you have vanqished your demon head back to the Black Boar & give that Pedestal up Robins a** a good old kick. Once he falls flat on his face he'll admit defeat & hand over his bracers & you can claim your reward Woohoo take that red breast.


Robin = = Learn his Password for his storage

The Hunt For Red Ore

You should be able to finish this quest the moment you pick it up, speak with Dreaven the Enchanter near the West Vally Shrine. He will ask you to find him some red ore for his enchanting machine, if you explored the Derelict tunnels (see Finding The Talisman of The North in the secrets section) or if you've done into the Bandits Den & Vigor Mortis quests then you should have an ample supply of red or on you to finish this quest instantley. If not then head south accross the river, keep heading south & cross the river by the Fortune teller you'll see a hill leading up to a campsite. This is the mine that Dreaven was talking about you'll find Red ore inside as well as a few more supprises (see Vigor Mortis). Once you've colleted the ore head back to Dreaven to do some enchanting & claim your reward.

Note: Once you've finished this quest you can come back & enchant any time untill to get the battle tower. Also any item you disenchant the effect you disenchanted will be added to your recipe list & any recipes your carrying will automaticley be stored when you speak with the enchanter. Any enchanting recipe that does'nt get stored is a spare & it's safe to sell them.


Dreaven = 800 exp = learn the password to his storeage

Stuck in a Hole

If you've been following this guide you may remmember me saying to you earlyer to pick up some rope. Well now is your chance to use it, I silly little hunter named Rothman has found himself stumbling into a Troll pit.....DOH. You'll find him in the hard to miss hole with a load of logs ontop of it South East of the South Vally Shrine Teleport, just down the hill from Viper. As you approach the hole Rothman will shout out for you to help him, once your conversation is over & he's out of his pit The owner of said pit will appear. The big bag of puss is lvl 11 but if you have a nice weapon equiped then he won't last very long, he maybe powerfull but he's slow so just wack him with whatever takes you fancy. Me I just hacked him up with my dual weild Shaman Slayer & Bright Blade, he went down faster than a hooker earning a bonus. Once the oversized snotrag has has been delt with Rothman will reward you with his bow & you'll finish the quest yay.

Lost For Words

To pick up this Quest speak with George Gremory, you'll find him a little North of the South Vally Shrine Teleport, Once you've offered to help & finished your little chinwag head on over to the Maxos Temple & speak with Zix Zax. You'll find this strange little imp over by the large Dragon statue near the Maxos Temple Treleport, speak with him & tel him about George's problem. He'll give you a little pocket dictionery to give to Geroge, so head back to George & hand it over, he will then attempt to translate the runes on the arch........At your expence. The idiotic little fool will begin reading aloud & summon a bloody demon......oh well extra exp ah, the demon is lvl 13 so be carfull, if your dual weilding then you'll be fine but watch out when the demon use's fear or you could end up in pain. Long ramge attacks work well against him & magic is very effective as long as your lvl 12 or higher then this battle should'nt pose to much trouble. Once he's dead he'll drop you some loot amoug which is the Rivellon Guards Warhammer, once you tell Georgey Boy off for being a idiotic nightmare you'll finish the quest & recive your reward. Don't forget to mindread George for his knowlage of the Gremory family treasure chest in the Orobas Fjords (see Gremory Family Jewels in the secret section).


George = For his info on the lock to the Grmory treasure in the fjords

Zix Zax = 680 exp = give's you 2 skill points (I was using the Lovis Pendent when I read his mind)

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Selphie Nutter
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Selphie Nutter
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Broken Vally Armour Set's

Riverllon Guard set

Armour = In the locked treasure chest behind the alter where Lord Arben's spirit appears, the key to open the chest is on the alter.

Leggings = Bought from Derk in Broken Vally Village

Warhammer = Droped by the Demon you face as part of the Lost For Words quest (see Broken Vally Side Quest section)

Wild Dwellers Set

Armour = In a treasure chest directley to your left when you teleport to Sentinel Island

Leggings = In A treasure chest in the temple of doom, When you clim the ladders up to the lava area make your way through the water all the way to the end & when you reach the bridge jump up onto it & head right you'll see a treasure chest in the lava. Be sure to have some potions ready to use especially if you magic defence is'nt very high.

Helmet = In a treasure chest in the room at the end of the Lost Cavern (the entrence to the cavern in right next to the burned chaple teleporter). Pick up the Key off the goblin throne to open the gate at the end of the tunnel & the treasure chest is in that room.

Composite Bow = Found in Robins Storage (see Robins Storage in the secrets section)

Defenders of Aleroth

Armour = Sold by Carlin in Lovis's tower (When you head to meet Lovis after you light the 4 dragon statues to open the path forward instead of taking the shining route down head up & the room at the top is were you'll find Carlin)

Leggings = Dropped by the Hellgate Demon after you defeat him (the Hellgate is near the entrane to the Mine use the summoning alter to summon wave after wave of black ring & defeat them the final enamy you summon is the Hellgate Demon)

Helmet = Bought from Locke in the Black Boar in Broken Vally Village

Vampire Mace = In the treasure chest on the ledge you land on when Belleger sends you flying. (Needlemans Storeage)

Blood Echelon

Armour = In a treasure chest Directley to your right when you reach sentinel Island

Leggings = In the treasure chest that appears when you place all 3 Dragon Crystals in the mouths of the Dragon statues near the maxos temple. (the Dragon Statues are on the alter were you see Zix Zax) The Crystals are found around the Maxos Temple 1 is round behind the left wall of the teleporter. The next is at the top of the hill to the right of the Maxos temple (behind the big tree) & the last one is at the top of the hill to the left of the maxos temple in a little alcove that is in a direct line with the head on the Maxos Temple.

Bracers = In the treasure chest that appears when you place Penelope's neckless on her grave (the grave in near the fortune teller, & the necklace in in Lovis's tower in a small chest near a corpse on the platform near the entrence to the room with the lift you take up to see Lovis )

Shield = In a chest inside Neberius' storage use the password teleport by the Chapel Shrine to access it

Sword = In one of the treasure chests in the room were you meet Lord Lovis

Selphie Nutter
08-22-2011, 12:25 PM
Broken Vally Secrets

The Parchments

You'll find 4 parchments around the Lovis Tower area of Broken Vally, for all of you that picked them up & thought what the hell would I need these for. Here is the locations of all 4 of the & what you will need to do with them.

1, You'll find the first Parchment inside a treasure chest in the lower section of the tribal shrine teleport goblin village.

2, You'll find the second Parchment in treasure chest in the shrine south west of the Tribal Shrine Teleport Goblin Village (See Bellegars Shrines for details)

3, You'll find the third Parchment in a treasure chest to the left of the entrance to the bandit camp, you'll see what looks like a barracade next to the river & the chest it underneth it.

4, The Final Parchment is in a Treasure chest in a shrine just East of The South Vally Teleport (See Bellegars Shrines for details).
Once you have all 4 parchments you'll need to take them to your local walking dictionery/ walking libery Zig Zax. You'll find him next to the big Dragon Statue near the Maxos Temple, give him the parchments & he'll give you the password. Now do you remember gray teleporter near the Chaple Shrine Teleport the thing that when you stood on it asked you for a password wellthe password you now have so head back there & use it & it will take you up to Neberius' storeage. There is also one near Lovis' Tower if you remember, on the hill above the Lake Side Shrine, this one will take you to the top of the tower to claim a treasure chest.

The Levers

I know what your thinking, your thinking why the hell you talking about a bunch of switches that don't do anything. Your right they don't do anything.....until you pull all 4 of them that is, so heres where to find the annoying things & what they finally do when you pulled all 4.

1, by the cliff wall where mouse is doing his......birdwatching (See Feast or Fammine in Broken vally Side Quests).

2, accross from the tribal shrine teleport in the goblin village.

3, a little south east of the West Vally Shrine Teleport, By the waterfall where the river splits in 2, you'll find it behind the rock in the center of the junction were the river splits.

4, a little north east of the south vally shrine teleport infront of a large rock (by George Gremmory).
Once you've pulled all 4 a treasure chest will appear on the hill beside the Red Ore mine oposite Sosostra the fortune teller, Woohoo now their existence in the game finally makes sence.

Jacksons Dungeon

At the western exit to Jacksons farm by a big boulder you see the hatch to Jacksons Dungeon so enter the hatch to be greeted by 3 lvl 4 skeletons. Once you've cleared the room you'll see a key on one of the tables, from there go round the side of the shelfs (the side with the ruined beer barral). Walk up to the wall with the archway disighn & in the center of the bottem part of the wall you'll find a pressure plate. You'll find 3 treasure chests in the secret room one of which is opened by the key you picked up off the table.

Finding The Talisman of The North

You'll find the amulet of the north in a complex of underground tunnels for which there are 3 entrences. The easyest entrence to get to is the one next to the tribal shrine teleport, the next one is near the ladder you take up to the bridge to enter Lovis' tower. The third is up in the hills near the waterfall (up in the hills directley to your right when you enter Lovis' Tower area from the village area). Note that if you choose the entrence near Lovis' Tower you'll run into Hallorn one of the outlaws you'll need to hunt (See A Hunting We Should Go in side quests). Once your inside you'll need to pick up 3 amulets the Talisman of the West,East & south, once you have all 3 you'll need to take them to the center of the complex. You'll find 1 amulet in each of the tunnels heres where to find all 3.Be warned the enemys in this area are lvl 7 & 8 so if your not ready then you'll find yourself in a world of hurt.

1, if you entered from the tribal shrine entrence then forllow the tunnel killing goblins as you go. Once you get round the corner you'll come to the goblin camp, on your left will be a tree with a load of skulls & carvings on it. In the hollowed out center of the tree will be a chest jump up onto the rocks & open it to find some loot & the Talisman of the South.

2, If you entered the Tunnels from the Waterfall entrence then follow the tunnel round killing skeletons dodging traps & looting as you go. When you come to a junction turn right it leads to a dead end with a Light Battle Shield & a small treasure chest on a rock. Open the chest to be rewarded with some loot & the Talisman of the East.

3, If you entered the Tunnels from the entrance by Lovis' Tower then follow the tunnel round & you'll run into Hallorn. After messing with his head & killing him keep going & when you have the option turn left into a dead end with 2 large treasure chests 1 of which is holding on to the Talisman of th West.

Once you have all three in your possetion head to the central chamber & you'll see a demon statue lit up by torches with a few plants around it. Open your inventory & use the Talisman of the West Then the East & lastley the South, a treasure chest will appear infront of the statue with some loot & the Talisman of the North inside.

Annoying the Killer Bunny

You know a game is worthy of song when you get to fight nothing more or less than ...... A Killer Bunny. This little psycho bunny only show's up when you kill enough poor defenceless bunnys to singe it's wiskers. You'll need to do alot of bunny hunting if you want a date with this cute but insane little guy, you'll need to kill around 20 - 25 bunnys to make him appear. Be warned he's lvl 22 so be sure your ready to dance because I get the feeling he won't take no for an awnser. I'd reconmend that you start killing bunnys in Farglow you can get between 4 & 7 before even entering the vally. Also be sure to save everytime you kill one when you think your getting close you don't want him turning up early or he'll end up eating you if he finds out you dind'nt have dinner ready. Make sure to kill most of the bunnys in Broken Vally because if your thinking that you'll leave it till you get to the Fjords your wrong. There arn't many bunnys around later in the game so kill them while you can otherwise you might upset the psycho for standing him up.....Good Luck.

Looting the Lost Cavern

The Lost Cavern is located right next to the Burnt Chapel Shrine Teleport, when you go in you'll quickley discover it's a goblin hideaway. The goblins in this area are all between lvl 2 & 4, this place may not be anything special but you can pick up a nice amount of loot for exploring it. So make your way through the tunnel untill you reach the goblin camp, in the center of the path will be a fire. If you look to your left you'll see a chair with a key ontop of it, so pick up the key & continue down the tunnel looting as you go. When you get to the end you'll see locked gate, now's the time to use the key you picked up from the chair. Go inside & loot away till your hearts content you'll find some nice stuff in this room 1 of which is a set piece (see Armour set section).

Willy the Swindler

This is more a warning than a secret, don't be fooled by willy he's just there to cheat you out of money. You'll run into this con artist 3 times in the vally once on the first bridge you see after entering the Lovis Tower area. Once on the Bridge near the bandit camp & once on the slope leading to the Orobas Fjords. Me personaly I just like running into him to tell him to get stuffed & if you do get taken in by him take comfort in the fact that you'll have a chance to get revenge on him later in the FOV part of DKS.

Selphie Nutter
08-22-2011, 02:49 PM
Killing Casper

For everyone who's ever met the chicken man you'll know from experience how annoying it is running around looking for his chicken. Well look no more you can finally find your sunday roast, head south from Casper cross the river & make your way down to the shrine in the center. You might have to fight some of Bellegar's minions if you have'nt already done so (see Bellegars shrines), once there toast look by the shrine for a white chickin to kill.WooHoo you can finally say you've met the friendley'st ghost you know congrats.

Bellegar's Shrine's

In a few different area's around broken vally you'll notice shrines like the one you seen Talana die in. if you approach these shrines a wizard (& a loopy one at that) will appear & summon some minions for you to fight. You can enter them in any order save the one were you saw Talana die, every time you enter one you'll be forced to fight some of his minions.

1, You'll find the first shrine just south of Casper when you enter it you'll fight 3 lvl 7 goblins

2, The 2nd shrine is south west of the Tribal Shrine Teleport, head south through the lower section of the goblin village & go down to the river. You'll see a downed tree accross the river cross it & go through the riveen, you'll be ambushed by 8 lvl 9 bandits. Continue throught the riveen then once your out head up the slope to your left & follow the path dispatching bandits as you go. You'll see a large stone bridge crossing the riveen so cross it & you'll see the shrine to your left. You'll now fight a lvl 9 demon, once it's dead be sure to loot the treasure chest for the parchment (see The Parchments for details).

3, The 3rd Shrine you'll find South of Sosostra the fortune teller, Go past the Red ore mine 7 follow the path were the Nobles were ambushed (see daylight robbery). Keep following that path all the way to the end & you'll find the Shrine, the 3rd lot of enemys you fight will be 3 lvl 10 skeletons.

4, The 4th & Final Shrine you'll find in between Viper & Yu'pik, it's Directley East of the South Vally Shrine Teleport. When you Enter it Bellegar will set a lvl 11 Troll on you, YAY time to fight yet anouther giant puss ball. Like the others this thing maybe strong but it certainley is'nt fast close quaters attacks & long range atacks work well. So mix & match as you like theirs no wrong stratigey against these guy's.

Once you've visited all 4 shrines Bellegar will appear at the one near Lovis' Tower were you seen Talana Die & were that Damb balled psycho kicked you in the head.....You'll pay for that.
Once you arrive Bellegar will be well Niffed that you've beaten all him minions & he'll summon them all again one after the other for you to fight only this time they will be 1 lvl highr than they were originally. So be sure you go there with a nice stock of potions just to be safe & once you Ripped out some hearts, Removed some teeth, Grinded some bones & thrown away the dirty rag Bellegar will be so annoyed that you won he'll throw some coin purse's at you. Oh how thoughtfull & that's why your everyones Favorite Madman, Thanks Bellegar.

Note: The Demon you kill as part of this can be used to complete The Greater Hunter Quest.


West of the Quarry Shrine Teleport you'll find a portal & the Hellgate Pedestal, if you interact with the pedestal then you can summon a few enemys to carve up. So let's get too it shall we, The first time you use it you'll fight 1 black ring member at lvl 11, the 2nd will be 2 lvl 11 black ring, the 3rd will be 3 lvl 11 black ring & the 4th & final one will be the Hellgate demon who is at lvl 12. You can pick up a set peice off the demon so it's worth the trouble to go do this little secret once the demon is dead the portal will explode & you can be on your way.

The Wishing Well

From the West Vally Shrine head north into the little barricade you'll see a man named Dreaven & near him you'll see a well. Interact with it & it will talk to you saying how it will grant you 1 wish but you'll have to throw down some coin for it.Be sure to save your game before speaking to the wishing well in case your not happy with your choice, so here is what you get for you choice's.

1, 10g = 500 exp or the Wishing Well Common Braclet

2, 100g = 1500 exp or the Wishing well Ample Bracelet

3, 1000g = 5000 exp or the Wishing Well Exquisite Bracelet

The Exquisite Bracelet is not too bad an item & could be usefull for awhile but I always go for the 5000 exp. If you choose to do the same then be sure to wipe out everything in Broken Vally & the Maxos Temple as well as finish all the sude quests. Once you've done all that go back to the wishing well before you leave for Sentinal Island, if you've done everything right you should lvl up just before going through the teleport to the Island.

Penelope's secret stash

Ok then for all of you that wondered about the grave with the name Penelope on it & wondered what it was that went into the hole on it then this is what to do. On your visit to Lovis' Tower Before you go into his chambers head down to the locked gate & out onto the Balcony & you'll find a dead guy with a small chest next to him. Open it up & you'll find a Amulet, Wait a min it says Penelope on it, ok then so let's make a pit stop to her grave...... bad punn I know. Anyway head on over to the west vally shrine teleport & make your way south, you'll see a grave marked Penelope (a little north east of the fortune teller). So interact with it & place the amulet on the grave to make a treasure chest appear, inside you'll find some loot & the Blood Echelon Bracers, Woohoo Thank You Penelope.

Waking the Daydreamers

While on your way to visit the Shrine south west of the Tribal Shrine Teleport (See Bellegers Shrines & The Parchments) you'll come accross 3 sleeping people. if you interact with them & read there minds you'll be able to find out what there dreaming about & help them wake up. You'll need to give them ana item to wake them up so heres what you'll need for each of them.

1, Furley = A Mug of Ale

2, Namdar = A Healing Potion

3, Nightwinkle = An Apple

Once there all awake you'll be thrown into a conversation with all 3 if you use the rely "so how about a thank you" They'll reward you with a Malachite Gem.

Terrorising The Fortune Teller

South West of the West Vally Shrine Teleporter you'll come across a fortune teller named Sosostra. She will offer to read your fortune for 50g so it you pay her you'll be able to get some good stuff out of it. Her first prediction has you following a white fluffy bunny ...... NO you can't kill it, you need to follow it. So head down the hill & you'll find the little ball of fluff by Penelope's grave. The sparkling blur light's coming out of it's butt kind of make it a bit hard to miss so follow it till it jumps into it's hat & it will make a treasure chest appear for you. Once you've looted your chest make your way back to Sosostra for your next prediction. She'll predict that you'll meet a warrior on a bridge that will challange you to a dual but it's up to weather or not to fight. So head south from the fortune teller cross the river & pass the red ore mine, Head down the mountain side & take the path that the nobles were walking down (see daylight robbery). follow the path untill you see a bridge on your left, there will be a man stood on the bridge if you go to cross you'll be challanged to a dual. You can choose to fight or not the choice is your's, if you do choose to fight then you'll be able to get your hands on a nice little weapon after you defeat the soldier but only if you read his mind at the cost of 800 exp. Be warned that the soldier is lvl 12 so be prepeared to use a few potions. if you choose not to fight then you won't get anything so the choice is yours either way head back to Sosostra when your done to get your 3rd prediction. The fortune Teller will tell you she see's you flying in the sky above the vally. Alot of people think that this is met when you become a Dragon but it's not. So head toward the Maxos Temple on foot & when you start getting close to the Temple Shrine Bellegar will appear & grant your wish to fly. Don't touch any buttons & you'll land right outside Needlemans storeage, so loot the treasure chest to obtain the Vampire Mace for the Defenders of Aleroth set. When your done Looting jump down & head back to the Fortune teller for her last vision & watch her run faster than Corpse Running away from a necromancer.....No offence Neberius.

Miners troubles

If you discide to enter the mine area early then you'll run into a man named Rory who'll warn you that there attempting to seal the mines entrance. Though he may not have much info for you, you'll find out what's going on soon enough, if you read his mind you'll be able to get your hands on some loot later on in the game. It will cost you 120 exp but hay we've come this far looting everything we an find so whats a bit more. Once he runs off go get some exp by killing the black ring outside of the mine but don't go into the tower as you'll be ripped to shreds. Yo'll be back here later anyway as part of the main story but this lower section will be out of Bounds so explore it while you can because this is your only chance to do so.

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The Maxos Temple

Main Story

Dragon No More

Now then it's time to have some fun, so head into the doorway & down the stairs you'll be welcomed by some black ring a**holes thay are all lvl 12 to although you should be high enough on lvl to hanlde them they can get a little overwhelming. Once there worm food speak with the Librarian & you'll be given a quest that's tied into the main story, be sure to read the Librarians mind to learn the language needed to read the alter underneath the balcony your on. Now once you've completed the Tale of Two Tomes sidequest you'll heve o 2nd volume on the Orbis Arcesso to bring about Amdusius' downfall so read it to find out what you need to clip Amdusius' fony wings. So You'll have picked up the blood in Amdusius' quarters so it's time to get the Dragon scales, you'll need to head into the door down the eastern corridor & enter to find Amdusius. The dragon sacles you need are in with him, once you enter the room be sure to mindread him for his password to his treasure chest in his quaters & then just tell him MAXOS & everything will work out fine, once you've made him happy enough to end the conversation. run toward the alter & pick up the dragon scales then run back out, use the Orbis Arcesso & Amdusius' wings will be cliped for good hehehehe. Now it's time to fight so be carfull his stun arrows will spell you doom if you let them but as powerfull as he is from afar he's a wimp in close quaters so get in his face & tickle him with your blade untill his side splits. Once he's down & out for the count the quest will end & you shall have your reward, the Maxos' book will appear on the blood alter. Once you have it, head out the north door which is now open & you will be greeted by the Balled One he'll set 2 lvl 14 idiots on you & bugger off so send them back to the hell they spawned from & proceed through the teleport to Sentinel Island.

Maxos Temple Side Quests

A Tale of Two Tomes

Once you've speoken with the librarian you'll pick up this quest, it maybe a side quest but you'll need to complete it to continue the story, so head out of the libaray & go down the left corridor. as soon as you enter the room the door will lock & 3 lvl 12 black ring idiots. So rip them a new a** to talk out of, once there done head upstaires & enter Amdusius' room & interact with the book of dragon lore on the shelf to open a secret area pick u the key & the phile of dragons blood, now head downstars & open the locked chest to find the Orbis Arcesso, Read it then head back to the libaraian to finish the quest & recive your reward.

In Cold Blood

Speak with Abalam in the Maxos temple to recieve this quest, note that if you complete this quest then you won't be able to complete Lost Soul. Once you defeat Amdusius & obtained Lovis' Soul Stone you will them need to smash it on the blood alter then go back to Abalam to finish the quest.

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Sentinel Island

Main Story

The Prophecy

As soon as you arrive on the Island you'll be approached by a strange looking woman, she'll tell you of the Prophecy that you'll be the new inhabitant of the tower. She's brought you some servants & your job now is to meet them & choose who will be the one's to serve you in your tower, So it's off to meet the contestants.Before you exit the conversation be sure to mind read her because she will give you enough exp to gain an instant level. So head East from the Beach Shrine Teleport & you'll pass the Necromancer Totem, don't activate it just yet though keep heading East & then go round the corner South to meet 1 of the Enchanters a man named Wesson. If you read his mind you'll discover that he's the best Armour Enchanter you could ever meet, so once your finished talking to Wesson head up the hill behind the couple, past the Alchemist Totem & into the door. Here you'll meet your 2 Necromancer Contestants Igor & Jonelath, if you read there minds then you'll find out that Igor is good at making magic creatures & Jonelath is good at making phisical attack creatures. So let's move on to meet the rest of the contestants, so leave the cave & head back down the hill & go East under the stone arch & north past the giant remains of a whale up to near the Sea Side Shrine & you'll find Allan the Alchemist speak to him to learn about his Allan brew & then return the way you came & this time head south from the stone arch & you'll come accross a little camp with the remains of a ship. Go into the camp & you'll find you 2nd Alcheminst Barbatos down ny the waters adge, Radcliff your 2nd Enchanter talk to him & he'll challange Wesson to a weapon enchanting contest. So go back to Wesson & inform him of the challange, they each make you a sword but Radcliff's will turn out to be the better of the 2, which is not supprise considering Radcliff is the best weapon enchanter you could meet. So once you've gone back to the shipwreck camp & watched the contest you'll need to choose which one will be the better choice armour smith or weaponsmith. Before you make that choie though speak with Hermosa she's one of the trainer's, she's the better at training warriors rather than mages, talk to her & you'll pick up a quest (see Man Overboard in the side quest section). So head out of the camp & head South go under the stone arch & you'll find Kenneth to your left he's the 2nd trainer, speak with him & he'll want to challange his competitor to a dual. So send him in the camps direction & follow him there, now be warned that if you let the two fight to diside who shall serve you know that Hermosa wins every time. So if you want Kenneth the magic trainer to be your servent then you'll need to stop the dual before it starts otherwise Kenneth will be the new Man Overboard feeding the fish's. Once you've spoken with everyone you'll need to make your choices at the totems so you'll find the trainer Totem a litttle south of where Kenneth was camped & the Enchanter Totem is near the Barrier Shrine. So once you've chosen your subjects the avatar of the Island will appear before you, again be sure to mindread he as she will now give you a skill point. the quest will end & you can claim your reward, but then the true mission begins Laiken I'm coming to reclaim my tower hehehe.

Candles in the Wind

On a little hillside North West of the Beach Shrine teleport you'll find a grave with 3 unlit candles around it, you'll need to complete this quest for the story to continue. Like most of the other quest's on this Island it's tied into another so before you can finish this you'll need to complete the side quest Man Overboard. Once you do that take the book Elfrith gave you & return to the grave use the book to leash the wind & light the candles around the grave to make a spirit appear. This will end the quest allowing you too choose a reward after that speak to the spirit to descover what to do next.

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The Second Coming

So head over to the Sea Side Shrine & you'll see a large door to the left this is Laiken's study, use the password that Sassan gave you & enter the study go through the gate looting as you go & open Sassan's jewllery box. I reconmend you save your game now because on your way out you'll be ambushed by Sassan's jigsaw puzzle twin, She'll set 2 lvl 17 Abominations on you be carefull these guys can hurl some nasty attacks your way if your not ready for it. Once there dead head back to Sassan & give her the ring & she will then be reborn & you'll complete the quest so claim your reward woohoo.

Breaking an Entry

Now that Sassan has returned it's off to the tower to pry it from Laiken's cold peminantley dead hands, so once you arrive & have listened to Sassan taunt Laiken into sending his little lap dogs after you both it's time to show why it's going to be your tower. So head through the now open door & make your way up the ramp slaying Laiken's Bandits as you go, when you reach a juction head to the right to go & activate a Teleport Shrine (you'll need it for later). Once that's done head back the way you came & procced forward, you'll then run into the Bandit Leader who'll try his best to intimidate you but it's not very effective lol. Unlike all the lvl 17 bandits & abominations you've been fighting he's lvl 18 & can be a pain in the a** so remove is companions befor engaging him as they can drain your health very uick with there bows. So once you've devestated there ranks head in through the door & he quest will update, push the button on the left wall to open the door, go through the gate & kill somemore bandits. Once there dead loot anything you find to be interesting, you'll find a few treasure chests in the left cell & a bandit in the center cell, approach his cell & he'll ask you to let him out. Now it's up to you if you let him out or not but if you choose to do so he'll tell you that the cell accross the room has a hidden room behind the wall, if you choose not to let him out you can mindread him to get this information. Eitherway once you know about it head over to the cell & go inside, it's the one on the far left, go to the back of the cell & look on the piller on the left theres a button on it press it & the wall will disappear. Go through the newley opened area & go down the left side passage, kill the 2 skeletons & pick up the Explosives off the table, but before you head back to the cell go back out the iorn gate & take a look at the arch shaped wall. There is a button on the right side support beam (next to the broken shelf) press it to make the wall disappear & head through, you'll find a key on the floor to the left of the bed it oens the treasure chest in the room were you got the explosives. Now head back out of the cell & turn right & go through the archway looting as you go, the path is blocked so time to use the explosives, stand next to the rubble open your inventory & use the explosives. Once there set RUN this will complete the quest, so head down the now unblocked corridor & down the stairs once you come to a junktion look to the right & you'll see the passage is blocked so use the 2nd load of explosives to open the way. After clearing the passage head down there & you'll find a couple of gold ore vains a dead Dragon Slayer & a key, pick up the key & head back & use the left path & Sassan will catch up to you & you'll be given your next quest.