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08-25-2011, 06:18 AM
Does anyone know if there is a complete side quest list/guide yet? I looked at the wiki but it didn't seem to be complete yet.

If not, could someone tell me if I've done all of the side quests in Detroit? The ones I've completed so far are: Paging Adam Jensen, Motherly Ties, Cloak & Daggers, and Lesser Evils.

I thought that was all of them in this area of the game. I was about to advance with the main mission by going to China, but the game gave me a warning message saying that if I left all unfinished side quests would be failed. Does it always say that regardless of whether or not you've completed everything anyway?

All of these quests have began with a cutscene and a new character introducing themselves to you. I did just meet Taggart on my way to talk to Sarif. That seemed like the prelude to a side mission, but nothing has followed it. Also there the part of the main mission where Pritchard asked me to question Sarif. I did so and he said he would look into it further and let me know if he found something.

So that's basically my whole situation. Have I just not given the game enough time to initiate the next phase of some of these quests. Or am I supposed to leave and these plot lines will develop when I get back from Shanghai? Any help would be really appreciated. NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

08-25-2011, 06:36 AM
Try this:

In addition to the twenty-six main quests in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, there are fourteen more quests waiting for hardcore gamers to finish.
In the fourteen side quests that are available, ten of those quests will have achievements and trophies that are unlockable once you complete it. Majority of the quests are lengthy and it will take a good hour or two to finish it.
Today, we would like to present you a quick guide for the Side Quests that has achievements. Some of the quests that are available in the game are missable! It’s important to remember what quests are available when you reach a certain area.
NOTE: At the end each of these quest, you can unlock one of the two achievement / trophy depending of your choices. To unlock the other achievement or trophy, reload it.


XP: 3450
Credits: 0
Items: Laser Targeting Mode
Location: Sarif Industry HQ
Tip: To trigger the quest, go to Jensen’s Office after returning from the Sarif Manufacturing Plant.

Motherly Ties

XP: 100
Credits: 0
Items: Outside of Sarif Industry HQ
Tip: Go outside the HQ and Megan’s Mom will be there waiting for Jensen.

Cloak and Daggers

XP: 5650
Credits: 4500
Item: Ammo Capacity Upgrade, Chardonay Wine Bottle
Location: Grand River Road
Tip: Talk to Jenny in the Grand River Road. This quest is available as soon as Pritchard tells you that an ex-colleague of yours wishes to meet you outside the Police Station.

Smash the State

XP: 2800
Credits: 1000
Items: Silencer
Location: A former colleague of Jensen will approach you once you leave the Detroit Convention Center and you know the location of Sandoval. This can be done on the second time you are in Detroit.

Acquaintances Forgotten

XP: 5650
Credits: 4500
Items: None
Location: Two things must be done to gain access to this quest. The first step that you need to do is to unlock a scene where Pritchard will speak to you regarding Sarif. To unlock the scene, simply visit your office after your mission in FEMA camp. Instead of speaking to Sarif first, talk to Pritchard. He’ll tell you about the wrongdoings of Sarif and you need to confront him. Go to his Penthouse and win the dialogue mini-game with him. Go back to your office and read some of his emails and Pritchard will speak to you again.
The second objective that you need to do to unlock the quest is when you talk to Brent Radford in the Convention Center. Once you do, that is the beginning of these quest.

Rotten Business

XP: 5000
Credits: 3000
Items: None
Location: This can be done in Hengsha. Talk to Mei Suen in the Hung Hua Hotel.

Bar Tab

XP: 3850
Credits: None
Items: Praxis Kit
Location: Talk to Bobby Bao inside the Hive Bar. He’s the bartender in the bar where he will give you a quest.

Shanghai Justice

XP: 3900
Credits: None
Items: Praxis Kit
Location: Malik will approach you when you first head to the Alice Garden Pod. She would want you to investigate the death of her friend.

Complete Warfare

XP: 2050
Credits: 1000
Items: None
Location: This quest is accessible on your second visit to Hengsha. Hugh Darrow will contact you while you’re Sevchengko’s GPL device. He will ask you to meet Mengyao, he’s assistant in the rooftop.

Talion A.D

XP: 2450
Credits: None
Items: Praxis Kit
Location: After the Construction Site mission, Pritchard will contact you in regards of the faulty biochips. To access the quest, go to the LIMB Clinic’s Doctor Wing and talk to the doctor.

Credit belongs to justpushstart


08-25-2011, 06:54 AM
Thanks for the information. :) What about the other 4 that aren't achievement related?

08-25-2011, 06:58 AM
No idea. I havent even played the game yet.

08-25-2011, 07:05 AM
Okay, thanks for your help.

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08-25-2011, 10:57 AM
how can you want info on side quests but ask for no spoilers? of course there will be spoilers! im sry, but i cant think of a way to help without spoiling parts if the story... sry

08-25-2011, 11:40 AM
I asked for a list of the side quests. Giving the names of them wouldn't give any spoilers by themselves. That's what I meant anyway.

08-25-2011, 11:50 AM
Great info, thanks!