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08-22-2011, 09:04 PM
Yes, it is the horrible "story" of Duane. Oddly enough his achievements don't require completion of the game, just this horrible system.

1. Locate the Duane dueling sayings list

Google it, I found a few places with it. There is a partial list of just down sayings and a more complete list of up and down sayings. I prefer the complete

2. Know the basics:

Attacker - 3 random options. Ignore that they are up or down, focus on the saying.

When your attack is parried, you will receive the amount of damage intended to your foe. If their parry fails, you will dish out the same amount of damage as intended
When your attack is defended you will receive 1 damage
When your attack is successful, you will deal between 2 and 5 damage

Defender - 4 important options

Block up/down - Will successfully block the attack
Parry up/down - Will attempt a parry of the attack. A failed parry will still receive damage

3. Match set up

You have the option to fight Bertrand 5 times per set. This will give you from either +15% to -10% favor. (+3 for win, -2 for loss). You will also lose 2% for unlearning an ability. After 5 bouts, you will need to wait ~15 minutes before he will fight you again. (I will exit dream world, move out of safety of idol square and let the controller go inactive.)

4. Parry your friend

Another guide mentions to start over if you are less than 5 hp with him attacking. Go for broke and parry. I have started out losing a match down to 8 life with him still over 27 and managed to parry/ attack/defend him to death.
After Bertrand parries, you can usually get a parry in. I have had an 85% success rate parrying right after his parry, 90% for the second (if 1st failed), and 100% for the 3rd (if the first 2 failed).
After Bertrand blocks your attack, points and laughs at you, parry his next attack. I have had 98% success with this the first go, and the few times it didn't work, It worked on the second try.
Parry anytime the riposte comment is used
Sometimes you can start the match off with a parry.

5. Attacking

Avoid using sayings that were selected recently (by him or you)
Pay attention to the few sayings that are different seven/nine in the morning and from black/green to red can both be used
After the 15 minute waiting period, the list seems to be erased
Avoid using the horse racing statement unless you want to be defending (I have never landed a successful blow with this attack)
Alternatively, I have had good success with are you ready to die (75%) and brown mess.

6. Tips

After you successfully win a duel, exit the dialog to force a save.
If you lose a duel, hit the guide button and return to the dashboard. Do this before it saves the game so you don't lose the points.
Other guides seem opposed to parry. I love it. Once I started using it effectively, I have not lost a single match (though not foolish enough to stop using the safety of the save).
You will NEVER win from blocking. Once he gets to 1 life, you must attack him successfully or parry his attack.
Don't rely solely on parry or defend.
Don't expect to win on attacks. (I have won more rounds with parry)
Don't be afraid to be defending. Many times its the better position to be in
Block all attacks unless mentioned in the Parry section
Go to the hall of arrogance for this. When you load your game you start off at a save point.